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♥ Had a wonderful evening tonight/last night. :D Went to the Twilight Supper Market with Fi, [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] surealistic_des, and Mel. It was a lot smaller than expected but had some of the best empanadas I've ever eaten so it was worth it. We also had cake which was a bonus. :) The weather has been really warm and pleasant so being a Friday night and nearing only 9pm when we were done at the market, we decided to head down to the beach. By the time we got down to St. Kilda beach there was a lightning storm going on the horizon and it was so pretty. Watched that for an hour before we realised the storm had made to it where we were so we started heading back to the car. Lol if only we had started walking back 10mins earlier. Made it halfway before rain came down in sheets so we took shelter under the awning of a public toilet. Despite getting thoroughly drenched (well I did, mostly cuz I couldn't run in my flipflops), I had heaps of fun. It wasn't cold or anything, just wet. The lightning was amazing. <3 I hope I don't get sick though...

♥ Things are being finalised and I will be booking flights to Japan this Sunday for January. Will be going with [ profile] breakfast_kiss and will be meeting [ profile] cierra_james & [ profile] lveaddkt there. Not to mention Fi and 4 of her friends. I'm very excited.

♥ Ahh fallen behind again with everyone's entries. Not to mention fandom. Really need to cut down on what I read on my flist. Will try to catch up on this weekend, I hope. Also, [ profile] amakoi has reminded me that I will need to post a Christmas Card announcement soon. I'm really looking forward to making up for last years lack of cards. They'll even be handmade this year. Got tons of ideas and have actually already started a few. Haha omg one of the very few rare times where I don't do things last minute.

♥ Oh! I just realised I haven't mentioned here that I've got a job! Only a Chrissie casual possie but I'm rapt! I need the extra income for some extra spending money for Japan, especially after plans changed and I need to expand my budget a bit. (Domestic flights there are so expensive :S)

♥ As I said, I'm very behind on fandom. Have seen none of this season's dramas yet. Does anyone have suggestions? I don't know what to try first. The only thing I've seen is K8's new PV, which freaked the hell out of me; and Pi's new PV. Which I LOVE. IT'S SO FRIKKEN PRETTY. Even being so detached to fandom lately, watching that made me go doki-doki. Pi's so gorgeous. LOVE the parts where he's in the white shirt. LOVE how it was filmed in New York. I don't know what I was squealing about more at one point: Pi or NY. It was like: 'OMG Pi's so pretty! OMG Grand Central!' Haha yeah, been on a US high lately. Wanna go to the States so badly.

- Ok things getting way long and if it gets any longer, I'll have to cut it, though I'm not sure where. Will leave it at that. Oh, I also decided to f-lock my RL entries which have semi-private info... but not sure what the differentiating line is. So I will randomly lock when I feel like it I think. xD Last thing: will also be doing NaBloPoMo this year. Expect the flood in November. Good luck to anyone doing NaNoWriMo.

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Mar. 1st, 2009 09:29 pm
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Paid a visit to [ profile] lveaddkt yesterday evening and did a good fangirling session with her (and [ profile] breakfast_kiss before she had to leave for a 21st). I guess it's hard to stay in a fandom when you don't interact with other people, so hence the drifting sort of feeling.

I'm currently not feeling quite well, which I think I may have brought on myself. I drove to Ness' with all the windows open cuz the weather was nice, but I also did it again when I went home at night and the weather had turned cold. My hair was wet too so I may have caught a head cold. Barely slept last night and woke after about an hours sleep feeling like I would throw up. Originally had badminton planned with the cousins but had to cancel. Mozzied around then tried to watch stuff I'd downloaded but fell asleep. Caught a couple of hours of sleep and now I feel a bit better.

Left a bunch of stuff to download and managed to watch a couple of the things. Thoughts:
→ Matsujun & Sho's bakakkoi challenge was awesome. I loved it so much. I have yet to watch the Beatbox TV yet though. ^^
→ Nagase's MTV Unplugged was amazing. I really loved the music and arrangements, it was just beautiful to watch. Might rip the songs to put on my ipod.
→ I don't understand why JE has been releasing PVs in short versions, really. Just release the full PV already. >.<; That said, I'm really loving ARASHI's Believe PV and want to see the full version soon. :) The waterwalls are so cool! XD
→ The lie detector test on CTKT97 was loads of fun. :D Everyone wants to be in Arashi. Haha.
→ Will be watching these dramas soon: Mei-chan no Shitsuji, RESCUE, Uta no Onii-san, Kiina, VOICE, Love Shuffle, Kami no Shizuku (though I watched the first ep, and it was quite boring D:).
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I am so majorly excited! =D It's that time again guys! Johnnys calendars! I cannot wait. They look amazing. I had ordered my calendars (I've ordered 4, I know, omfg, right) a couple of weeks ago when Taka-san emailed me kanga's prices. Which are cheaper than I can get even on Yesasia with free shipping, so I've ordered via kanga. I can wait the extra week or two. :D Thank you to [ profile] ihearyourtears for breaking the news about the vids to me (albeit unintentionally ;D)!

ETA: I should add that I'm not really paying for the 4 I ordered. I've conned by cousin into getting them for me. My cousin is buying them for me as an early birthday pressie. ^_^

Things that I am happy about:
♥ KAT-TUN's calendar comes in a jewelry box. How awesome is that. The set gives me major vibes of Arashi's Happiness PV, and its fun and as [ profile] ihearyourtears said, relaxed and I think it looks wonderful. ^_^
♥ Lol, Eito's is in a confectionery box. That sorta fits, somehow. Eito's theme is an Adults School Field Trip. Informal shots of them travelling, at an onsen. I particularly loved the shot of them gathered around in their futons and Ryo was all bundled up in his blankets.
♥ Bright pink box for NEWS. Hahaha. Totally unexpected and oh-so-gay. The pics look amazing though.
♥ Arashi has TWO 'calendars'. Diary style and hang up style. The pics are really artistic.. and I think there's lots of skin. XD Not complaining, obviously. Hahah plus shiny sparkly stickers. My head is exploding at nekkidcowboy!Sho as a kira kira sticker. Just..jgdalg;

To be honest, for the last two months, probably from my hiatus and then the trip, I've become a bit uhm.. lukewarm towards JE. I think I was drifting a bit further away from it. Because I -did- manage to go two months without it, and it didn't affect me as badly as I thought it would've. I mean I used to itch to flist every day. Watching the boys in any show still interest me, it still entertained me, but I lost that sort of excitement I used to have. I think because it's become habit. And with [ profile] lveaddkt on holiday, I don't have anyone to pull me into it. I honestly thought that I was about to leave this wonderful fandom.

But, with the release of the calendars, I feel that excitement I once had. It's been a while since I've squeeled. ^_^ I remember my first calendars (this year is my 3rd) and the excitement of gawking at the weird ass 'calendars' with the pretty shoots. That was only about 2 months into the fandom, it was lots of fun. Haha, now I have more RL fangirls to squeel with, I'm hoping to try not to lose what I first felt in the fandom. I'm slated to catch up with [ profile] lveaddkt and [ profile] breakfast_kiss on Saturday, so hopefully that helps.

I just found an insane spazz post about last years calendar here. I think I may have been on something. :D But if I can even regain HALF of that enthusiasm, I shall be happy. ^^;
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LSHGKSJFHADAGLJ;AK;KLADLHHFLAKJ;DAG;A I LOVE Ryuusei no Kizuna. Just finished it all (caught up from ep 7) and omg I had no idea. What a twist. I totally freaked out and cried. But I really liked the ending. So sweet. ♥♥♥ So much love. I think it may have been my fav drama this year, or at least amongst the very top favourites. :)

Lol that's all. xD
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

♥ Snuggling up in bed reading book/fic with the constant sound of rain outside my window. All day.
♥ Receiving my first Christmas card for the year! Thank you so much [ profile] asinful! <33
♥ Ito Yuna on Arashi no Shukudai-kun. :D
♥ Ohno in comedy! Looks to be hilarious. That makes how many JE drama's next season? Gonna make a list of my "to-watch dramas" soon.
♥ Commenting anon (and accidently not-so-anon) on the showering love meme.
♥ Making a little bit more progress in the whole cleaning up my room thing.
♥ Ryo's reactions on Canjani. "It's the first time I've said 'delicious' from the heart'. Lol, Ryo now we know you've lied in all other gourmet stuff. Waiting to see Ohkura fail in the latest Canjani. xD
♥ Ohkura fail on TFPII with the Utahime cast. Nice rebound. Cannot wait til RESCUE cast are on it. xD
♥ Going to see HSM3 with Fi in about an hour. :) It's cheapass Tuesday so I can actually afford to.

Last day of posting every day~ I think I'm gonna take a break from posting everyday but I'm gonna try to include a "Name something that made you happy today" section in every post I do. Cuz doing -that- makes me happy. :D Hope everyone has a good week.

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Dec. 8th, 2008 11:27 pm
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.
♥ Ice Musk aroma sticks. I aired out my room today since I've been working in the kitchen so my room hasn't been properly used for a while. Discovered a little box of my old aromatherapy stuff. My oil burner is broken so I used my aroma sticks instead.
FNS. Haven't watched everything yet but the things that stuck in my mind so far are:
+ Aoyama Thelma's performance. I love that girl and that song and it was so pretty.
+ ayaka's Okaeri performance. So powerful, although the pianist girl freaked me out a bit.
+ NEWS cracking up at Yamajima Biyoushi's performance. Is that what they're called? Tunnels and DJ Ozma in drag? xD
+ Kamiji Yusuke nearly throwing his mic in the Arajin medley.
+ The Ponyo song. The girl is just too adorable. Love that you see people like Exile, Ogu-san, Tokio etc popping along. :D

That's it. Been having an off day. Feeling not so good. Off to bed now.
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

♥ Managed to do about 6-7 hours of straight studying and quizzes for the JLPT today. :D
[ profile] lveaddkt is getting me KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates DVD as a pressie. <33 Thank you so much, darls!
♥ News on Kusano (pun not intended). Whatever happens/is happening, I'm just glad to hear something about him.
♥ Finally finished all 10 seasons of Friends. Woot! It's only taken me about.. 6 months? xD
♥ New chapter of Through the Camera Lenses. :)
♥ Arashi with little kids. Omg, too much cute. Watched the G no Arashi with them supporting the 6 year old boy to confess. SO ADORABLE. Downloaded a children ep of MMA for more Arashi x children love. <3
♥ Going shopping tomorrow.. WITH permission to use the credit card. XD Lol well, only to buy a printer and shredder and just basically stuff the house needs, but still. xD
♥ Off to get some ice cream now, to battle our first actual hot day of our summer. xD Then gonna grab [ profile] asagao_blossoms to watch some drama. (Need to actually watch some of the stuff I've downloaded.)

Flimsy posts will continue until after the JLPT.
Expect a huge fandom post sometime next week. :D
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I've had quite a busy day compared to my usual bumming around and I'm only running on 2 hours sleep so I'm totally buggered. xD I'm babysitting two of my younger cousins and I'm bored and tired and on the verge of falling asleep, which isn't too good at babysitting. D:

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

♥ Have two new pairs of glasses on order. After trying on countless pairs of frames til my eyes started to spin, I decided on a pair of B&W ones that were SO comfortable. Then I went to another store to buy contacts (cuz we have credit there) and ended up ordering another pair of blue one which were really cheap but so cute. :D
[ profile] je_ficgames has started! And [ profile] je_holiday soon. So excited! My flist is flooded with fic, that I don't have time to read. xD
♥ Technically not today, but hearing my primary school graduation song "That's what friends are for" on the radio last night on a random drive to the beach with B. :D
♥ Had two awesome walks in the beautiful weather. So lovely.

I am amused at everyone's reactions to me tagging them. :D And to all the pic requests of my hair, I will take one once I learn how to get it to behave. >.<;;
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Tagged by [ profile] thawrecka. ♥

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. (8 for Eito.) Tag 8 people to do the same.

♥ Finding out the RESCUE cast will be on TFPII. I cannot wait to see it. I'm just imagining Maru on the Wall Crash now. xDD Plus Yamamoto Yuusuke eye-candy. <3
♥ Feeling happy today. Just in general. I've had a pretty normal day but actually physically feeling happy is rare. Err.. I hope that makes sense. xD
♥ Mum came home from the Vic Markets around noon and brought me a biiig punnet of huge beautiful strawberries PLUS a strawberry tart. Grams says we're psychic cuz I was just craving strawberries this morning.
♥ I successfully cooked dinner for the family all by myself. :)

Tagging: [ profile] lveaddkt, [ profile] chibi_news, [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] ihearyourtears, [ profile] kirei_kisetsu, [ profile] brandedwhite, [ profile] mparf & [ profile] cierra_james. Err.. I don't know who's done it or not, just do it if you want to. ^^;

Random: I got my hair permed today. I'm not sure how I feel about it right now though. :S
Lol After posting everyday for a month, the first possible day I don't have to post, I take the chance eagerly. xD But now I've taken on this meme. Haha. Anyway, I've gone on a downloading spree but haven't actually watched anything so can't talk about anything yet. Nor have I properly read/commented on people's journals. Will get back to comments soon. Off to do dishes now.
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happy belated birthday, [ profile] ashkt~!
I'm sorry the wishes are a day late.D: I hope you had a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter. <3 ♥♥♥

I have myself a brand new terabyte drive! I'm trying not to dwell too much on the i've-lost-500g-of-data aspect and focusing more on the i-had-no-space-this-drive-arrived-just-in-time aspect of things. xD Oh so I'm a nut, but I'm happy. Starting again. I will make it a comprehensive JE library, I don't care how long it takes. :D

Shopping yesterday with [ profile] maiaki and [ profile] lveaddkt was fun. I didn't make it out til about 3pm cuz of unforseen happenings at home, but in the hour? two? I was with them shopping, I managed to spend over $100. A part of which I put on the credit card. Nooooooo~ so not good. But I'm happy with my purchases. Bought 2 cardies that I've been needing for ages and went a little crazy buying accessories, namely: rings, with [ profile] lveaddkt. I'm sorry you didn't find what you needed, [ profile] maiaki! Lol I also bought a "P" charm necklace (3 guesses what it stands for) for cheap, cuz I'm a freak and I decided to use it as a hint to all my meddling family that I may have someone in my life so they can stop trying to set me up. D: We decided against a ring, cuz that would have probably brought more controversy than I'm willing to deal with. xD

The PIN article in Popolo makes me happy. I don't even have much more to say than that. I'm glad that Popolo gave them a chance to do an article together, it's been so long since they've got to work together. <33

So the FNS lineup is out. Every debuted JE group bar KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 will be performing. xD The lineup seems pretty amazing. Lucky this will air after I get new bandwidth so I'm not worried about downloading the whole 4 and a half hours of it. :D I love end of year shows cuz everyone gets together. Can't wait for MS Super Live and Countdown above all. ♥
ETA: Tegoshi will be on Haneru no Tobira to promote Uso Uso. Omg if it's the Abbrevation Train I'm just gonna die. May be the 100 Yen shop though. xD

akgjkdal;asd; Magazines are just piling up for me. Kanga is now holding about 8 copies, awaiting my pickup and I've just emailed Taka-san ordering Arashi in an-an, cuz they look amazing, and TegoMassuPi in Pinky. Somebody needs to stop me. I said in my email to Taka that he needs to limit what I can hold and he, being totally unhelpful said, 'No, specially no limits for you!!' Yes, I quote, multiple exclamation marks and all. Taka-san is evil.

I've run out of things to say but I need to do this wishlist thing before I forget, again. So here's my 10 things holiday wishlist. I actually had some trouble coming up with most of these. )

Lol some pretty insubstantial stuff there, but it's what I could think of. :D Now I've only seen a couple of wishlists on my flist, so people post yours so I can see what I can fulfill! ♥
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Yay! Mission accomplished! I managed to find myself a pretty dress for the wedding! I even found a shrug to wear on top and real pretty shoes. Not bad for a days work, even if it did entail doing Highpoint, Werribee AND Bourke street. I'm so buggered. I would take a photo but my camera's out of commission at the moment. I'm SO happy. It's been so hard finding a dress that looks good on me and that I like. And just when I was resigned to a 'hey that looks decent and I guess it'll have to do cuz I'm running out of time' dress, I found a 'omg it looks gorgeous and I love it' dress. :D Haaaappy~! ♥

Also, I came home to find an email from Seagate. They've just shipped out a replacement drive for me today. So I shall get my terabyte drive back in about 3-7 days. Happy happy happy~ (I'm running low on space atm haha.)

Ooooh dramas next season look quite interesting~
   + Kami no Shizuku - Kame
   + RESCUE - Nakamaru, Massu
   + Mei-chan no Shitsuji - Mizushima Hiro, Eikura Nana, Sato Takeru
   + Love Shuffle - Tamaki Hiroshi, Karina
   + Hisatsu Shigotonin 2009 - Higashiyama, Ohkura

Lol I actually don't know what most of these dramas entail, I'm merely basing them on people I like at the moment. I'll give all of them at try at least with the first ep. :)

Right, I'm really buggered so I'm off to relax with some tea and Shige's SCP, Tensai and MMA. :D
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* Feeling really out of it. And super anti-social. I think I used all my socialising energy on the weekend being out Fri-Sun, and now I just wanna huddle up in a corner. Was supposed to take the car in for a service but Doncaster is way to far in my condition, so mum did it instead. I feel bad about that.

* Pulling a [ profile] cierra_james, I didn't get out of bed till about 2pm.. though i woke a stack of times from about 7am. That what happens when you go to sleep at 4-5am I guess. D: And here I thought I'd fixed my horrible sleeping patterns.

* Have made no progress with the cards at all. None. One huge inspiration hit and I pull all my materials out and start but haven't touched them since. Happens a lot with me. I have stacks of unfinished projects. Really gotta get a move on with the cards though. I hope to get them sent out by the first week of Dec at the latest. >.<; Having said that, if you want a card and still haven't given me your addy feel free to leave it here.

* Looking forward to the some of the upcoming Domoto Kyoudai episodes. Should be SO much fun.
   - 2008.12.14 Nakagawa Shoko
   - 2008.12.21 Toda Erika (Lol the FujiTV blog was saying how they were all meeting for the first time but being all Kansai-jin everyone got really high. And mention of a Nino vs Koichi card magic thing?! xD)
   - 2009.01.18 Shida Mirai

* Still a little tripped out. Only KoyaShige could sing a boppy song about checking out a girl's cleavage and getting turned on by it. I swear I'm dying to see what the performance is like. Cams please!

ETA: Gyaah can't believe I almost forgot, gomen!
Happy Birthday, [ profile] hitomito!
♥ Lots of birthday love and wishes from me. Hope you have a wonderful day. <33
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Thanks to [ profile] tinyangl who linked to the new Harry Potter trailer, I'm now dying to see the Half Blood Prince movie. >.<; I'm still a little pissed that Warner Bros. postponed it til July when we could've originally be seeing it in December. D: I realised that I didn't yet own the last movie, the Order of the Phoenix so I just ran out to buy a copy. Yes, I have problems. Right, now I'm off to marathon the first 5 movies. xDD

Before i go: NEWS' hilarious epic MC talk of drama scenes, co-stars, and brothers of the mouth kissing. Read it. It's so much fun. Part 1 and Part 2.
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Johnny Kitagawa said that Uchi's suspension hasn't weakened his skills, but Kitagawa will make a decision based on these concerts as to whether Uchi will remain solo or go on as part of a group.

& At this point, I'm wondering if I'd like to see Uchi return to NEWS/Eito. I haven't thought too hard about it just yet, but I'm liking NEWS as they are at the moment. To have Uchi go back but not Kusano would be strange. I think I'd like to see Uchi go back to Eito though. I just hope it doesn't mean that there's a chance that Johnny will make him a part of a new group altogether.

& Have listened to [color] once through so far, and I really like it. Doing lots of driving today so I plan to make a CD and play it all day in the car. Haven't heard it enough yet to pick a favourite favourite but I do love a lot of the songs. Snow Express and Towa Iro no Koi is amazing and I can't even express the love I have for them for releasing them. I love those songs so much. Really liked both the very first time I heard them. I think I decided I liked Ryo's ordinary within the first 10 seconds. He hadn't even started singing yet. I -really- like it. And I had heard Smile Maker before the rips came out and liked it but when I listened to it carefully yesterday it reminds me a lot of GReeeeN for some reason. It doesn't sound like a NEWS song at all to me. Of course as expected, MOLA and Murarisuto brought giggles from me. xD But I quite like MOLA. Umm.. I finally understood where Murarisuto comes from. "Mura-mura" is the onomatopoeia for being horny/turned on. >.<; I'm -really- curious now to know what the performance is like. xD I haven't heard the others enough for them to leave an impression on me, except I thinking Kesenai is omg 6 minutes long but Tego vocals are pretty and well Massu's-super-long-titled-song-I'm-only-calling-Give&Take is reaaally poppy. xD

& Lol this week's Janiben is once again feeling quite empty with Ryo & Ohkura missing. But seeing Yasu-Maru-Hina try to act out a female Kabuki role was quite hilarious. I don't think Subaru actually said a word during that entire episode actually, now that I think about it.

& Right, I gotta run again, need to get ready to go out and run some errands before picking up [ profile] lveaddkt for lunch. I will get back to comments/entries as soon as I can, I swear. It's been more post-and-run the last few days for me. (I simply -refuse- to fail at NaBloPoMo.) >.<;

Have a good day everyone~ ♥
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I'm tired and sleepy but yet there's a lot of things that I'm happy and smiling about! Here have a list:
Uchi's solo concert! askjfs;jkad I am SO happy for him. <33
Tegoshi on VS Arashi. YES PLEASE! Omg I can just see how much fun this will be now. Does this make Tego the first Johnny's to guest on VS? Lol new game according to the article + Tego's i-hate-to-lose attitude, gonna be a FUN ep. xD
君の好きなとこ. A fanvid recced by [ profile] watchful21. So gorgeous. A 5min video compiled of Yamapi's smiles and dorkiness and adorableness. I felt like tearing up but smiling all the way through. It's just so sweet. I've felt like I haven't fangirled Pi in a while but this made me fall in love with him all over again and reminded me of why I love him in the first place. ♥♥♥

Went shopping with Fi to DFO today to find a dress for her birthday party next week as well as a family wedding we both have to go to. Bought a dress that I surprisingly liked. I don't think it's suited for either occasion but I can probably dress it up for Fi's party. It's purple and girly and I really like it. :D Gonna go Highpoint on Monday with B to pick up a dress and shoes for the wedding. :)

Ok, I have to run off now. Driving [ profile] asagao_blossoms to her chiro appointment then got a big family dinner that I have to go do, even though I don't really want to. >.<; Anyway, will get back to commenting either tonight or tomorrow! :)
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God, I love kids. I really miss having children running around the house. Someone give me a kid to play with. Seriously. Got woken up this morning by two little boys, the grandchildren of some family friends who'd come to get their hair done by mum. Ages 3 and 4 I think. They were so genki and rowdy but oh so cute. :D
Instance 1: Little boy 1 asks his grandfather (who was chatting to my gramps): "Poppy why are you sitting in the kitchen?" except 'why' was in english and the rest was in chinese and it sounded soo cute. I heard this from my room and started giggling.
Instance 2: Little boy 2 to my grandmother, pointing to our empty fish tank: "Where are the fish-fish?" Grams: "They all died." Little boy: "HUUUUHHHH?!!?!" Lol I swear he sounded scandalised.

Haha, maybe it's just me.
Horikita Maki & Kuroki Meisa in new drama together. Too bad I have absolutely no interest in the plot.
Riiiiight, people. So Kame wears a ring with a 'B' on it. And of course that stands for Bakanishi. WUT?! >.<;;
My Arashi love grows by leaps and bounds with each episode I watch. This means -every- week mind you. What I watched yesterday: this week's Shukudai with Tutorial, the first ep of Mago Mago's rowing saga... they're just too adorable together. XD
Getting this post out of the way. Off to the post office later to send off my external, hopefully I'll get it back in a week or so. Then dinner in the city with [ profile] lveaddkt, her friend M, and [ profile] breakfast_kiss. Fangirling session with dramas will most likely follow. xD
The JLPT test is in 3 weeks. I have NOT done an inkling of studying for it, at all. I am so hopeless. I really need to buckle down and study. It was my idea to do it in the first place, and doing Level 3 on my first try. So scary. [ profile] cierra_james & [ profile] lveaddkt are probably way ahead of me. Right, I'm gonna go do a couple of practice tests before I have to leave. xD

Have a good weekend everyone~! <33 ♥
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Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] 4_03_am/[ profile] enraged!
I'm sorry I was too out of it yesterday to wish you properly on the day. D: But I'm glad to hear that you had an overall good day with plenty of pressies. :D

Two days and going back 250 entries. Things always happen when I'm out of commission. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. I'm bouncing back and feeling much better now.

Had lunch with an old high school friend, B, today. We've known each other for 10 years since year 7 in high school, and grew really close over the years. We sort of drifted apart and hardly got to see each other the past year or two but we're trying to do more stuff together again. I'd forgotten how easy it was with her. It feels good to be able to just pick up where we left off. :)

New Kame drama slotted for January! :D Happy happy happy. Jan with Kame in a suit and Maru/Massu in firefighting uniforms. xD Looking forward to see what other dramas pop up.

Take a picture of yourself, right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
Post that picture with no editing and post these instructions with it.

Dear god, why did I choose to do this meme today? D: Such an unflattering photo. Crappy webcam, messed up hair and all. D: maybe I should refrain from posting pics of myself )

I've had this post sitting open for over 4 hours and I can't really think of any content to put in it. Not to mention in between, I've had dinner, helped mum with her assignments and taken a walk. >.<; I had some more fandom rambling but I've clean forgotten them now. So that's it from me for today. Gonna go watch some Mago Mago Arashi. ([ profile] iheartyourtears mentioned it on her blog and I realised I hadn't watched it so I went and downloaded it. ^^; My bandwidth is nearly as good as gone. D:)
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★ Eeeeeeeeeee Previews of color! I'm really liking this album! I'm just beyond happy that Snow Express and Towairo no Koi is being released. All the songs are really NEWS sounding, but there's a range of different sounds as well. Although the previews are so short I've really taken to Ryo's and Pi's solos. (Lol, I am totally amused by all the different interpretations of Pi's MOLA.) Murarisuto made me burst out laughing, it's so CUTE. Only KoyaShige can sing lyrics asking girls to show them body parts so damn cutely. Kesenai sounds really cool, and I can't wait to hear the full version. Minna ga Iru Sekai.. reminds me a little of the chorus of Change the World, but that may just be me. I like Forever, FLY AGAIN & STARDUST too. This album just sounds all around catchy. So happy. No disappointment from me. Now I just gotta -wait- for the album to be released.

★ Congrats on Nakamaru's first lead role! Am I the only one finding it adorable that Maru and Massu are getting to work together? They always talk about hanging out together, I want to see what they're like on screen together. :) Here's some more info on RESCUE~特別高度救助隊. Scheduled to air in January, the winter drama season. :)

★ Omg, there was another chicken roaming around today. Yesterday's rooster was no where to be found, but a smaller more petite chook was strolling around our lawn today. It seems like really like hiding behind a big bush of ours. I didn't get close enough to take a photo though, afraid I would panic it and it might've flown out at me. >.<; Scratch that! Mum just came back from her walk and told me it had come out and into the neighbours garden. So I have photos! xD
Stray chickens of Holehouse street )
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This posting everyday thing is really hard. I'm starting to think I can understand Yamapi's feelings for his nikki and I really respect him for doing it continuously for so many years.

Cup day today. Was meant to go out to lunch with the family but had a tiff with mum just beforehand and that fell through. Nothing major but it did cost me lunch. Had an awesome chat with [ profile] maiaki though. It's been awhile since we've chatted though I felt bad seeing it was only hours before her exam. How'd that go by the way?

So I bummed at home and did more downloading.(!) Honestly someone needs to smack me. Downloaded the 08 Shock and that killed quite a bit of bandwidth. Not to mention hard disk space. Finally sat down to watch a lot of the stuff and well watching so much one after the other means I don't really have time to digest it all. So here's some random thoughts. Feel free to ignore, really. )

Okay so I don't really have much to say. Else, I've forgotten most of it. My heads all fuzzy and sleepy right now. Don't mind me. Next up on the to-watch list: my backlog of Janiben's, Canjani's, ItteQ, Shimura Doubutsuen, ctKT and Shokura (when it all gets upped anyway).

Okay I can't think of anything else to write, [ profile] asagao_blossoms is bugging me to help her with her japanese work and won't leave me alone. Fi is also taking me on a late KFC run in an hour cuz she has major cravings for rolls and gravy. She's starting to pass her cravings on, and it's annoying me. haha I am quite the pushover I've realised. Especially with my cousins. xD

Ok I'm gonna stop rambling now. Good night/morning/day everyone! ♥♥♥
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I feel so lazy about posting now, I should've probably posted earlier. So this will be a very lazy half-hearted sort of post. I've had an all round lazy day today. Had the house to myself and have been basically abusing my bandwidth downloading a crap load of stuff. I still have -watched- all the previous stuff I downloaded. At this rate, I'll have no net by mid-month again. God, somebody stop me. As much as I love HDTV files. They're breaking my limited storage space. Not to mention my download bandwidth.

I watched Beyoncé on last week's Music Station and her performance of "If I Were A Boy" was so amazing, I totally fell in love with the song. I downloaded it and have been listening to it a lot. Having done that, I realised that I didn't have any English songs on my iTunes except for High School Musical, so I hit the Australia Top 40 Charts to see what current music would interest me. I ended up downloading albums of Secondhand Serenade (I love "Fall For You"), Jason Mraz, Gabriella Cilmi, and Jordin Sparks. None of whom I'd ever heard of actually. I will slowly work my way through their songs to find my favourites. I downloaded Perfume too, but that was on a completely different whim.

I watched Arashi's Beautiful Days PV and I'm really liking it. I don't understand why it was shown as a 2 minute "short version" though. I -really- like what they did with the light bulbs.
Cut for caps )

Lastly, before I go off to a more comfy place and snuggle up with a movie.


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