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♥ Hiya guys! I'm back~

Hopefully this time round I'll be around steadily and without tons of hiatuses. :) As I said I would, I have a new layout ([ profile] autumnjaide). I don't have the time to make a new header yet but will do so once I've settled into the new house. I've also taken down the old profile for revamping and have put a placeholder banner there until I can get a new one coded. :)

♥ Malaysia was awesome. Felt like the longest 2 weeks of my life though. xD After the 2nd day, we had done so much, it begun to feel like we'd already been there for a week. I really really enjoyed it. The trip encompassed a lot of firsts for me so means a bit. Only downer was that my camera pretty much died mid-trip (I've been meaning to get it fixed since Hong Kong but... well, procrastination.) but Fi made up for the photo taking. I will be grabbing both Fi's and [ profile] maiaki's photos off Fi this coming week and I plan on writing up a diary-like entry about Malaysia as sort of a milestone thingy. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I know it's really late but I do have Hong Kong photos uploaded too so I shall post those as well. So more on the Malay trip in coming posts.

♥ I'm currently in full blown packing for the big move. Mum's set the date for the 16th so we're set to move in 2 weeks. The thing is, I -still- haven't seen what the house looks like yet. o.O I'm so beyond tripped out by that fact, I don't even know what to think. Mum's informed us that the previous owners have finished moving out and cleaning the house this week and she'll be picking up the keys tomorrow. So that means I shall finally get to see the house in its entirety. Still strange though, seeing the house for the first time, then moving in 2 weeks later.

I packed my 5 shelves of magazines today. They fit into 4 boxes, with the largest containing 111 of them. Proving how bright I am, I tried to pick up said box. I nearly broke my back. I think I've bruised -something-. Mum has helped me plaster it in heat patches. That box now holds a "VERY HEAVY!! 2 person pick-up!" note on it. xD So that's my fail for the day. I think that also shows me how much I'm gonna hurt AFTER moving day. Very apprehensive now. :S

Probably more from me tomorrow, seeing how I'm going to see the house. :) Also in the coming week: more packing, furniture shopping, sentimental ramblings, and a small post on catching up with fandom.
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Happy Valentine's Day~!
Also, belated Birthday wishes go out to [ profile] xswindz, [ profile] mainichi_muri and [ profile] insane_desire. Hope you guys had tons of fun and love on your special day.

Finally, two weeks after I'm back in Oz, I've managed to get myself together and write up a post. But I'm back and with a vengence! It's taken me two days but I have totally revamped my LJ. With the exception of my LJ header, I've changed my layout ([ profile] autumnjaide), redone my usericons and actually filled in my profile (for the first time in my 2.5 year LJ history ). Profile header was a pressie from [ profile] kirei_kisetsu, thanks Belle! Also, in a fit of frustration I bought 6 months of paid time. There's a few kinks I can't seem to work out with my layout but I've given up trying.

My trip was great, I just love travelling so much. I still haven't gotten [ profile] asagao_blossoms photos off her yet, but she's coming over tomorrow so I shall probably up them in a couple of days or so. Chinese New Year in Hong Kong just has so much atmosphere, it was great. We went to the CNY fair at Victoria Gardens and it was so nuts, met some awesome nice people too. I'll probably write a proper writeup of the trip (once I figure out how I want to organise stuff, I'm thinking of making a comm, any ideas people?). Flew home with [ profile] asagao_blossoms while the rest of the family flew to Vietnam for 10 days. And just my luck, I come back smack in the middle of the worst heat wave Melb's ever seen. Landed at 7.30am and the captain announces that ground temperature was already 31C (88F). Melbourne had 4 consecutive days of 43C (110F) days and an entire week of nothing below 30 which then peaked at 46C (115F). I nearly died, I hate hot weather with a vengence.

I'm dead beat so I'm off to bed. Sorry for such a content lacking post. This is more to say "I'm alive and back on LJ" more than anything. I will slowly (read: excruciatingly painfully) go back and try to reply/comment. But bear with me people, there's a lot. Hope everyone is doing well. ♥
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Minna genki?

Anyone notice that I seem to use that subject line a little too often? >.<;

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a month. It feels a lot longer than a month, but LJ says I haven't posted in 4 weeks so yeah~. Thank you to all those wonderful comments in my hiatus post, I love you guys really.

My laptop is still dead, cuz I'm lazy and Acer is an ass. I'm weighing up between taking it to my local repairs place and voiding the warranty or battling it out with Acer for a bit more.

I've been.. less than well lately so that's probably contributed to me not posting. I've also been browsing the flist very sparsely so I might've missed quite a bit. I do try to read of my friends posts though, so even if I'm not commenting, I am reading. I'm slowly getting better though.. I hope. At the very least, I know this will pass. Eventually.

Still no news yet on the exchange front.. and I'm getting a little antsy. It's been four weeks.. maybe I didn't get in? ;_; At uni at the moment, probably explains why I'm posting. Got here at 8.20am for a 9am class.. so here I am.

Ok, I'm off to class now, I'll try to post a little more often despite being (still) on semi-hiatus. I have some graphics that I want to share/make and also change my layout maybe when I come back. As much as I love my current layout, I've had it for about 5-6 months now. xD

Until next time guys, take care~ *hugs*
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I started 2007 very conflicted and confused. But in a way, it wasn't really a bad thing. Think of this: It's 9pm on the 1st Jan 2007; I'm running on 1.5hrs sleep, slightly hungover, eaten a couple of cookies, 2 snakes, a gallon of water and 2 spoonfuls of rice which I stole off mum. Ah I forgot I did have a little rice at Nessa's this morning. Up until a couple of hours I had a massive headache and an unsettled stomach and generally felt sick. Yet I have to say my 2006 New Years eve and my 2007 New Years day was pretty awesome. Why you ask? As events happened that eclipsed the misery that I should have felt. Let me list them:
幸せだね。。。 )
2006 Bye-bye )
Right then, that's all I can be bothered with, sorry for spamming everyone's flist with my nonsense. If you have the time to comment that would be awesome. Would love some about my layout in particular. I had lots of fun playing with the brushes. Any thing would be great, constructive criticism very much welcome. If you want to flame me, go ahead I don't care, though I'll point it out to my friends and we'll laugh at you. Err.. ok it's starting to become obvious that I need sleep now. One last thing:

NewSのみんあさん、おかえり! 2007よろしく!


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