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♥ Hiya guys! I'm back~

Hopefully this time round I'll be around steadily and without tons of hiatuses. :) As I said I would, I have a new layout ([ profile] autumnjaide). I don't have the time to make a new header yet but will do so once I've settled into the new house. I've also taken down the old profile for revamping and have put a placeholder banner there until I can get a new one coded. :)

♥ Malaysia was awesome. Felt like the longest 2 weeks of my life though. xD After the 2nd day, we had done so much, it begun to feel like we'd already been there for a week. I really really enjoyed it. The trip encompassed a lot of firsts for me so means a bit. Only downer was that my camera pretty much died mid-trip (I've been meaning to get it fixed since Hong Kong but... well, procrastination.) but Fi made up for the photo taking. I will be grabbing both Fi's and [ profile] maiaki's photos off Fi this coming week and I plan on writing up a diary-like entry about Malaysia as sort of a milestone thingy. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I know it's really late but I do have Hong Kong photos uploaded too so I shall post those as well. So more on the Malay trip in coming posts.

♥ I'm currently in full blown packing for the big move. Mum's set the date for the 16th so we're set to move in 2 weeks. The thing is, I -still- haven't seen what the house looks like yet. o.O I'm so beyond tripped out by that fact, I don't even know what to think. Mum's informed us that the previous owners have finished moving out and cleaning the house this week and she'll be picking up the keys tomorrow. So that means I shall finally get to see the house in its entirety. Still strange though, seeing the house for the first time, then moving in 2 weeks later.

I packed my 5 shelves of magazines today. They fit into 4 boxes, with the largest containing 111 of them. Proving how bright I am, I tried to pick up said box. I nearly broke my back. I think I've bruised -something-. Mum has helped me plaster it in heat patches. That box now holds a "VERY HEAVY!! 2 person pick-up!" note on it. xD So that's my fail for the day. I think that also shows me how much I'm gonna hurt AFTER moving day. Very apprehensive now. :S

Probably more from me tomorrow, seeing how I'm going to see the house. :) Also in the coming week: more packing, furniture shopping, sentimental ramblings, and a small post on catching up with fandom.
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ASDGHJK:LKJHGFDSA So depressed. SEVEN GIGS of download failed on me on Megamanager. Just- how does that happen?! I guess it serves me right to line up so many downloads then go to sleep. But but, every single file failed. My luck, I swear. I think I'm gonna cry. Wasted 7 gigs of my bandwidth with nothing to show for it. I have to download it all again. Depressing start to the month.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] aikyuu! ♥ Happy belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] brandedwhite, [ profile] kirei_kisetsu and [ profile] darkeyedwolf! Hope you guys had awesome days. ♥

*Had this all written up yesterday but forgot to post it. ^^;

Aiyaa it's been so many days since I've blogged, mainly cuz either nothing happens are everything happens all at once. ^^; I'm sorry for being such a horrible LJ friend. The last couple of days has been quite busy. So to recap.

fri-sun - red wings, 21st bday and max brenners )

monday - ditching, crazy teen girls and zac efron in the flesh )

Oh dear, this ended up being so long. So sorry for ranting so much. Kudos to any who made it this far! :D Also, photos and vid will be added as soon as I get them. eta: up now!
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Thank you [ profile] nozomi_chan! I got your card, but I totally forgot about it. Sorry. It's such a gorgeous little card, I love it so much. And wonderful to come home to an empty house to find I have mail. :)♥

I've set a record to my bandwidth use. It's the 16th and I'm already capped. *sighs* I'm beyond help, I am. Currently at Fi's leeching bandwith with permission.

Not much to write about except, unfortunately for me, I was not accepted into Monash this semester. Disappointed but sort of expected. Feel quite at a loss though. So I'm currently looking for work to raise some cash. And I'm determined to get in, no matter how long it takes. I will try again next semester. Once I find a job, I'll probably join [ profile] lveaddkt at the Jap school in the city to keep up my Jap studies.

Not much else to talk about so I shall fill up this post with memes. I remember seeing my name being tagged on a couple of memes while I was skimming through LJ a couple of weeks ago but I can't remember who it was who tagged me. I found a few but I may have missed some, if you had tagged me, let me know k! :)
memes! )
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Just a random photo post that I wanted to get out of my system since I was uploading. Very random, and not very interesting. XD

Best photo I've taken in awhile.
Docklands at dusk
Taken from the car on the way home from St Kilda market. It was pretty so I just sorta stuck my arm towards it (I was on the opposite side of the car) and pressed the button. It turned out so pretty. :D

more not-so-pretty ones )

And a couple of more things before I go sleep.
- for those who wanted to see my crappy hair not-so-newly permed hair. (Sorry you can't reaally see it properly. Couldn't fit all my super long hair in the frame, tried to tilt the laptop but that ended badly. xD I've also actually cut my fringe since this photo. Haha)
- I've updated that post-JLPT post with promised photos of yummy lunch.
- Shitshitshitshitshitshitshiiiiiiiiiiitttt
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.
♥ Papa + Pi + YokoHina song.
♥ Arashi.

I watched VS Arashi and 2 G no Arashi's this morning was super happy cuz they were all so cute but then I got the mail and now I'm not so much. I'm not in the mood to do the proper flailing anymore. Will have to take a raincheck with that.

Just not a good day for me I think. I got a mass spam of job rejections, and some complication has come up that's cut off my only source of income. So now, not in the best of moods. I think I'm gonna go for a walk and then come back and immerse myself in some drama marathon and junk food. I'll do that today then tomorrow I'm gonna apply for twice as many jobs and study twice as hard for the JLPT. Yep, that's what I shall do.

I hope everyone else is having a good day though.
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God, I love kids. I really miss having children running around the house. Someone give me a kid to play with. Seriously. Got woken up this morning by two little boys, the grandchildren of some family friends who'd come to get their hair done by mum. Ages 3 and 4 I think. They were so genki and rowdy but oh so cute. :D
Instance 1: Little boy 1 asks his grandfather (who was chatting to my gramps): "Poppy why are you sitting in the kitchen?" except 'why' was in english and the rest was in chinese and it sounded soo cute. I heard this from my room and started giggling.
Instance 2: Little boy 2 to my grandmother, pointing to our empty fish tank: "Where are the fish-fish?" Grams: "They all died." Little boy: "HUUUUHHHH?!!?!" Lol I swear he sounded scandalised.

Haha, maybe it's just me.
Horikita Maki & Kuroki Meisa in new drama together. Too bad I have absolutely no interest in the plot.
Riiiiight, people. So Kame wears a ring with a 'B' on it. And of course that stands for Bakanishi. WUT?! >.<;;
My Arashi love grows by leaps and bounds with each episode I watch. This means -every- week mind you. What I watched yesterday: this week's Shukudai with Tutorial, the first ep of Mago Mago's rowing saga... they're just too adorable together. XD
Getting this post out of the way. Off to the post office later to send off my external, hopefully I'll get it back in a week or so. Then dinner in the city with [ profile] lveaddkt, her friend M, and [ profile] breakfast_kiss. Fangirling session with dramas will most likely follow. xD
The JLPT test is in 3 weeks. I have NOT done an inkling of studying for it, at all. I am so hopeless. I really need to buckle down and study. It was my idea to do it in the first place, and doing Level 3 on my first try. So scary. [ profile] cierra_james & [ profile] lveaddkt are probably way ahead of me. Right, I'm gonna go do a couple of practice tests before I have to leave. xD

Have a good weekend everyone~! <33 ♥

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Nov. 12th, 2008 07:31 pm
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Okay I only found out about NaBloPoMo today so I'm one day late to the game. I admire all the amazing writers who are taking on the task of NaNoWriMo but since I haven't written any fiction since high school, let alone 50,000 words of it, I'll try NaBloPoMo instead. Which may even be a tough challenge for me since I don't think I've done more than 4 days of consecutive blogging. xD There's a lot going on this November though, so hopefully I have enough stuff to talk about. And well on days I don't, I'll just be random. xD

I'm a little upset. My baby that was my terabyte drive is dead. And with it, 500gigs of my JE data. The data is irretrievable but I still have to call Maxtor and see if they'll replace it for me under warranty. I'd only had it a couple of months.

So it's Melbourne Cup long weekend, and I didn't even realise. That's what happens when you're not at school nor working. I'm totally not into the races but a couple of friends are going. I just don't see the point. I was going to go up to Sydney for the week, seeing I have a primary school reunion I was invited to, but I just can't afford to. I still have to find 2 outfits, one for a wedding and one for my cousin's birthday. I've spent two whole days shopping for them and I've spent money on anything -but- those dresses I'm looking for. I don't think I can continue to do that for very long.

Well I don't really have much to talk about fandom wise. I'd had practically no net for the last 2.5 weeks of October, and went on a downloading spree yesterday when my bandwidth reset. Downloaded 11gigs of vids. Just watched a Tensai! Shimura Doubutsen episode with [ profile] lveaddkt when she was here getting her hair done. Kinda happy to see Ayaka Wilson back on, cuz she's so gorgeously cute. We also watched K8 on Domoto Kyoudai, which was hilarious as expected. Loved Yoko's incident with the doctor and Kinki's reactions to Maru's parents job. And when Ohkura told his drunken story, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Ryo's been quite awkward with his public interviews lately too, hasn't he. I haven't watch too many RnK promo's but the amount of 'sumimasens' in Hanamaru Cafe had me quite amused.

Right, off to prepare dinner now. I'll be back again tomorrow! :D

P.s [ profile] maiaki: You happy now? You were complaining that I don't blog and now I'm gonna blog everyday for the next month. xD
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Ok, so I finally remembered to start taking photos for the "Week in the Life of" meme and since I actually had plans this week I thought I'd start it. But having spent the last hour trying to upload photos painfully because my bandwidth is dead, I have decided to give up. So I'm sorry. It's a chore loading even any site at all, let alone uploading photos. Would it be cheating if I continued to take photos but started uploading them on the 1st when my bandwidth resets?

My internet is suuuper slow (I think it's going at like 2-5kb/s) and loading anything would piss me off, so I'll probably be away from LJ for the rest of the month. Just loading this post page took me 20 mins. >.< I will do my best to catch up once my bandwidth resets. Sorry this was such a useless post. Hope everyone takes care, and I promise to spam everyone with comments/posts on the 1st. Now I'm running off to curl up with some hot tea and a couple of seasons of brainlessly marathoning Friends.

*sighs* So much fail. ;_;


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