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♥ I'm back! Back, back, back, back! My huge blog slump has been given a huge kick in the backside and shoved kicking and screaming into a dark recess somewhere. Fresh starts all around. I've put in a new layout [[ profile] autumnjaide] as a new beginning, even though I haven't had the time/inspiration to do any overrides or a header yet.

♥ So my blog has a new image, and so do I! I got my hair cut & coloured over the weekend and am now sporting a new look. After having long hair for most of my life, I decided to chop off my locks. If anyone is interested in seeing: me with long hair at lveaddkt's sis' 21st party on Friday" and then me with the shorter cut I got on Sunday. I haven't had short hair since I was at least 15. It feels strange, but I like it.

♥ This will be a short post, but a couple of things in the coming future/to-do list:
→ my sales post. I shall be selling about 90% of my JE fandom stuff including CDs, concert goods, calendars, magazines. I have not left fandom, but I am no longer as zealous as I was, and am in need of the funds. The post will open to my flist first, before going public.
→ a new header, hopefully. I don't have any idea what I would want on my header atm though so I'm not sure that will be up quickly.
→ fix tags/cull communities. They're annoying me.

♥ I'm thinking of f-locking, if not all, then at least a bigger part of my journal. This journal will change drastically from now on, and I wanted to figure out how to go about it. I had originally thought to start a brand new journal altogether, but found that I was still too attached to this one. I will largely have more RL related posts as well as some ideas for photography, and crafty/inspiration posts. Fandom posts will be rare but won't disappear completely hopefully. I still love my boys. Should I f-lock I wonder? Any ideas, guys?

♥ I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long. I -am- back now, so entries you guys post from now I will see/read AND comment on. :D I've missed everyone! ♥
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♥ Hiya guys! I'm back~

Hopefully this time round I'll be around steadily and without tons of hiatuses. :) As I said I would, I have a new layout ([ profile] autumnjaide). I don't have the time to make a new header yet but will do so once I've settled into the new house. I've also taken down the old profile for revamping and have put a placeholder banner there until I can get a new one coded. :)

♥ Malaysia was awesome. Felt like the longest 2 weeks of my life though. xD After the 2nd day, we had done so much, it begun to feel like we'd already been there for a week. I really really enjoyed it. The trip encompassed a lot of firsts for me so means a bit. Only downer was that my camera pretty much died mid-trip (I've been meaning to get it fixed since Hong Kong but... well, procrastination.) but Fi made up for the photo taking. I will be grabbing both Fi's and [ profile] maiaki's photos off Fi this coming week and I plan on writing up a diary-like entry about Malaysia as sort of a milestone thingy. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I know it's really late but I do have Hong Kong photos uploaded too so I shall post those as well. So more on the Malay trip in coming posts.

♥ I'm currently in full blown packing for the big move. Mum's set the date for the 16th so we're set to move in 2 weeks. The thing is, I -still- haven't seen what the house looks like yet. o.O I'm so beyond tripped out by that fact, I don't even know what to think. Mum's informed us that the previous owners have finished moving out and cleaning the house this week and she'll be picking up the keys tomorrow. So that means I shall finally get to see the house in its entirety. Still strange though, seeing the house for the first time, then moving in 2 weeks later.

I packed my 5 shelves of magazines today. They fit into 4 boxes, with the largest containing 111 of them. Proving how bright I am, I tried to pick up said box. I nearly broke my back. I think I've bruised -something-. Mum has helped me plaster it in heat patches. That box now holds a "VERY HEAVY!! 2 person pick-up!" note on it. xD So that's my fail for the day. I think that also shows me how much I'm gonna hurt AFTER moving day. Very apprehensive now. :S

Probably more from me tomorrow, seeing how I'm going to see the house. :) Also in the coming week: more packing, furniture shopping, sentimental ramblings, and a small post on catching up with fandom.
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I'm SO relieved. Like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I tested negative for Swine AND Avian flu. xD Lol I didn't even know they tested me for that. So I'm just loaded down with the normal seasonal flu. What bad timing for that though, and how coincidental that a bunch of people I know got sick at the exact same time. :S I'm feeling a lot better now (well enough for short trips out of the house, I was going a little crazy in quarantine) but my cough has not gotten better. I managed to finish a bottle of the strongest over-the-counter cough medicine in a week with not much improvement and much loss of sleep so I had the doc prescribe me something stronger. He's given me codeine. Phwoar gonna be out like a light tonight.

Anyways, thank you SO much for everyone's support and wonderful wishes and positive thoughts, you guys really helped me through this. So much love guys. ♥

And from this post, I shall fall back into my (semi) hiatus. I'm expecting things to get a little busy once I get better. I'm gonna have Centrelink commitments, then Malaysia in July (don't worry, I shall blog about that), and then I'm moving house. I will most likely be posting lots between Malaysia and moving house cuz I want to throw decorating ideas etc around plus will have some sale posts to sell off mags/manga/cds/con goods etc.

Estimated end of hiatus: End of June. :D See you guys then. Love you all. ♥
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Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] 4_03_am/[ profile] enraged!
I'm sorry I was too out of it yesterday to wish you properly on the day. D: But I'm glad to hear that you had an overall good day with plenty of pressies. :D

Two days and going back 250 entries. Things always happen when I'm out of commission. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. I'm bouncing back and feeling much better now.

Had lunch with an old high school friend, B, today. We've known each other for 10 years since year 7 in high school, and grew really close over the years. We sort of drifted apart and hardly got to see each other the past year or two but we're trying to do more stuff together again. I'd forgotten how easy it was with her. It feels good to be able to just pick up where we left off. :)

New Kame drama slotted for January! :D Happy happy happy. Jan with Kame in a suit and Maru/Massu in firefighting uniforms. xD Looking forward to see what other dramas pop up.

Take a picture of yourself, right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
Post that picture with no editing and post these instructions with it.

Dear god, why did I choose to do this meme today? D: Such an unflattering photo. Crappy webcam, messed up hair and all. D: maybe I should refrain from posting pics of myself )

I've had this post sitting open for over 4 hours and I can't really think of any content to put in it. Not to mention in between, I've had dinner, helped mum with her assignments and taken a walk. >.<; I had some more fandom rambling but I've clean forgotten them now. So that's it from me for today. Gonna go watch some Mago Mago Arashi. ([ profile] iheartyourtears mentioned it on her blog and I realised I hadn't watched it so I went and downloaded it. ^^; My bandwidth is nearly as good as gone. D:)
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I feel so lazy about posting now, I should've probably posted earlier. So this will be a very lazy half-hearted sort of post. I've had an all round lazy day today. Had the house to myself and have been basically abusing my bandwidth downloading a crap load of stuff. I still have -watched- all the previous stuff I downloaded. At this rate, I'll have no net by mid-month again. God, somebody stop me. As much as I love HDTV files. They're breaking my limited storage space. Not to mention my download bandwidth.

I watched Beyoncé on last week's Music Station and her performance of "If I Were A Boy" was so amazing, I totally fell in love with the song. I downloaded it and have been listening to it a lot. Having done that, I realised that I didn't have any English songs on my iTunes except for High School Musical, so I hit the Australia Top 40 Charts to see what current music would interest me. I ended up downloading albums of Secondhand Serenade (I love "Fall For You"), Jason Mraz, Gabriella Cilmi, and Jordin Sparks. None of whom I'd ever heard of actually. I will slowly work my way through their songs to find my favourites. I downloaded Perfume too, but that was on a completely different whim.

I watched Arashi's Beautiful Days PV and I'm really liking it. I don't understand why it was shown as a 2 minute "short version" though. I -really- like what they did with the light bulbs.
Cut for caps )

Lastly, before I go off to a more comfy place and snuggle up with a movie.
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{★} Just dying to see the Taiyou no Namida PV. The Zoomin Preview is driving my nuts. I wanna squeel at the rain and the clothes and the dancing and dorky!Pi in glasses, with the papercups again. Can't wait. Am stalking CB now. (I will ignore the fact that [ profile] yamaperfection posted caps from the PV. If I ignore it, it will stop taunting me. Y/y?)
ETA: OMG OMG I -SWEAR- I'm waiting patiently for the full PV. I SWEAR. No one can see me fuss and fidget and go-nearly-insane from refreshing. So yeah, totally waiting patiently. asdfjkla;!

{★} I'm loving Kame right now. 1Pound and all his recent promos has made me love him so much more than I did. He was so cute in the Making of Lips. I loved his and Koki's little acapella jam session with Nakamaru. I uploaded it (streaming) for anyone who's interested.

{★} The thought of a KAT-TUNxKanjani8 Cards Tournament makes me super happy. By this I mean, Nakamaru said on Hey!x3 that before Countdown, Jin, Junno, Yoko, Hina, Subaru and Toma all hung out at his place and played cards for like 6 hours between rehearsals and the real thing. Anyone wanna write me fic? *innocent smile*

{★} I received a package from [ profile] ihearyourtears today! Thank you! Totally unexpected, and totally made my day. I absolutely love getting mail, you should see me when I get mail. Much love to everyone who sent me something! And lots of love to everyone else, I hope you all received my cards properly. Knowing me, I could've put the wrong address or something.
Thank you to [ profile] acchikocchi, who not only sent me a card, the card contained Pin ficlet. Totally awesome. Thank you to [ profile] nozomi_chan, who sent an awesome metal beaded Chrissie deco with her card. Thank you so much also to [ profile] chibi_news, [ profile] mainichi_muri, [ profile] surealistic_des who sent me hand-made cards. Totally beats my hastily store-bought ones. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I have, please to kick me.

{★} I finally got my hands onto all my holiday photos! Fi came by with her laptop after work and transferred them all over to me. Guess what? One month = 4500+ photos = ~3.8Gigs. I think it'll take me awhile to organise it out enough for me to start posting. I mean, over four THOUSAND. Just.. I had no idea. Plus a couple hundred were deleted both on the trip and when we came back. Well, I swear I will get to it as soon as I have time after Chinese New Year.

{★} Having said that, Happy Chinese New Year~! to all those on my flist who celebrate it!

{★} Oh, also: Had dinner and a beach trip with the uni friends the other night. Hadn't seen everyone in a month! [ profile] lvaddkt, [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] melbhghsku: I'm uploading all the photos in a zip and posting a post on my photos blog ([ profile] tsuiokunokoto). It should be up by tonight or the lastest tomorrow morning.
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[▲] Had a big entry half written up, gave up on it cuz it was going nowhere.

[►] Been sick for weeks and STILL steadily getting worse. *cries*

[▼] kanga called today. My November Myojo has arrived. *grins*

[◄] Hey! Say! JUMP. I whined and spazzed and debated and analysed and whatever enough with Jen. I think I've gotten over it. End of story.

[▲] An old primary school friend contacted me the other day. On Facebook of all places. It's been TEN years and I've moved state. It's so trippy. And I feel so old.

[►] I go to see the selection officer tomorrow for my exchange appeal. Ganbarimasu~!

*hugs and love to all my f-list* Cuz you guys are gorgeous.


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