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In a major blogging slump. So, at least for a bit:

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How is my lovely flisters doing? :) ♥ Has 2009 been good to everyone? I hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Years.

I started off 2009 -really- smashed for the first (and probably last) time of my life. It was so much pain I want to wipe the memory from my head. xD I've really come to realise that I really don't like alcohol. I just don't see the point. I could probably get higher naturally without the aid of alcohol. Plus it tastes bad. Haha.

Did a full rearranging of my room too. My room is so much more spacious now that you can actually see my wall. One bookcase died in the process though. Me being lazy, did not remove all the contents of my bookcases and just proceeded to push them across the room. Halfway there on my 2nd one (the one holding my gazillion of magazines), after an almightly crack, my entire bookcase collapsed across my room. Here is what the disaster looked like. I am now down to 2 cases from 3 so it feels like I have even -more- space. Which is good, in my tiny room. :D I've now moved all my mags to my sturdier cube unit case. :)

So just announcing, that I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow and will be back at the end of the month. So I shall officially come off hiatus in February. I'll catch you guys then! Take care~ ♥

[ profile] ihearyourtears: Thank you for the cute Christmas graphic, Chung! It totally brightened up my day. :)
[ profile] kirei_kisetsu: Thank you for the profile header! It's gorgeous. I shall implement it when I get back. <33
[ profile] mparf & [ profile] lveaddkt: Have a wonderful trip to Japan! I shall see you guys in March (you too, [ profile] surealistic_des!). Bring me back a bishie. xD

{ hiatus }

Dec. 24th, 2008 07:46 pm
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Announcing hiatus cuz things have been pretty up and down with me lately and I've had no mood to blog. Also I'm near the very last of my bandwidth anyway. I'm in need of a fandom break I think. I shall be back in the New Year hopefully with a fresh start.

I have to profusely apologise because I said I would send out Xmas cards, but as things stand, I just can't. I'm so sorry. I will make it up to everyone of whom I owe a card next year. Thanks to all those who have sent me cards. I have received [ profile] asinful's and [ profile] chibi_news'. They were gorgeous, thank you for taking the time to write them. I'm so sorry that I can't reciprocate this year. D:

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and may 2009 bring each and every one of you nothing but good things, since you all deserve it. I love you all and I'll be back a little after the new year. Take care of yourselves, everyone. ♥
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After [ profile] lvaddkt exclaimed to me that I hadn't posted in a long time, I thought I'd post a short note to say that yes, I am alive and I am sorry for going on such a long and totally unannounced hiatus. ;_; How is everyone? I've missed you guys. This is just a short note, but I hope to go back to my normal posting very soon, maybe in a couple of weeks. Things have been a bit unsettled with me, not to mention uni, so I sorta fell out of the blogging loop.

Huge hugs to [ profile] 4_03_am, [ profile] acchikocchi, [ profile] ashkt, [ profile] mainichi_muri, [ profile] winterspel, [ profile] hitomito, and [ profile] yamaperfection for the wonderful birthday wishes. They were unexpected and totally made my day. Thank you. (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, forgive me!)

Happy note: I have well and truly converted [ profile] lvaddkt into being a JE fangirl. She, who used to laugh at me and look at me like I'm a nut when I fangirled and spazzed, is now even crazier than I am. I think I made her into a nutcase. But its okay, when she's calmed down a little, its another addition to the KAT-TUN & K8 fandom. (I'm working on NewS & Arashi.) ^_^

I really am sorry for not posting for so long, I swear I'll be back soon! I still try to read my flist, but my comments are scarcer than scarce, sorry. Take care, guys and thanks for sticking with me. <3 ♥

P.s I can be contacted at if anyone wants to drop me a line. I have my email on more often than MSN so that's the way to go. ^^

Talk to you guys soon! *giant hugs*
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..again? *sigh* Will it help?

I've been really out of it lately. How come wallowing at home is so easy to fall back into? I felt so good coming home from my holiday and now, not even one month later I've fallen back into the pit that I was in beforehand. Uni starts tomorrow and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I am determined to make this year a better year to make up for the dismal failure 2007 was for me, so hopefully being occupied and establishing a routine again will help me pick it up.

And I feel like I should give it my all. I feel like I'll need awhile to adjust and see how things go. But you never know, if things go well I may be back tomorrow with a bubbly happy post... maybe. If not.. then I may seriously take a break. Even though I know I can't stay away from fandom. I just need some serious pulling-myself-together action going on I think. In any case, I'll leave any drastic decisions till I at least see how first week goes. I'm a little at a lost right now, so thoughts may be a bit of a jumble. Hopefully my next entry can be a happy-this-will-be-an-awesome-semester sorta rant instead of a omg-kill-me-now-so-i-don't-have-to-do-that-again sorta rant.

My timetable doesn't look too bad, and you can't even tell I'm doing an extra unit. Only thing that sucks is the Thursday class. >.<; If it weren't Jap, you can bet on me wanting to skip it.. a lot.
Timetable )
Yosh! Ganbarimasu~

Fandom note: I watched a couple of minutes of Hey!x3 streaming a little earlier. Just.. WTF are those lyrics Tegoshi? xD I only watched a couple of minutes since I'm running low on bandwidth but it looked hilarious, there were smiles all around. But some of those lyrics.. xD Tegoshi's all grown up.. and apparently do-M to boot. :D

Alright I'm off to bed now to get up at 6am tomorrow. ♥ everyone.
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『★』 Haven't been able to update since I have no bandwidth and it's just a pain in the butt trying to load everything. I only looked at my flist once in the last couple of days since it takes so long. This will be the last entry I make in Australia for the next month. One more day! :D

『★』 Also, Merry Christmas~ I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I sent out about 30 Christmas cards a couple of days ago, 17 of which were for my flist who left their addys. I'm really sorry for the international people since their cards won't arrive till after Christmas cuz I left it a little late. So sorry. D: I've received [ profile] surealistic_des & [ profile] chibi_news' cards. Thank you guys so much! They're so gorgeous. I wish I had time to make everyone handmade cards too~ Mine are so plain and rushed. ;_; I'll make up it next year.

『★』 Notice to everyone: Livejournal is unaccessible in China so I won't be able to check flist etc for 3 weeks. In the meantime, I will update photos and notes when I can on my Facebook. So feel free to add me and leave me a note. I will most likely jump back on LJ when I'm in Hong Kong/Japan. So yeah, add me on Facebook or you can also email me. I will check it when I can.

『★』 I finally received my Yesasia package! The shiny that is 47 and the photobook and cartoon KAT-TUN II you managed to cheer me up after one really horrible day. I was rushing around in the city all day in the horrible humidity, got a parking fine because stupid me paid the meter for the wrong frikken parking bay, got attitude and abused by a lady for something that I couldn't do anything about, got lost and then got stuck in the pouring rain. Twice. Yeah, not a good day. But JE shiny managed to make it so I didn't go to bed pissed.

『★』 Leaving on this note, everyone take care of yourselves and enjoy your Christmas and New Year. Keep in contact with me so I don't feel so lost and lonely without my flist for so long. xD
Will miss you guys! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Ok, so I have to officially announce semi-hiatus status.

Thank you for everyone's concern about my last post. I'm sorry if I worried you guys. *hugs* As to answer how I'm feeling now.. well, let's just say I'm dealing with it.

Main reason for my hiatus is the fact that my laptop is dying. Yes, my 5 month old laptop is currently dying. It's been playing up for a week now and it's finally got to critical point where it tells me that the hard drive is about to fail. Windows phrases it as "A fail may be imminent". So I've spent the last couple of days backing up what I can of the 100~gigs of data. I'm a little annoyed that some of the concert fancams I recently downloaded, refuse to back up, probably cuz of some error in the file.

I will be checking my flist when I can, probably either when I hijack my mum's laptop or at uni (which starts again for me next Monday). As usual from me anyway, comments are scarce, but I assure everyone that I -do- read every entry on my flist, without filter. Oh, the horror.

Hope everyone is doing well. ♥ *hugs* So until I get my laptop back in working condition, take care~!


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