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To make space and some much needed extra cash I'm selling off a lot of my JE merchandise. I'll leave this open to my f-list for a few weeks first before reposting to the communities.

★ Items will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia.
★ Meet ups in Melbourne CBD can also be arranged.
★ Payment options: PAYPAL (in AUD, fees paid by buyer) or BANK TRANSFER (AUS buyers only)
★ Shipping options: Seamail / Airmail / Registered Post
★ All prices in Australian Dollars and do not include shipping/fees yet.
★ Prices negotiable for serious buyers.
★ All sales are final.


NB: LE - First Press Limited Edition
RE - Regular Edition
All CDs have never been opened unless otherwise specified.
All DVDs are Region 2.

From left to right:
Photobucket Singles:
Hoshi wo Mezashite LE - $25
CD DVD (Sendai encore & Jacket shooting), 16pg booklet
Hoshi wo Mezashite RE - $15
weeeek LE - $18
weeeek RE - $15
Photobucket Taiyou no Namida LE - $18
Summer Time LE - $18
Happy Birthday LE - $18
Koi no ABO LE - $25
CD DVD (Winter Diamond Party 5 perfs & MC), 12pg booklet
Photobucket Albums:
Pacific LE - $38
32pg booklet
touch RE - $35
color RE - $30
Opened, played once. Excellent condition, no scratches.
color LE - $38
32pg booklet
Photobucket TegoMasu: Kiss ~kaerimichi no rabusongu~ single LE - $25
CD DVD (PV & Making of)

Photobucket Singles:
White Xmas LE - $25
CD DVD (video clip & making of)
White Xmas RE - $15
LIPS LE - $25
CD DVD (video clip & making of)
Yorokobi no Uta LE - $25
CD DVD (video clip & making of)
One Drop RE - $15
Photobucket Don't You Ever Stop LE 1 - $18
Kame/Junno solos
Don't You Ever Stop LE 2 - $18
Jin/Koki solos
Don't You Ever Stop LE 3 - $18
Ueda/Nakamaru solos
Keep the Faith First Press RE - $15
Keep the Faith RE - $15
Photobucket Albums:
cartoon KAT-TUN II You LE - $40
2 disks
cartoon KAT-TUN II You RE - $35
40pg booklet
Best of KAT-TUN - $18
Taiwan version. I bought this 2nd hand. Still in great condition.
KAT-TUN III: Queen of Pirates LE - $40
CD DVD (Don't you ever stop PV & making of)

Photobucket Musekinin Hero single LE-B - $25
Unit Version. Includes DVD with Concert performances of unit songs desire, torn & hoshii mono wa.
KJ2 Zukkoke the Great Escape album RE - $40
2 disks. Members solo songs.
Musekinin Hero single LE-A - $25
Band Version. Includes DVD with concert performances of songs: fukafuka love the earth & BJ.

Photobucket KAT-TUN: Live of KAT-TUN Real Face - $55
2 disks, 20pg booklet. Barely watched, excellent - mint condition.
Photobucket KAT-TUN: Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You - $60
2 disks, 48pg booklet. Watched a couple of times, mint condition.
Photobucket KAT-TUN: Live Tour 2008 Queen Of Pirates - $60
2 disks, 6 collective cards. Barely watched, mint condition.
Photobucket KANJANI8: Nationwide 47 Prefecture Tour "Eh? Honma?! Bikkuri! Tour 2007 LE - $110
4 disks. Watched once, mint condition.
Photobucket NEWS: Never Ending Wonderful Story First Press LE - $60
2 disks, 24p booklet. Outside plastic packaging quite worn but the actual item is still in excellent condition.
Photobucket NEWS: Concert Tour Pacific 2007-2008 - The First Tokyo Dome Concert First Press LE - $60
2 disks, 36p booklet. Outer plastic worn, but item in excellent condition.


*Some descriptions taken from CDJapan

PhotobucketPhotobucket 2007-2008: $15
Packaging not in the best condition (the box came to me like that). Calendar is used but still in good condition.
B4, 60 page bi-weekly desktop calendar, postcard book 1p sticker sheet. Some postcards have become detached from the book, but are all accounted for.
PhotobucketPhotobucket 2008-2009: $25
Desktop calendar, A2 poster. Calendar opened but never used - excellent condition; poster used, slightly creased but overall good condition.
PhotobucketPhotobucket 2009-2010: $30
Wall calendar with inserts housed in a binder type folder. A1 poster Calendar opened but never used. Poster brand new. Mint condition.
Photobucket 2009-2010: $38
64pg A4 weekly desktop calendar and poster. Brand new, never opened.

PhotobucketPhotobucket 2007-2008: $30
Photobook type calendar. Includes pack of photo postcards. Opened but never used. Mint condition.
PhotobucketPhotobucket 2008-2009: $30
Notebook style calendar. More like a diary than a calendar. Never used, mint. Includes mini eco bag, also unused.
PhotobucketPhotobucket 2009-2010: $35
Contents photo. CD-case-size weekly calender. Opened, never used.
Photobucket 2010-2011: $37
Tear-off desk calendar. Size: CD case-size. Height: 5cm. Comes with an original binder to store used calendar page. Brand new, never opened.

PhotobucketPhotobucket 2008-2009: $15
A3 monthly calendar. Includes daily planner. Calendar used but still in decent condition. Daily planner never opened.
PhotobucketPhotobucket 2009-2010: $25
Contents: 1 | 2 | 3 A4 sized weekly calendar with illustrated postcards. Opened but never used.

Photobucket 2009-2010: $35
A5, 128 pages. Also includes A3-size wall-hung calendar shot by Mika Ninagawa (7 pages) and A4-size hologram seal. Last Arashi calendar. Brand new, never opened.

*Note: Calendars are big and bulky so I've priced things as low as possible because I know shipping from Australia is horrendous for big/bulky parcels. Best if in Melb for meet-ups but still willing to send overseas.

Copy & Paste:
Items interested:
Preferred payment & shipping options:

Con goods and Magazines will be added soon.


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