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♥ I have only watched the 3 Eito PVs once through but I absolutely love all 3 songs. But Glorious is probably my hands down favourite. I'm feeling so much love right now. Even though I don't understand half of their english. xD One question though, why aren't the three PV songs on the album?!

That's all I wanted to say for now. The post I promised is still coming. More detailed thoughts in there. I'm gonna go settle down and listen to the actual album now. ^_^

Happy Easter people! ♥
(I haven't had a single bit of chocolate all weekend. D: I'm craving some, but there's no where open for me to run out to get some.)
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Johnny Kitagawa said that Uchi's suspension hasn't weakened his skills, but Kitagawa will make a decision based on these concerts as to whether Uchi will remain solo or go on as part of a group.

& At this point, I'm wondering if I'd like to see Uchi return to NEWS/Eito. I haven't thought too hard about it just yet, but I'm liking NEWS as they are at the moment. To have Uchi go back but not Kusano would be strange. I think I'd like to see Uchi go back to Eito though. I just hope it doesn't mean that there's a chance that Johnny will make him a part of a new group altogether.

& Have listened to [color] once through so far, and I really like it. Doing lots of driving today so I plan to make a CD and play it all day in the car. Haven't heard it enough yet to pick a favourite favourite but I do love a lot of the songs. Snow Express and Towa Iro no Koi is amazing and I can't even express the love I have for them for releasing them. I love those songs so much. Really liked both the very first time I heard them. I think I decided I liked Ryo's ordinary within the first 10 seconds. He hadn't even started singing yet. I -really- like it. And I had heard Smile Maker before the rips came out and liked it but when I listened to it carefully yesterday it reminds me a lot of GReeeeN for some reason. It doesn't sound like a NEWS song at all to me. Of course as expected, MOLA and Murarisuto brought giggles from me. xD But I quite like MOLA. Umm.. I finally understood where Murarisuto comes from. "Mura-mura" is the onomatopoeia for being horny/turned on. >.<; I'm -really- curious now to know what the performance is like. xD I haven't heard the others enough for them to leave an impression on me, except I thinking Kesenai is omg 6 minutes long but Tego vocals are pretty and well Massu's-super-long-titled-song-I'm-only-calling-Give&Take is reaaally poppy. xD

& Lol this week's Janiben is once again feeling quite empty with Ryo & Ohkura missing. But seeing Yasu-Maru-Hina try to act out a female Kabuki role was quite hilarious. I don't think Subaru actually said a word during that entire episode actually, now that I think about it.

& Right, I gotta run again, need to get ready to go out and run some errands before picking up [ profile] lveaddkt for lunch. I will get back to comments/entries as soon as I can, I swear. It's been more post-and-run the last few days for me. (I simply -refuse- to fail at NaBloPoMo.) >.<;

Have a good day everyone~ ♥
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{♫} Somebody shoot me and put me out of my misery, please. Why can't things go smoothly even for a little while? Why must everything in my life be a frikken psycho rollercoaster?! Grrrrrr.. /endrant.
{♫} I hate you Livejournal. Gimme my update notifications already! AND you ate my big fandom post! I should really learn to code in Notepad first.
{♫} Well, on to the happier stuff. I managed to order NEWS' LE Dvd. Just barely I think. Lu~cky. But that really put a hole in my wallet. I'm that I'm getting the DVD but that my wallet is hurting.

I am following an insane amount of dramas this season. It's gonna kill me I tell you. Thoughts and pretty banners under the cut... )

Cartoon KAT-TUN & Shounen Club in Osaka )

Ok, I give up this post has gotten waaaaay too long. Now I'm off to stalk clubboxes for Hana-kimi and other dramas. They probably won't be up till tomoro but.. it doesn't hurt to try.

Hope everyone is genki~! ♥
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Very late scan post. I wanted to post another issue of Oricon as well but my scanner died on me. ;_; So only these at the moment.

Note: The scans are labelled wrong. They are labelled as oriconstyle5_8_xx.jpg when it should really be oriconstyle5_28_xx.jpg. And sorry if the scans are little weird.. Oricon is bigger than my scanner >.<;

Dimensions:~2550x3481 Resolution: 300dpi

Too lazy for separate cuts... )
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I'm a little afraid to look at my flist. I've been away from home for about 3-4 days and haven't probably checked LJ except for a quick browse the other morning. Oh, and before I forget, Hello to all my new friends from the JE Friending Meme! ♥

「★」Now that I'm finally back home, there's a stack of stuff I want to get through. This is just a to-do list for myself, so err ignore if you want, its not very interesting. XD
+ Go through flist (cringes)
+ Download dramas/eps I've missed (Seitou Shokun, Liar Game, MuchaBuri, etc..)
+ Email sensei about exchange units
+ Catch up on downloading scans
+ Scan Kindai & Oricon Style
+ ..and probably a stack more too.

On, another note, I'm really proud of myself. I spent all day today trying to organise the mess that is my laptop and managed to organise all my pics/scans and resources properly. Next I'm gonna tackle my music folder and the biggest job of all are my videos. You wouldn't believe the mess they're in, it's a wonder I manage to find anything at all. >.<;

Oh! I think I haven't mentioned this except in passing to [ profile] shirosagi. But with a strong referral from my Japanese sensei, I'm applying for a scholarship to go study in Japan at the beginning of next year. I'm a little apprehensive but super excited also. I'm working on my application right now. The due date for the application is the end of this month. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes if anyone is interested. ^_^

Ok, now onto some quick (and super late) fandom related squeeing. :D
Kurosagi movie! - I can't wait! I have a huge attachment to Kurosagi cuz, along with NwP, were the main influences which got me so obsessed with Yamapi. ♥ And I can't help thinking, that IF I get to go to Japan, I'll be able to see it on the big screen! *0*
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan - Shige's new drama! I haven't seen many of his older dramas but I really look forward to this one. Shige and Gakki actually look really cute.
Kanjani8 on Utaban - I laughed so hard here that I hurt my stomach. But I seriously felt sorry for Ohkura and Yassu.. those muscle men were SUPER scary. God, they were all around adorable, especially Yassu's embarrassed sorta laugh in the first talk segment. I burst into giggles everytime I hear it. XD
KAT-TUN on MS - *SQUUEEEEEE* Ahem, sorry but I *really* liked Jin's hair in this. It was cute. ♥ The performance was good, can't help noticing that Ueda was SUPER smiley again and I laughed at the ending dodgy camera shots.
cartoon KAT-TUN: smile athletes This was SO cute! I couldn't help smile all through it along with the boys. I hope they'll have it again soon. XD

Now before I leave to tackle my to-do list, I leave you with a fancam of Ryo singing Samurai Blues in a recent K8 concert. I really liked Ryo to start with but this clip made me like him even more. It's just so cute and sweet. I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but I wanted to share anyway. XD I love how he gets pissed and then afterwards starts to bop. His end "arigatou" nearly killed me. ♥ Enjoy~

In which Ryo sings Samurai Blues while K8 changes and gets ... when he asks the audience to sing and then proceeds to yell and then bop XD )
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{#} So I really suck at this LJ-ing business. But then again what's new. Also, been sick for the last week. Was the worst on Thursday & Friday when I was running a fever. Now I have major sniffles, sore throat and cough.

{#} Firstly, last Sunday's Japan Festival..well, it was sorta disappointing. I expected a lot more. But then again, I didn't see a lot of the demonstrations and the stalls were everywhere. The food area was in an undercover parking level and I thought that was quite amusing, even though the lines were humongous. Highlight: SO MANY JAP PEOPLE! I hadn't realised that the Melbourne Jap community was so large. And omg, I was so jealous of all these random Caucasian spouting out fluent Japanese. And, there were a couple of times where I spotted some gorgeous looking Jap guys. And just thought, OMG I didn't know they existed in Melbourne!! Also, lots of gorgeous mix-raced babies. It wasn't the best day (its was freezing) and we didn't take ANY photos. So none to share, sorry.

{#} Last week of uni this coming week. Have our major Japanese written test tomorrow. Should be studying but I can't concentrate. Have Fiona sitting next to me trying to do her Desktop publishing stuff except she can't concentrate either cuz tonight is F1 night. Gonna be taking up Spanish in the winter semester since I have to make up units of the ones I've failed this semester (please, don't ask), and Spanish is the only one I can do. Also, because one of my failed units are sequential AND my major, my course has to be extended an extra year. Been a little depressed about that, and what to do about it. Had a fallout with mum last weekend and left the house for 4 days because of it. Um.. things a little better now I guess. Nothing's been resolved yet, but I'm talking to mum again at least.

{#} Edit: So I forgot to mention, because of the four days which I was away from home, I fell behind with downloading and in a fit of frustration, I bought 2 months of MegaUpload Premium. I was going to eventually but this was a little earlier than planned. Since I have NO space on my HDD. Been burning like mad. And downloading like mad. I think I'm in love with MUPrem even though it puts a little dent in my saving plans.

{#} On better news, I got a new phone! My old barely working 5-6 year old Samsung (which used to belong to Mum) finally died on Thursday. Luckily for me, later that night, my new phone arrived at Fi's. So now I have a sleek new LG Chocolate K800. It's very kira-kira and I'm not used to having so many features on my phone.

{#} Random [Or things that I'm looking forward to]:
「♪」 KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta. Both the single and the PV. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] lveaddkt & [ profile] maiaki (was it including Dave and Oscar too guys?).. got me the single as a part of my pressie. And I can't wait to see the full PV. I can see the flist going crazy already. I mean, there's been a 40sec~ preview and there are *already* icons out.
「♪」 Kanjani8's new album. I don't even know how to pronounce it. But I'm looking forward to the new songs, since I'm currently very in love with "Futari no Namida Ame". Plus the mini-movie on the DVD looks like CRACK.

Hmmm what else is happening..?

「♪」 Was just browsing the offical JE site. Seems like Koyama/Shige/Massu/Tegoshi will be in the next Hadaka no Shounen. Since they use the symbol for the slash and HnS usually only feature 2 guests, I'm guessing only 2 of the four will be on there? Anyone with more info?
「♪」 July's Shounen Clubs. Ueda as guest and a duet rendition of Yorokobi no Uta with Nakamaru. Should be fun. The setlist looks awesome. Can't wait.
「♪」 Just when I said that I would start cuttin down on buying mags. I realise that the new issues have Jin in them, not to mention Myojo July has Pi & Koya on the cover which is..

.. So super broke.
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Ok, so these were meant to come up..weeks ago.. but lots of things happened.. and yeah, well here they are. I figure I should post them before the March issue comes out in a couple of days.

All scans are HQ scans, scanned in at 280dpi. Both dimensions exceed 2000px+. Enjoy! ♥
Kinki Kids )


Arashi )

Kanjani8 )


Takki & Tsubasa )


V6 (Coming Century) )

Johnny's Jrs )

NonJE )

Misc. )

Please Comment & Credit [ profile] autumnjaide

It takes a lot of time and effort to scan/upload scans (esp. HQ ones) so I'd appreciate it if you can take the time to leave a little note and also credit me if you use my scans. Thank you. & Thank you to all the wonderful people who commented on my last scan post.
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DUET 2007-02

All scans up!
All thumbs link to the larger file in my gallery for selective download.

KANJANI8 ) / ARASHI ) / KAT-TUN ) / NEWS ) / KINKI KIDS ) / Takki & Tsubasa ) / TOKIO ) / V6 - Coming Century ) / Johnny's Jrs. ) / Others ) / Non-JE )


... *dies*

&&& Comment & Credit [ profile] autumnjaide please!


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