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Gyaah things will look up soon right? I've been totally unmotivated with uni, dead tired plus sick for over a week. I'm slowly getting better but still spend most of the day with a super croaky voice.

EDIT: Ok I have been working on this post since Tuesday so I apologise for the lateness and everything jumps everwhere. I kept getting interrupted (Mum keeps stealing my Net) and just when I thought I was getting better, the weather changes again and I started running a fever from late last night. I've missed so much class lately. Maa iika.. I'll use today to finish off this post, hopefully before babysitting.

I haven't done a proper fangirl entry in just a week and man, do I have a lot to catch up on in the fandom. Most of this stuff will be old news to everyone but it's for me to catch up on my thoughts and reactions to everything, so feel free to spam me with comments about anything. Also, there will be caps, but not capspams like I did in previous posts. I can't be bothered organising any big spams, sorry.

One week away from LJ + awesome fandom + caps + fangirling + real life = LONG entry.

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NEWS MS Special Medley (2007.03.16)
This medley was sooo awesome~! I didn't expect them to sing their own songs, so seeing Koyatopi do Daite Senorita and Ryokoyatopi do Kanfuu Fighting blew my mind.
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Limited Edition 星をめざして Single - DVD
I'm seriously not kidding, I loved this DVD. It was just *overflowing* with Member Ai, and everyone should know by now that I am an obsessive supporter of member ai~ (Just like Yamapi)
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Shounen Club Premium - Kame (2007.03.18)
I actually haven't fully watched this yet. But I have watched the "Peak" performance and the collab of "Bokura no Machi de". So I'll just talk about those first.
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Random Fangirling
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Real Life (or what should pass as one)
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Last thoughts:
## Hontou ni gomen nasai~! For posting so late! (m_ _m)
## I'm hungry, should go cook now.
## PLEASE SPAM ME WITH COMMENTS! Even if it is to yell at me for posting late! And I will get back to all your other comments as soon as I can! Gomen~
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Quick post becuz 1. It's 3.30am 2. I've been missing from LJ for about a week.

So much has been going on in the fandom~! I promise a *big* post on about Monday/Tuesday. I've got a big weekend coming up which isn't really good since I've been so sick for the last couple of days. Barely had any voice for a few days. ;_;

Point of this post? Wanted to say how much I like Akai Hana. I --really-- like it. It's so different. I actually --really-- like ALL the original songs on Hoshi wo Mezashite. They are ALL so different, not only from each other but also from NewS' older songs also. I reaaally like. Can't wait for mine to arrive~!

Lol that's basically what I wanted to say. Lots more fangirling on Mon/Tues I swear.

Last couple of things:
~ D/Ling Music Station. 30mins to go. (>.<) Can't wait.
~ Where's Music Fighter? ;_;
~ My calendars arrived! It only took TWO days to get from Jap-->Aus!!! *shock*
~ I finally got my April mags! AND Taka-san managed to get me an ORICON STYLE~! SOO HAPPY! Feeling so super lucky. Only 4 copies at Kino@Sydney and Taka-san managed to grab me a copy! XDDD
~ Soooooooooo broke. Like majorly beyond broke. There is a ONE digit sum in my bank account atm. *0* Until at least next Friday T_T

Ok need sleep now. If all goes well, expect a big fangirl post by Tuesday-ish. *fingers crossed* .. *kicks uni* It leaves me so drained...
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Firstly, thanks to [ profile] game_queen @ [ profile] news_jpop I was able to order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE at Play-Asia. Although now that I've put the orders through (both at HMV and Play-Asia) I'm getting a little paranoid, as this is my first online shopping experience. But am glad I have those ordered --relieved--.

Hmm started uni yesterday although it's not alot to go on seeing as I only had the 1.5hr Jap lecture. Rocked up late too --grimace-- all mum's fault.. but I won't go into it, as I'll probably end up ranting.

Have a full day tomorrow, 10am - 5.30pm with a 1 hr break at 1pm. Don't know what the classes are gonna be like, and feeling a little aprehensive about a couple. Hope they turn out ok though. *fingers crossed* Oh, and we've already got a kanji test for next Monday but since the kanji are in the tute notes and the bookshop don't have them yet.. we have no idea what kanji we're meant to be studying. Just great. I will talk more about uni after I actually see what the classes are like.

Random: I finally got my hands on the Seventeen issue with NewS calendar offshoots. And I was (sorta) reading the caps and went OMG?! Let me explain: Back when us LJ fans got wind of the info that NewS were in LA, a girl from the Soompi forums mentioned that she saw then and spoke to Ryo. Most of you probably remember? She didn't really know who they were but had a chat with Ryo comprising of something along the lines of "Are you Japanese?" "Yes" "Can we take a photo?" And then having the staff yell at them "No photo!" This incident is ACTUALLY printed in the offshoots article in Seventeen~! I mean, I'm probably overreacting (again) but I think that's SOOO cool~! I don't even know how to explain it.

I just think that's cool and had to share. I might try to translate it and post it up. Cuz it's cool~

Yosh~ I'm off to bed minna~ Long day at uni tomorrow.


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