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Happy 23rd Birthday Koyama~!

You're such a big kid but with a warm heart who takes good care of the other members, I wish you success in everything you do. Hope the members texted/called you just like you wanted.
My post is a little late but oh well. I've been busy all day. So no graphic either. I might whip one up later. Had a post thought up but its late now and need to be up early, make up for it tomorrow.

Happy things:
{&} I forgot to mention, a stack of parcels arrived for me last Thursday and on Monday. My Real Face Con DVD, and the Tarzan I ordered from [ profile] mellowdee, plus my cartoon KAT-TUN II you albums. All so kira-kira. XDD *ish happy*
{&} Got June Popolo and Myojo. Loving this issue of Popolo. Thinking of scanning Popolo and Kindai this weekend. The shoots are so pretty I fangirled at Jen's house and my aunty found it amusing. XD Downside? I didn't get to go to Kanga to check out what Taka-san has in cuz mum was late with the car, after I got the car and had to put petrol in, it was already pass closing time. Taka-san offered to stay back for me, but I felt so bad about making him do that, I made Fi pick up my mags in between her classes. XD. For those who don't know, Fi and Jen are my cousins ^_^. Jen(13) is a fellow fangirl (my influence) and Fi(20) is my spazz buddy XD I like showing Fi JE stuff even though she doesn't have much interest she'll still watch it (but with some bashing from time to time, not of the boys themselves, just their clothes XD).

Right, can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed.
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So once again, I disappeared for a week. God I'm so lazy to post. Gomen ne, minna~ Very random entry this will be.

{&} I mentioned in my last proper post that I was going to see Rove. Well that was fun. Went with [ profile] lveaddkt, David & Fiona. Gomen na, [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] maiaki. They sorta invited themselves, I would've ask you guys too but I only had the 2 free tickets. The new studios are certainly easier to get to this year. Rove as usual was awesome, it was funny and witty. The *much* smaller audience this year, sorta tripped me out though. Rose Byrne is very pretty in person. Danny Bhoy was VERY hilarious. If I had money, I would totally go to see him at the Melb Comedy Fest. All in all a good night. (Even though we scoured the city at 10.30pm trying to find something to eat that *wasn't* fast food.)

{&} I cut my hair. I couldn't take it anymore. I had planned to cut it on Friday (after my proper birthday but before my party), but after waking up and trying to run my hand through my hair, only to get it STUCK at the end because it was so dead and ratty. Well yeah, that decided it. Since Fi got a cut, I thought, hell, I may as well too since Mum's free (I think I've mentioned before that Mum's a hairdresser yes?) Yup well, I chopped off... 20cm.. that's about 7 inches.
I had hair up to my waist, I hadn't had a real cut in years. Thought a change would be nice.
Wanna see? Here's a before pic. [ profile] surealistic_des likes to take random shots which we aren't aware of. This was from 2 weeks ago. This is what my hair looks like now. The photos crap since I quickly took it with my webcam about 10mins ago. The strange bulge isn't the style, it's just that I had just taken it out of a ponytail. But yeah, I'm having fun playing with the shorter and ponytail and shorter bits cuz Mum gave me more defining layers. XD Ok, that's enough with the hair.

{&} 3 more days till I turn 21! *hyperventilates* I finally sent out my invites today. I'm so lazy, been procratinating everything this week. I originally had Yamapi on my invite banner, but thought I might trip out my RL friends so decided against it. I'll post that banner on my actual birthday~

{&} Propose Daisakusen starts tonight. Lol couldn't resist, fandom snuck in. Am suuuper nervous, but anxious to see it. Have the first ep of Junno's and Koki's drama but haven't watched it yet. Plan to get Liar Game in the next couple of days.

{&} My Real Face con DVD was shipped 2 days ago~ I watched the rips though... and found it.. boring? *hides* I feel horrible. I was super tired when I watched it with Jen and fell asleep, and then I watched it again today with Fi... and it just didn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll feel differently after some decent sleep and my shiny DVD arrives. cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU. I downloaded the album rips to see what the new songs were like.. but I only scanned through them and can't really remember anything cuz Fi was here distracting me. BUT I DO remember that I love Kame's solo. Just. LOVE.

{&} Yamapi's J-webs amuse me to no end. Especially when he says something totally unexpected. Makes my brain go haywire. Lots and LOTS of food, member ai, showers, supponpon hot springs trips.. XD Ah Pi, you never fail to make my day with your Jwebs.

{&} I. Want. To. Go. To. Their. Concert. So. BAD!

{&} Went to Kanga last Thursday. Totally blew my budget and bought 5 mags. FIVE! Taka-san is EVILLLLL! He totally knows what buttons to push with me. I was originally only gonna get May issues of Potato/WinkUp/Duet. Then I saw Seventeen and was thinking of slipping that in. BUT then Taka-san had to ask me for my opinion on Kindai (he's stocking it for the first time, and I was SUPER amused and happy that he unwrapped the plastic to ASK me for my opinion. XD) AND AND when I was LEAST expecting it, he pulled out GYAO~! I mean, OMG! Goodbye money! So I have 5 shiny mags. If I get my essay finished, I might scan Kindai (since Gyao's already been scanned) and ONE of the JE mags. Since I haven't scanned anything in awhile. DON'T hold your breath though. I have 2 essays to do, my birthday party to organise AND an 8 minute presentation to attack in the next 2 weeks. I'm *hoping* to scan them though, cuz I want to contribute something for [ profile] boys_paper's 1st bday on the 25th. ^_^

Omg, this entry ended up so long. Sorry no LJ cut cuz.. well I don't know what to cut.

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Ok, this was *meant* to be a short entry but didn't end up as one so.. yeah. I'm actually meant to prepare for uni on Monday, like do my timetable (which I lost by the way, so I have to do it again ).

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on a lot your journals.. it's just I've been pretty out of it and I think I'm losing my zeal for LJ as I'm not stalking my friends list as much.. But I -have- been reading them ne~

My hard drive is gonna die come March/April.
「★」: [Drama] Proposal Daisakusen ~ Yamapi
「★」: [Drama] Hanayome to Papa ~ Junno & Ishihara Satomi
「★」: [Drama] 特急田中3号 (Tokyu Tanaka 3 Gou) ~ Koki & Kuriyama Chiaki - also Tsukamoto Takashi
「★」: [Drama] Bambino! ~ MatsuJun
「★」: Music Fighter ~ NewS (March 5th)
「★」: Music Station SP ~ NewS (March 16th)
「★」: Shounen Club Premium ~ Kame [Guest] Kat-tun [Perf] Kanjani 8 [Stage Report] (March 18th)
「★」: 「カートゥンKAT-TUN」~ KAT-TUN's new variety show (April 4th)
I probably still missed some~ Can't wait for NEWS on MF.. and it'd be really awesome if they went on Utaban and Domoto Kyoudai as well. That list is on top of all the other regular variety tv I download, YaYaYah, YOUたち, Honjani, Suka-J, Itte Q, and Utaban, DB, MS (depending on the guests)... etc. AND I was thinking of starting on downloading Arashi's variety show(s?) as well..
EDIT: Gyah~ I can't believe I forgot Shounen Club~! Thanks Miya for reminding me~!

Things that put a HUGE smile on my face:
~ Ryo's shopping list. Peaches~! OMG I burst out laughing at this cuz of the whole Ryo + Momo + Yamapi reference.
~ Koya Ai~♥. All the members messages to celebrate the 222th Member Ai entry. Everyone was so sweet~
~ Member Ai Entry #222!. OMG~! Koya talks about NEWS' *UNDERWEAR*~! --nosebleeds-- God, Koya you are so much crack, getting leopard print to beat Massu~? <33 ♥♥♥
~ April's MYOJO shoot looks AWESOMELY CUTE~! --dies--

But something took that smile off my face:
I think I'm gonna cry . Yesterday I checked on HMV and Hoshi wo Mezashite (LE) was still available. Today (after conning mum into lending me her credit card again) when I tried to put in the order... "Hoshi wo Mezashite is sold out"
~ HMV has also sold out on NewS' calendars too.. Does anyone know where I can still order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE OR bought extra copies and willing to sell me one? Pleeeeeeaaaassseee? --begs--

So in general overall: getting a laptop but not being able to order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE
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Today is just not my day...

Happy 21st Birthday Kame-chan~!

I tried all day to make a graphic but inspiration just wouldn't come..
I'll try to do it asap, and I'll edit this post with it.

So I watched Arashi's new PV and their appearance on Utaban and thought it was soo amusing I'd try to upload it for everyone. Nope, no can do cuz all the servers hated me. Then I thought I'd do caps instead. I had a nice shiny Arashi capspam post -nearly- ready to go.. when firefox froze on me and just closed. Ok, so I thought "Don't panic, LJ saves posts.." .. right? I open LJ again. and.. and.. and..

Since there's no way I'm gonna do it all over again, go check out [ profile] darkeyedwolf's capspam if you haven't already. Arashi looks super amazing in the PV. I love their outfits.. I also like the kira-kira cardies they perform lives in (I want to steal Sho's XD) [refer to MS perf or Utaban perf].

Ok, random thoughts now, cuz I'm just not in the mood to do a proper post.

{+} Sorry for the spazz in the last post.. it seems like I was overreacting but I'm just so excited cuz the calendars will be my first official JE shiny merchandise. I can't order online without beggin my mum so I haven't been able to buy all their CDs etc. And there's no place to buy JE stuff here in Melb. Grrr..
{+} UNI IN TWO DAYS~! *wootwoot* --does a happy dance-- [imagining hippos doing the conga.. idk XD] Call me crazy (and I'll probably think differently in a month or two) but I'm just dying to get back to class.
{+} Ryo.. you are such a dork. But we still love you.
{+} The CD covers for Hoshi wo Mezashite have been released. I hadn't ordered them and was wondering if I should. But when I saw the covers.. I just went.. and immediately went to activate my (just previously signed up) Paypal account. ... . I'm DEFINATELY getting them! Zettai kaimasu~

Yosh since I'm seriously bothered by the weather here atm (I swear it's gonna kill me one day) and am not feeling to good.. I will leave on that note... *runs off to watch some drama before bed*.

*HUGS* to everyone~! <33
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Firstly, a big hello to all those who've friended me over the last couple of days, mostly through my NewS fangirling or the Friending meme ^_^ :
[ profile] 4_03_am , [ profile] nozomichan , [ profile] light_reflected , [ profile] hoshiakari , [ profile] hirokura08 , [ profile] dragon_soda , [ profile] aikyuu , [ profile] eventhestars , [ profile] redturtlereveri , [ profile] tamegorou : I'd love to hear from you.
+ If I've missed you, gomen~ *kicks self* Let me know k?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Random: I'm currently really amused at the amount of fruit we have at home at the moment. Yesterday I helped take down all the plates of stuff we had on the numerous altars (my stepdad is *extremely* religous) from the celebrations for New Year. Afterwards this is what we had on our extended dining table: 2 huge watermelons, 2 bunches of bananas, 1 pineapple, 1 grapefruit, a mixing bowl each full of longans and lychees, as well as THREE giant fruit bowls filled with a range of fruits such as mangoes, mandarins, oranges, apples, custard apples, nashi pears, paw paws and persimmon. [Haha I got bored so I felt like making it colourful, it makes me happy. ]

Mum suggested we should just live off fruit for the next week or so instead of cooking dinner. The reaction we got from grams was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. She looked absolutely appalled that *anyone* could live off nothing but fruit, not to mention us.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Because I am such a new fangirl, and I keep hearing about member J-webs (and keep cursing that there's no way I can get my hands on the originals) I've started reading old J-webs at Binan no Nikki. I mean I've read all the most recent Pi ones thanks to [ profile] nbj_jweb & [ profile] pichan_daccha, but I wanted to read Wagahai and Member Ai etc. I've read 2 Wagahai entries and my opinion of Shige has risen twofold. Cause he's just TOOO CUTE~! Ok, I got distracted and went to read a few more... Kyaaaah~, he's just cute beyond words.. refers to his parents as Shigemama & Shigepapa~!

Ok, that's enough randomness from me today... off to make dinner, then more J-webs ..Oh! I have drama to watch too!~ So behind on HanaDan.
» [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] lvaddkt, [ profile] surealistic_des: JE sess at my place on Friday! next Sat (3rd)? Yes?Yes? I'm gonna convert you all~! *insert evil fangirl laugh* Nessa-chan, can you make it? ..Onegai?

AAAAND~! Sending *hugs* and *love* out to everyone who reads my LJ nah~! Cuz I'm down and this is my way of dealing. ♥♥♥♥♥

I really don't want to put this under a cut.. but if it really IS too long, let me know


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