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I needed to get at least ONE scan post out of my system. So here is my 2 most recent Seventeens. I know some of these have already been scanned (namely the 0409).. *shrugs* Deal, I wanted to scan them again. God, I'm so edgy, sorry.

Next on the agenda: Kindai: May & June. Popolo June after that.

As usual, groups with more than 2 scans have zips. Otherwise, all scans are hosted in my LJ gallery. Dimensions are about ~2720x3900 350dpi.

2007.05.01 - Seventeen Vol.11 )

2007.05.15/2007.06.01 - Seventeen Vol. 12&13 )
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Happy 23rd Birthday Koyama~!

You're such a big kid but with a warm heart who takes good care of the other members, I wish you success in everything you do. Hope the members texted/called you just like you wanted.
My post is a little late but oh well. I've been busy all day. So no graphic either. I might whip one up later. Had a post thought up but its late now and need to be up early, make up for it tomorrow.

Happy things:
{&} I forgot to mention, a stack of parcels arrived for me last Thursday and on Monday. My Real Face Con DVD, and the Tarzan I ordered from [ profile] mellowdee, plus my cartoon KAT-TUN II you albums. All so kira-kira. XDD *ish happy*
{&} Got June Popolo and Myojo. Loving this issue of Popolo. Thinking of scanning Popolo and Kindai this weekend. The shoots are so pretty I fangirled at Jen's house and my aunty found it amusing. XD Downside? I didn't get to go to Kanga to check out what Taka-san has in cuz mum was late with the car, after I got the car and had to put petrol in, it was already pass closing time. Taka-san offered to stay back for me, but I felt so bad about making him do that, I made Fi pick up my mags in between her classes. XD. For those who don't know, Fi and Jen are my cousins ^_^. Jen(13) is a fellow fangirl (my influence) and Fi(20) is my spazz buddy XD I like showing Fi JE stuff even though she doesn't have much interest she'll still watch it (but with some bashing from time to time, not of the boys themselves, just their clothes XD).

Right, can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed.
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Ok, so these were meant to come up..weeks ago.. but lots of things happened.. and yeah, well here they are. I figure I should post them before the March issue comes out in a couple of days.

All scans are HQ scans, scanned in at 280dpi. Both dimensions exceed 2000px+. Enjoy! ♥
Kinki Kids )


Arashi )

Kanjani8 )


Takki & Tsubasa )


V6 (Coming Century) )

Johnny's Jrs )

NonJE )

Misc. )

Please Comment & Credit [ profile] autumnjaide

It takes a lot of time and effort to scan/upload scans (esp. HQ ones) so I'd appreciate it if you can take the time to leave a little note and also credit me if you use my scans. Thank you. & Thank you to all the wonderful people who commented on my last scan post.
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I created this for the sake of my friends and family who half the time don't know what I'm talking about when I hit fangirl mode. (I also started this originally thinking it would be fun... o.O ...) Took me one day and one night to search, organise and create these wonderful tables of pretty people.

Note: I spent a lot of effort on these graphics so please don't take them without letting me know. They're not very good but I still spent alot of time and effort in creating them. *Technically* I didnt make them to share but if you want to take, let me know.
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+Beware: long fangirl rant )

I'm off. じゃね! お休み。


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