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happy valentines ♥.

It's Valentine's day and it's a day where I refuse to be lumped into one of either 2 categories: the lovey-dovey couples, or the sad, lonely singles. I'm quite happy being single at the moment despite everyone around me pairing up, and I wanted to take the chance of today to send out lots of love and thoughts to not my special someone, but special someones.

Everyone who has made any contact with my life, no matter how big or small. Whether you're my best friend, my mail man, someone who comments(/ed) on my blog regularly or just someone who stopped by to say hi once. All of my friends and family, all my LJ friends, all those who aren't even on LJ but have commented to tell me they read it; all those who were once my friends but due to various reasons are no longer in my life; all the people who are strangers but have greeted me kindly with a smile and/or compliment; those who need a bit of love in their life.

Each and everyone of you. Lots of love and warm vibes from me. Because it makes me happy and I'm finding that's all it really is really. I have had so much troubles over my life, and I know I'm still struggling with a lot of things, but I'm taking small steps in doing what I should have been doing from the start. Things that make me happy.

I'm listening to Jin's Eternal on repeat and it's probably what inspired this post. My heart filled with love just from the first listen. No auto tune, no faux rapping; just Jin, his beautiful voice and a gorgeous song.

Now I'm gonna spend my day just relaxing. It's a gorgeous day and I'm just going to catch up on some tv shows, do some reading and enjoy a cuppa outside. Just some downtime. Before I have to head to work tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful day no matter what you're doing, and if the day doesn't go as well it could've have, I hope at least something has made you smile. ♥
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10th attempt to write up a post in the last 2 weeks. I'm sleepy and tired and just downright not functioning, so the post will just be dot points.

Was meant to come off hiatus earlier this month, but it didn't happen and now I'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow night, so further prolonged hiatus. I will try to post when I can from Malaysia and will after, but posts will be sparse even after I return since I will be moving house as well.

Having said that, I want to say that once I'm back on LJ, my journal will get a revamp. I've faded quite a bit from the JE fandom in recent months, and while I'll never leave it, my views of it have changed a lot, and I'm not as -fangirly- about it anymore. Still slightly, just not as much. My journal will change from a fandom based one to one thats more mixed: personal, photography, hobby, various fandoms. I have a few ideas atm. Feel free to defriend me if you think that's not what you'd like to see. No hard feelings.

I apologise to everyone whose comments I have not gotten back to. So very very sorry. I don't even have an excuse except laziness after bandwidth reset. [ profile] himehikari: So sorry I couldn't get back to you, but I'd love to meet up if you have the time. Though, I found out that we're only in KL on the weekend (18th & 19th) and then again on the 26th. We're traveling out of KL on all the other days. If you're free, let me know, and I shall PM/email my mobile number and see if we can organise something.

More than counting down for Malaysia, I'm counting down to Harry Potter. Will be catching it in the Genting Highlands, the 2nd day we're in Malaysia. Can't wait. ♥

Hope everyone is doing well, I miss you guys and hope to talk to you all again properly after my trip. Gonna go conk out now, so many things still to do tomorrow.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] aikyuu! ♥ Happy belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] brandedwhite, [ profile] kirei_kisetsu and [ profile] darkeyedwolf! Hope you guys had awesome days. ♥

*Had this all written up yesterday but forgot to post it. ^^;

Aiyaa it's been so many days since I've blogged, mainly cuz either nothing happens are everything happens all at once. ^^; I'm sorry for being such a horrible LJ friend. The last couple of days has been quite busy. So to recap.

fri-sun - red wings, 21st bday and max brenners )

monday - ditching, crazy teen girls and zac efron in the flesh )

Oh dear, this ended up being so long. So sorry for ranting so much. Kudos to any who made it this far! :D Also, photos and vid will be added as soon as I get them. eta: up now!

{ urgh }

Mar. 1st, 2009 09:29 pm
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Paid a visit to [ profile] lveaddkt yesterday evening and did a good fangirling session with her (and [ profile] breakfast_kiss before she had to leave for a 21st). I guess it's hard to stay in a fandom when you don't interact with other people, so hence the drifting sort of feeling.

I'm currently not feeling quite well, which I think I may have brought on myself. I drove to Ness' with all the windows open cuz the weather was nice, but I also did it again when I went home at night and the weather had turned cold. My hair was wet too so I may have caught a head cold. Barely slept last night and woke after about an hours sleep feeling like I would throw up. Originally had badminton planned with the cousins but had to cancel. Mozzied around then tried to watch stuff I'd downloaded but fell asleep. Caught a couple of hours of sleep and now I feel a bit better.

Left a bunch of stuff to download and managed to watch a couple of the things. Thoughts:
→ Matsujun & Sho's bakakkoi challenge was awesome. I loved it so much. I have yet to watch the Beatbox TV yet though. ^^
→ Nagase's MTV Unplugged was amazing. I really loved the music and arrangements, it was just beautiful to watch. Might rip the songs to put on my ipod.
→ I don't understand why JE has been releasing PVs in short versions, really. Just release the full PV already. >.<; That said, I'm really loving ARASHI's Believe PV and want to see the full version soon. :) The waterwalls are so cool! XD
→ The lie detector test on CTKT97 was loads of fun. :D Everyone wants to be in Arashi. Haha.
→ Will be watching these dramas soon: Mei-chan no Shitsuji, RESCUE, Uta no Onii-san, Kiina, VOICE, Love Shuffle, Kami no Shizuku (though I watched the first ep, and it was quite boring D:).
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+ Fi's graduation took a lot out of me. It was the longest day of my life I swear, that's how it felt like. Out in the city at 10. Joined the big RMIT graduates parade from main campus down to Fed Square. Picked up morning tea and spent about an hour or two running around with Fi taking photos. Then we had lunch. Did a couple of hours of shopping, then met with [ profile] lveaddkt for dinner before she started work. (How was it? Did you die near midnight? We left the city around 11, thinking, Crap! Ness still has another hour of work. D:) Made our way down to Telstra Dome for the actual ceremony. It was my very first time in the stadium despite having lived here for 11 years, and I felt like I got a feel of what it would be like at Tokyo Dome since the size is so similar (Telstra: ~53,000 capacity/19,000sqm arena Tokyo: ~55,000 capacity/13,000sqm arena). It was pretty amazing. We had seats in the very first row. The graduation ceremony lasted from 7 til 10 and I swear I fell asleep for a couple of minutes during a couple of the super long speeches. Kept ourselves amused by some of the insane names that a lot of people had (there was a girl called Supaporn! We were all like *O*?!) and I got tripped out cuz I recognised one of the people receiving a Doctorate as a lecturer from my uni. After everything, everyone was invited out onto the arena for free drinks and food. We ran around with Fi for a while trying to find people in the huge place while stealing food from different stages. Got home at around midnight, near to collapse. Suuuch a long day.

I had picked up a copy of Twilight and tried to read that in bed. Fell asleep while still on the Preface. xD

+ My family is going to Hong Kong and Vietnam mid January. I originally said No, I would not go with them, since I wasn't interested in going to Vietnam and stepdads mum would be going and they'd only be in Hong Kong for 5 days and that would be a waste of a flight ticket for me, so I'd spend Chinese New Year in Australia by myself. But now plans have changed and now stepdad's mum isn't going and mum will be in Hong Kong for 10 days. I said I'd tag along to Hong Kong then come home by myself when they left for Vietnam. Mum's organising tickets now. Trying to get Fi to stay with me in Hong Kong too. But nothing is really set yet. If things go well, I may have 10-12 days in Hong Kong in January. :)

+ I have used waaay too much bandwidth so I have to hold back on downloading Best Artist and just about anything in fandom. (Waiting for the full Best Artist show to be upped too.) In the meantime, I'm gonna keep myself entertained with the huge backlog of fics from jehols and ficgames. Low bandwidth usage is a plus. <3
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Happy Birthday to the lovelies [ profile] maiaki & [ profile] asinful~!

Just made it in time, I hope you guys had an awesomely happy day~ <33 ♥♥♥
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Uwaaaa there's a million things going on in fandom right now and because my bandwidth is capped, I can barely load my flist. D: D: D: So much I wanna spazz about (KAT-TUN/Uchi/Tegoshi/Arashi/etc xD) but all my sparkly spazzing will be put on hold until tomorrow night, after my bandwidth resets and I've gone on my monthly 1st of the month downloading spree. xD

Gonna leave now to meet up with [ profile] lveaddkt to try to do some JLPT studying. :O Wish us luck! Then we have karaoke tonight. It's been awhile since we've gone. Hopefully it'll be fun. :D

That's it for now, more from me tomorrow~

Oh, also: NaBloPoMo DONE! Bloody hell it was annoying posting everyday for a month. I think I shall limit it to once a year. I'll probably be posting once every couple of days now, or well, I hope to. xD
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Currently at [ profile] lveaddkt's. Picked her up after she finished work and we went to pick up my mags. Busted $150. o.O; I seriously should not be able to afford that.

Then we bummed, had a late lunch and then did some shopping. Spent an hour at Myer's Kit corner just -smelling- their yummy smelling products. Ness ended up buying a Lemon Basil body milk and a caramel candle that I just want to eat, even knowing it wouldn't be good for me. I think we got quite high from it. I fell in love with the Smiley range. It's some sort of psycho-tonic fragrance which is meant to release endorphins and activate happiness. It smells so nice and I kept grinning at it and it made my skin real soft. I think I may go back to buy some. xDD

Doing a stack of swapping files with Ness tonight cuz I lost a stack of the more recent files, and need it to refill my JE library. xD

Right, off to do that now. Have a good weekend everyone! ♥
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happy belated birthday, [ profile] ashkt~!
I'm sorry the wishes are a day late.D: I hope you had a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter. <3 ♥♥♥

I have myself a brand new terabyte drive! I'm trying not to dwell too much on the i've-lost-500g-of-data aspect and focusing more on the i-had-no-space-this-drive-arrived-just-in-time aspect of things. xD Oh so I'm a nut, but I'm happy. Starting again. I will make it a comprehensive JE library, I don't care how long it takes. :D

Shopping yesterday with [ profile] maiaki and [ profile] lveaddkt was fun. I didn't make it out til about 3pm cuz of unforseen happenings at home, but in the hour? two? I was with them shopping, I managed to spend over $100. A part of which I put on the credit card. Nooooooo~ so not good. But I'm happy with my purchases. Bought 2 cardies that I've been needing for ages and went a little crazy buying accessories, namely: rings, with [ profile] lveaddkt. I'm sorry you didn't find what you needed, [ profile] maiaki! Lol I also bought a "P" charm necklace (3 guesses what it stands for) for cheap, cuz I'm a freak and I decided to use it as a hint to all my meddling family that I may have someone in my life so they can stop trying to set me up. D: We decided against a ring, cuz that would have probably brought more controversy than I'm willing to deal with. xD

The PIN article in Popolo makes me happy. I don't even have much more to say than that. I'm glad that Popolo gave them a chance to do an article together, it's been so long since they've got to work together. <33

So the FNS lineup is out. Every debuted JE group bar KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 will be performing. xD The lineup seems pretty amazing. Lucky this will air after I get new bandwidth so I'm not worried about downloading the whole 4 and a half hours of it. :D I love end of year shows cuz everyone gets together. Can't wait for MS Super Live and Countdown above all. ♥
ETA: Tegoshi will be on Haneru no Tobira to promote Uso Uso. Omg if it's the Abbrevation Train I'm just gonna die. May be the 100 Yen shop though. xD

akgjkdal;asd; Magazines are just piling up for me. Kanga is now holding about 8 copies, awaiting my pickup and I've just emailed Taka-san ordering Arashi in an-an, cuz they look amazing, and TegoMassuPi in Pinky. Somebody needs to stop me. I said in my email to Taka that he needs to limit what I can hold and he, being totally unhelpful said, 'No, specially no limits for you!!' Yes, I quote, multiple exclamation marks and all. Taka-san is evil.

I've run out of things to say but I need to do this wishlist thing before I forget, again. So here's my 10 things holiday wishlist. I actually had some trouble coming up with most of these. )

Lol some pretty insubstantial stuff there, but it's what I could think of. :D Now I've only seen a couple of wishlists on my flist, so people post yours so I can see what I can fulfill! ♥
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& I've had no post despite expecting 3 different packages and a letter. Gakkari~ D:
  ETA: Nvm! Just discovered my copy of [color] sitting on the front step. :D Happyy~

& Going shopping with [ profile] maiaki and [ profile] lveaddkt today. I've gotten all my necessary items so I can take it slowly looking at accessories. My favourite type of shopping. :D The last couple of shopping trips have been so stressful for me.

& Just bought 2 disney couture bangles for Fi's birthday this week. She'll be really happy with this pressie. I told her I expected the same amount of happiness when it comes round to my birthday next April. xD

& Ah gotta run, need to get ready, wanted to post now in case I don't make it make home in time tonight. I'll probably be home all day tomorrow (the bangles are coming and I have to sign for them) so I'll be writing up a fandom post that I've been accumulating. :)

& Have a good day everyone~ ♥
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Today's been quite productive. Did a stack of chores. I contacted Maxtor and put in a return order for my external hard drive. Now I just gotta pack it all up and ship it to them for an exchange. Mum's helping me brown paper it now. So new external in about a week or two.

My head's all fuzzy cuz I just got out of an absurd msn convo with [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] lveaddkt, and D. Trying to organise an enormous amount of social activities for the weeks coming up before Christmas. Much more than a jobless person can afford but I keep saying yes. >.<; Everyone kept talking over each other and talking baout different things, so hard to keep everything straight. Starting this weekend, I have something on every weekend until the week before Christmas. O.m.g.

I was planning to get started on the card making but I got distracted with that epic convo. But I did manage to get all my materials out and have created a work space to make them. I have an insane amount of scrapbooking materials that I'd forgotten I'd had so this project will be a lot bigger than I initially had in mind. :D

I don't really have anything fandom related to say. Except that I really like KAT-TUN's White X'mas. I was afraid it would be really chrismas-y and cheesy but it's a really pretty ballad. What I want to know is how the entire song was leaked an entire month before the release. o.O

Ok, I'm really achy and tired now so I'm off to watch the November Shokura's in bed, since they've finally been upped. I was starting to think I had to download it from clubbox. G'night everyone. <3
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] wintersjuly!

Lots of love and wishes going out to you Nita. I hope you had a lovely day full of shiny things. I wish I could've done something for you. But alas, I am poor and all I can do is send my love. ♥ :)

My internet bandwidth is capped again. So netsurfing has been painful. Friday seriously cannot come quicker. Uni has started again. Monday's Professional Careers & Development class was beyond boring. I don't know how I'm gonna handle it for the entire semester. Though I'm looking forward to next weeks. We're gonna be doing a couple of psychology tests and I've always enjoyed that. Maybe the test results will help me figure out a direction of where I want to go.

I have Japanese Culture & Society tomorrow. I failed this sub last year. Shocking as it may seem. Hopefully with Sato-sensei taking it this year instead of Takeuchi-sensei, it'll hold my attention more than last year. I'm looking forward to Jap 6 on Friday too. I also have an appointment to see my Course Co-ordinator tomorrow. Not looking forward to explaining to her why I did horrible last semester. But at least she's new, and I don't have to deal with our old co-ordinator. God, I really didn't like him. Fingers crossed it goes well.

There's still plenty of open prompts in the Alphabet meme I posted in my last post. Throw me more prompts people! :)
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] acchikocchi!
It's a little late, but I hope you had an amazing day cause you deserve it. You are one of the sweetest, kindest person I have the privilege of knowing, and I'm glad that I got the courage up to friend you.

Hoookay. I will stop apologising about always leaving huge gaps between posts now. I will also stop promising posts. I will just accept that I suck as a proper blogger and that irregular, sporadic posts is just what I do. Also, I'm sorry I have been a horrible LJ friend lately. I haven't been commenting much at all, I'm sorry. I read them all but I don't know what to say. I've been feeling very lost about a few aspects of my life lately and fandom is one of them. I'm working on it. Hopefully, things will pick up.

Uni starts again tomorrow. I don't know what I want to do about it. I'm so fed up with it. I'm getting nowhere with my degree, I keep failing subjects cuz I have no drive to complete them. I'm just wasting my time and money. I think I might see this semester through then defer to work full time. I know I need a degree, but I can see that pushing through this degree, especially at VU, is not going to get me anywhere. Everything is all up in the air, I haven't made up my mind fully on anything yet. Feeling really lost.

And because I have no idea what to blog about, here's a stack of accumulated meme's.

Meme: 20 Questions Tagged by [ profile] ashkt
☆ People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
☆ Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

memes make my entries so long.. )

Meme: Livejournal Friends Stolen from quite a few people.

this is one long ass entry now )

☆ Ok, lastly, gimme stuff to talk about! :D
Alphabet Meme
01. It begins with a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
02. Comment with something you want me to talk about that starts with one of those letters. Choose whatever letters. I don't care which ones.
03. One topic per letter. (Or two. Or three.)
04. I will post a new post talking about all 26 topics given to me!

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
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{★} Just dying to see the Taiyou no Namida PV. The Zoomin Preview is driving my nuts. I wanna squeel at the rain and the clothes and the dancing and dorky!Pi in glasses, with the papercups again. Can't wait. Am stalking CB now. (I will ignore the fact that [ profile] yamaperfection posted caps from the PV. If I ignore it, it will stop taunting me. Y/y?)
ETA: OMG OMG I -SWEAR- I'm waiting patiently for the full PV. I SWEAR. No one can see me fuss and fidget and go-nearly-insane from refreshing. So yeah, totally waiting patiently. asdfjkla;!

{★} I'm loving Kame right now. 1Pound and all his recent promos has made me love him so much more than I did. He was so cute in the Making of Lips. I loved his and Koki's little acapella jam session with Nakamaru. I uploaded it (streaming) for anyone who's interested.

{★} The thought of a KAT-TUNxKanjani8 Cards Tournament makes me super happy. By this I mean, Nakamaru said on Hey!x3 that before Countdown, Jin, Junno, Yoko, Hina, Subaru and Toma all hung out at his place and played cards for like 6 hours between rehearsals and the real thing. Anyone wanna write me fic? *innocent smile*

{★} I received a package from [ profile] ihearyourtears today! Thank you! Totally unexpected, and totally made my day. I absolutely love getting mail, you should see me when I get mail. Much love to everyone who sent me something! And lots of love to everyone else, I hope you all received my cards properly. Knowing me, I could've put the wrong address or something.
Thank you to [ profile] acchikocchi, who not only sent me a card, the card contained Pin ficlet. Totally awesome. Thank you to [ profile] nozomi_chan, who sent an awesome metal beaded Chrissie deco with her card. Thank you so much also to [ profile] chibi_news, [ profile] mainichi_muri, [ profile] surealistic_des who sent me hand-made cards. Totally beats my hastily store-bought ones. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I have, please to kick me.

{★} I finally got my hands onto all my holiday photos! Fi came by with her laptop after work and transferred them all over to me. Guess what? One month = 4500+ photos = ~3.8Gigs. I think it'll take me awhile to organise it out enough for me to start posting. I mean, over four THOUSAND. Just.. I had no idea. Plus a couple hundred were deleted both on the trip and when we came back. Well, I swear I will get to it as soon as I have time after Chinese New Year.

{★} Having said that, Happy Chinese New Year~! to all those on my flist who celebrate it!

{★} Oh, also: Had dinner and a beach trip with the uni friends the other night. Hadn't seen everyone in a month! [ profile] lvaddkt, [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] melbhghsku: I'm uploading all the photos in a zip and posting a post on my photos blog ([ profile] tsuiokunokoto). It should be up by tonight or the lastest tomorrow morning.
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Am procrastinating from my assignments/essays to do a quick birthday post.

Happy Birthday Leelee! )

Happy Birthday Milly! )

Ugh, that woulda been so much easier if my bandwidth weren't dead. Now back to my assignments.
This was a ninja post. xD


Jul. 10th, 2007 04:28 pm
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{★} I can't wait for AUGUST SHOKURA!
I thought just having NEWS on Shokura would be awesome, but the lineup sounds absolutely amazing. Credits to the wonderful Fin for sharing her report.

According to Fin, who attended the recording, it was like a mini-concert! (The Aug SC link links to her report.)
NewS Nippon, Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song, Sawarenaide, [Natsu] medley, [Yamapi] medley, Sayaendou, Shock Me, Kirameki no Kanata e, code, Snow Express, and of course, Hoshi wo Mezashite.

NEWS wo Abake! - I can't wait to see this! I loved the older one but there were some undermining awkwardness since they were so newly formed and all. But now their relationships haven't gotten more closer, I want to see the member-ai.

NEWS Mania - This surprised me. I had originally thought they knew each other better.
Can't wait to actually see the broadcast. *is excited*
Gyaaah I'm so bored right now.. I'm meant to be cleaning my room, but its cold and gloomy and we have the heater on, so I'm feeling very sluggish. Can't be bothered doing anything..what else can I talk about..?

{★} HARRY POTTER Tomorrow!
Uwaaa I'm so excited. I'm going to see the movie with a bunch of the uni friends and some cousins. It's gonna be awesome. We have pre-bought tickets for the 1.30pm session. And and and.. the last book next week! Can't wait. I usually spend the entire weekend of a book release, just shutting out the world and immersing myself in it, but apparently on the 21st there's a dinner thing of which I have to be at. My book is totally coming with me. I've already told them that I will be sitting in the corner with my book.
I'm gonna re-read all the books before the book launch, and a movie marathon tonight.. since I have nothing to do and all.

I'm always at a lost as to what to blog about. My fandom posts aren't all to interesting as my flailing is usually always late, and by then there would've already been 32587935783 posts circulating already. I might start to randomly use LJ's writer's block tips.

Edit: OMG. I FAIL. I can't believe I forgot to mention Uchi and Kusano. I'm such a horrible fangirl. Well I just wanted to say that I was very happy to see their faces again. Uchi who's much too svelte with that hair to be the princess I came to know him as through old vids. And Kusano who looks like he's matured but still sounds like the genki ko I learned from old vids. I'm feel so happy that Shounentai gave them a chance.

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Lotsa birthday wishes~! )

Meme. Tagged by [ profile] nozomichan.
I keep forgetting to do this.
Rules: Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged, then post the explanation to your page.

First off, I really like my chinese name and wanted to incorporate it into my username. My chinese name is 林翠縁. Each characters meanings are: 林 means woods/forest; 翠 is a character of jade; and 縁 means 'fate'. Well any combo of jade+fate ended up sounding strange.. so I made a list of words I liked and just mixed and matched. In the end I chose my favourite season 'autumn' and added 'jaide' to it. I added in the 'i' cuz I like the spelling. I'd like to thing if I had the name Jaide as a middle name it would be spelt like that. So yeah.. a little random.

This meme's been going around for awhile and I've seen lots of people do it, so I tag anyone who wants to who hasn't already. ♥

: Cue rant.
I am *very* annoyed right now. Everything seems to have it in for me. I've been trying to download the flood of dramas since this morning but -everything- hates me. CB, BT, DDL. Nothing. Am very pissed right now. I had HanaKimi on CB up to 40% but it stopped and reset to 0% then refused to move. Same with EVERYTHING else. I swear I give up until people up it to LJ. /end rant. (This woulda been a lot worse a rant had I written it up an hour earlier. But I'm so drained now I can't be bothered.)
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I'm a little afraid to look at my flist. I've been away from home for about 3-4 days and haven't probably checked LJ except for a quick browse the other morning. Oh, and before I forget, Hello to all my new friends from the JE Friending Meme! ♥

「★」Now that I'm finally back home, there's a stack of stuff I want to get through. This is just a to-do list for myself, so err ignore if you want, its not very interesting. XD
+ Go through flist (cringes)
+ Download dramas/eps I've missed (Seitou Shokun, Liar Game, MuchaBuri, etc..)
+ Email sensei about exchange units
+ Catch up on downloading scans
+ Scan Kindai & Oricon Style
+ ..and probably a stack more too.

On, another note, I'm really proud of myself. I spent all day today trying to organise the mess that is my laptop and managed to organise all my pics/scans and resources properly. Next I'm gonna tackle my music folder and the biggest job of all are my videos. You wouldn't believe the mess they're in, it's a wonder I manage to find anything at all. >.<;

Oh! I think I haven't mentioned this except in passing to [ profile] shirosagi. But with a strong referral from my Japanese sensei, I'm applying for a scholarship to go study in Japan at the beginning of next year. I'm a little apprehensive but super excited also. I'm working on my application right now. The due date for the application is the end of this month. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes if anyone is interested. ^_^

Ok, now onto some quick (and super late) fandom related squeeing. :D
Kurosagi movie! - I can't wait! I have a huge attachment to Kurosagi cuz, along with NwP, were the main influences which got me so obsessed with Yamapi. ♥ And I can't help thinking, that IF I get to go to Japan, I'll be able to see it on the big screen! *0*
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan - Shige's new drama! I haven't seen many of his older dramas but I really look forward to this one. Shige and Gakki actually look really cute.
Kanjani8 on Utaban - I laughed so hard here that I hurt my stomach. But I seriously felt sorry for Ohkura and Yassu.. those muscle men were SUPER scary. God, they were all around adorable, especially Yassu's embarrassed sorta laugh in the first talk segment. I burst into giggles everytime I hear it. XD
KAT-TUN on MS - *SQUUEEEEEE* Ahem, sorry but I *really* liked Jin's hair in this. It was cute. ♥ The performance was good, can't help noticing that Ueda was SUPER smiley again and I laughed at the ending dodgy camera shots.
cartoon KAT-TUN: smile athletes This was SO cute! I couldn't help smile all through it along with the boys. I hope they'll have it again soon. XD

Now before I leave to tackle my to-do list, I leave you with a fancam of Ryo singing Samurai Blues in a recent K8 concert. I really liked Ryo to start with but this clip made me like him even more. It's just so cute and sweet. I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but I wanted to share anyway. XD I love how he gets pissed and then afterwards starts to bop. His end "arigatou" nearly killed me. ♥ Enjoy~

In which Ryo sings Samurai Blues while K8 changes and gets ... when he asks the audience to sing and then proceeds to yell and then bop XD )
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{&} OMG I just watched SuShi (aka TegoMass) on Music Station and the only way I can describe it is absolutely gorgeous. Kanpeki da~ Their live is stunning with beautiful harmonies. I loved their SC performance but this one was a million times better. I'm so in love with them right now. And does anyone else besides me absolutely adore Tesshi's hair? Stuff what I said before. It's gorgeous. Took heaps of caps but since its like 2am here, I leave with only a reaaally tiny capspam.
SuShi RABU )

{&} Japan Festival in Box Hill on Sunday. Should be lots of fun. Plan to take lots of photos. Will share those, since [ profile] lveaddkt can't make it cuz of work.

{&} Aahh I'm pretty sure there were a couple of other things I wanted to talk about, but since it too me so long to do those couple of caps cuz Photobucket was not liking me, I seem to have forgotten. Gyaah its nearly 3am now, off to bed.

*HUGS* to everyone on my flist~ Hope minna is genki na~!
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*shock* Two entries in a row~! XDD I'm so happy, I had to share~!
Look what arrived in the post for me today from [ profile] ihearyourtears~!

I LOVE YOU, Chung~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Didn't want to flood everyone's flist with TWO long posts..XD )


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