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ASDGHJK:LKJHGFDSA So depressed. SEVEN GIGS of download failed on me on Megamanager. Just- how does that happen?! I guess it serves me right to line up so many downloads then go to sleep. But but, every single file failed. My luck, I swear. I think I'm gonna cry. Wasted 7 gigs of my bandwidth with nothing to show for it. I have to download it all again. Depressing start to the month.

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& I really don't want to go to the party tonight. It's freezing, and raining and windy. I just wanna curl up at home with a book or some fic. But it's my cousin's birthday and Fi will probably never ever talk to me again if I don't go so.. I have to brave it. Dinner and clubbing. D: Clubbing is totally not my thing, especially til insane hours like 4-5am. I then have the family friends wedding tomorrow night. Here's to hoping that I don't fall asleep in my food. Apparently I've been put in charge of not letting everyone feed Fi too much alcohol. xD Fi's turned 22 and has never had a sip of alcohol in her life, I hear her friends want to change all that tonight. I need to run out and buy myself some V/Red Bull if I want to make it through the night.

& Managed to clear about 15Gigs off my computer since getting my TB drive. :D I'm continuing to transfer stuff over now. I'll probably be doing that up until I have to get ready to go out.

& That's it for now. I don't know if I will survive this weekend, but I will try to keep posting. Hopefully I'll take stacks of uploadable photos, and get those upped next week, after some recovering, that is.

Have a good weekend everyone! ♥
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Gyaa feeling horrible. The heat isn't helping at all. Here I was thinking I'm finally getting better from my last bout of sickness, a new one hits. Gyaaaa..

Was meant to go grocery shopping with mum today but didn't cause I felt so crap. Tried to continue on the card making but only got frustrated that things weren't turning out. I think I've complicated things a little too much. the mess that is my card making area )

Was gonna post my Christmas wishlist but I'm feeling too crappy to think. Gonna go dose up on meds then go to sleep. I'll get back to comments tomorrow.


Nov. 25th, 2007 06:01 pm
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I just asked mum to thin out my fringe for me cuz it had grown out a lot thicker and was starting to annoy me. I have an uneven fringe which runs short from my left eyebrow down to about my right ear. I really liked it. What mum did was cut it short and straight above my eyebrows (!). And it's not even fully, the straight cut stops halfway over my right eye and then slopes to my ear. Which is just plain weird. Plus there's no way to fix it without making my fringe even shorter still.

I'm so upset. I know it's a stupid thing to kick up a fuss about but I've never hated a cut she's given me so much. It looks horrible on me and I want to cry when I look at it. I've put on a hat and will continue to wear one until it grows back out again. *sighs*

Nothing fandom related from me cuz I've had no bandwidth for the last couple of days and will continue to have none until the 1st. Running on an average of 10k/s is very painful. No downloads is very painful. I think I'm a download addict.

I'm hoping to spend the next week graphic-ing. Oh, and I've decided to send you guys Christmas cards for now! You'll hopefully receive Chrissie cards from me now and then something else late Jan/early Feb when I come back from my trip. Anyone who hasn't left me their address, please do so?

Right, off to babysitting again.
Lotsa love to everyone reading this! ♥


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