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10th attempt to write up a post in the last 2 weeks. I'm sleepy and tired and just downright not functioning, so the post will just be dot points.

Was meant to come off hiatus earlier this month, but it didn't happen and now I'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow night, so further prolonged hiatus. I will try to post when I can from Malaysia and will after, but posts will be sparse even after I return since I will be moving house as well.

Having said that, I want to say that once I'm back on LJ, my journal will get a revamp. I've faded quite a bit from the JE fandom in recent months, and while I'll never leave it, my views of it have changed a lot, and I'm not as -fangirly- about it anymore. Still slightly, just not as much. My journal will change from a fandom based one to one thats more mixed: personal, photography, hobby, various fandoms. I have a few ideas atm. Feel free to defriend me if you think that's not what you'd like to see. No hard feelings.

I apologise to everyone whose comments I have not gotten back to. So very very sorry. I don't even have an excuse except laziness after bandwidth reset. [ profile] himehikari: So sorry I couldn't get back to you, but I'd love to meet up if you have the time. Though, I found out that we're only in KL on the weekend (18th & 19th) and then again on the 26th. We're traveling out of KL on all the other days. If you're free, let me know, and I shall PM/email my mobile number and see if we can organise something.

More than counting down for Malaysia, I'm counting down to Harry Potter. Will be catching it in the Genting Highlands, the 2nd day we're in Malaysia. Can't wait. ♥

Hope everyone is doing well, I miss you guys and hope to talk to you all again properly after my trip. Gonna go conk out now, so many things still to do tomorrow.
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Greetings from Hong Kong! I have hijacked my rellies computer (which uses his huge ass LCD TV screen as a monitor so I have absolutely no privacy and everyone in the house is staring at me as I type this) to send out my love to you guys on my flist. :D

Technically I've only had 2 days in Hong Kong even though I've been away from Australia for 7 days. We spent a couple of days in Guangzhou and ZhuHai and Macau. We've done some shopping and an insane amount of walking. I feel like my feet are no longer attached to my body. We're set to have a huge family dinner the day before Chinese New Year's day. I love the food here. So yummy and so majorly cheap. I've bought nearly everything I set out to buy here. I have a new phone (OMFG I HAVE A BRAND NEW PRETTY RED SOFTBANK PHONE, SO HAPPY XD), some beauty products which I couldn't get in Oz, an iPod charger and a majorly cheap 32Gig USB, and some clothes. :) All I need now is a cover for my iPod and I'm set. This was meant to be more of a food trip anyway.

We're slated the 27th for Disneyland, once the rest of the family leave for Vietnam on the 26th. Then we return home on the night of the 28th. I wish I could up photos but this comp doesn't have a card reader and I don't have my camera's cord. So photos will have to wait til I get home. We haven't got as many as I expected though, since I keep either forgetting to take them, or to bring my camera. >.<;

Off to bed now and to what will definitely be another day of jam packed walking. Hope everyone is keeping well. Lots of love, I'll get back to comments when I get home, since I doubt I'll get much of another chance. ♥ ♥ ♥


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