Sep. 27th, 2007 06:13 pm
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I am off to Japan for six months next year peoples~!! My appeal went great (except for the initial hitch when we discovered that the International didn't have me on file AT ALL) and smoothly and now I have a bunch of paperwork to fill in and such but it doesn't matter cuz I GOT THE $7,500 SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN JAPAN!

You guys have no idea how happy I am right now~~~!!!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* EMMA! EMMA! I'M COMING WITH YOU!!!

I also picked up a couple of mags while having a nice chat with Taka. Yesh! Nov Myojo is in my hands. xDDD

I've had such an awesome day. Squeeing this morning about the Kurosagi movie (OMFG I MIGHT ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO SEE THIS ON THE BIG SCREEN!!) + mags@kanga + success with exchange. I feel like I'm on the top of the world.

Thank you everyone who wished me luck! I will get back to your comments later I swear, I'm off to babysitting now. *GLOMPS FLIST*
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{#} So I really suck at this LJ-ing business. But then again what's new. Also, been sick for the last week. Was the worst on Thursday & Friday when I was running a fever. Now I have major sniffles, sore throat and cough.

{#} Firstly, last Sunday's Japan Festival..well, it was sorta disappointing. I expected a lot more. But then again, I didn't see a lot of the demonstrations and the stalls were everywhere. The food area was in an undercover parking level and I thought that was quite amusing, even though the lines were humongous. Highlight: SO MANY JAP PEOPLE! I hadn't realised that the Melbourne Jap community was so large. And omg, I was so jealous of all these random Caucasian spouting out fluent Japanese. And, there were a couple of times where I spotted some gorgeous looking Jap guys. And just thought, OMG I didn't know they existed in Melbourne!! Also, lots of gorgeous mix-raced babies. It wasn't the best day (its was freezing) and we didn't take ANY photos. So none to share, sorry.

{#} Last week of uni this coming week. Have our major Japanese written test tomorrow. Should be studying but I can't concentrate. Have Fiona sitting next to me trying to do her Desktop publishing stuff except she can't concentrate either cuz tonight is F1 night. Gonna be taking up Spanish in the winter semester since I have to make up units of the ones I've failed this semester (please, don't ask), and Spanish is the only one I can do. Also, because one of my failed units are sequential AND my major, my course has to be extended an extra year. Been a little depressed about that, and what to do about it. Had a fallout with mum last weekend and left the house for 4 days because of it. Um.. things a little better now I guess. Nothing's been resolved yet, but I'm talking to mum again at least.

{#} Edit: So I forgot to mention, because of the four days which I was away from home, I fell behind with downloading and in a fit of frustration, I bought 2 months of MegaUpload Premium. I was going to eventually but this was a little earlier than planned. Since I have NO space on my HDD. Been burning like mad. And downloading like mad. I think I'm in love with MUPrem even though it puts a little dent in my saving plans.

{#} On better news, I got a new phone! My old barely working 5-6 year old Samsung (which used to belong to Mum) finally died on Thursday. Luckily for me, later that night, my new phone arrived at Fi's. So now I have a sleek new LG Chocolate K800. It's very kira-kira and I'm not used to having so many features on my phone.

{#} Random [Or things that I'm looking forward to]:
「♪」 KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta. Both the single and the PV. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but [livejournal.com profile] surealistic_des, [livejournal.com profile] lveaddkt & [livejournal.com profile] maiaki (was it including Dave and Oscar too guys?).. got me the single as a part of my pressie. And I can't wait to see the full PV. I can see the flist going crazy already. I mean, there's been a 40sec~ preview and there are *already* icons out.
「♪」 Kanjani8's new album. I don't even know how to pronounce it. But I'm looking forward to the new songs, since I'm currently very in love with "Futari no Namida Ame". Plus the mini-movie on the DVD looks like CRACK.

Hmmm what else is happening..?

「♪」 Was just browsing the offical JE site. Seems like Koyama/Shige/Massu/Tegoshi will be in the next Hadaka no Shounen. Since they use the symbol for the slash and HnS usually only feature 2 guests, I'm guessing only 2 of the four will be on there? Anyone with more info?
「♪」 July's Shounen Clubs. Ueda as guest and a duet rendition of Yorokobi no Uta with Nakamaru. Should be fun. The setlist looks awesome. Can't wait.
「♪」 Just when I said that I would start cuttin down on buying mags. I realise that the new issues have Jin in them, not to mention Myojo July has Pi & Koya on the cover which is..

.. So super broke.
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There's so much blank space between my posts, it's almost like I go on temp leave/semihiatus everytime. It's almost like I'm fading from the fandom. But that couldn't be any further from the truth. I'm even more crazy in love with the fandom than ever. But it's just.. not a lot has been happening? For someone who joined the fandom at a time when EVERYTHING was happening at once that I could barely keep up, this lull is affecting me a bit. But things should pick up soon yes? Plus, I've been really out of it, so have been lazy to update.

I'm going into a huge rant over everything that's been happening, so this will be loooong and boring, so feel free to ignore if you like. No pics or anything, just my rants.

Yamapi in Kuwazu Kirai Oou )

May Shokura )

TegoMasu )

Ohmygod, real life! (But still related to fandom *laughs*) )

I should be writing my mini-essay for my Japanese conversation test but I just can't seem to concentrate on it. I got so frustrated! I mean, how can you write an entire page about your room!? Especially with my limited Japanese. *sighs*

Right, I'll stop here then. I'm *never* doing a post like this again, by the way. >.< I refuse to. I will try to do smaller posts more frequently. Even if it's only *just a little* more frequently. We'll see.

Happy early Birthday, Ohkura~! For tomorrow (just in case I don't get on to make a post).
Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] denwa~! Sorry I missed your birthday, darls. I hope you had a good one.
Also, Happy belated birthdays: Koyama, Yoko, Arioka & Morimoto-oniichan~! Lol these are the birthdays that I missed in the last month in which I didn't make a post for.
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I needed to get at least ONE scan post out of my system. So here is my 2 most recent Seventeens. I know some of these have already been scanned (namely the 0409).. *shrugs* Deal, I wanted to scan them again. God, I'm so edgy, sorry.

Next on the agenda: Kindai: May & June. Popolo June after that.

As usual, groups with more than 2 scans have zips. Otherwise, all scans are hosted in my LJ gallery. Dimensions are about ~2720x3900 350dpi.

2007.05.01 - Seventeen Vol.11 )

2007.05.15/2007.06.01 - Seventeen Vol. 12&13 )
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Happy 23rd Birthday Koyama~!

You're such a big kid but with a warm heart who takes good care of the other members, I wish you success in everything you do. Hope the members texted/called you just like you wanted.
My post is a little late but oh well. I've been busy all day. So no graphic either. I might whip one up later. Had a post thought up but its late now and need to be up early, make up for it tomorrow.

Happy things:
{&} I forgot to mention, a stack of parcels arrived for me last Thursday and on Monday. My Real Face Con DVD, and the Tarzan I ordered from [livejournal.com profile] mellowdee, plus my cartoon KAT-TUN II you albums. All so kira-kira. XDD *ish happy*
{&} Got June Popolo and Myojo. Loving this issue of Popolo. Thinking of scanning Popolo and Kindai this weekend. The shoots are so pretty I fangirled at Jen's house and my aunty found it amusing. XD Downside? I didn't get to go to Kanga to check out what Taka-san has in cuz mum was late with the car, after I got the car and had to put petrol in, it was already pass closing time. Taka-san offered to stay back for me, but I felt so bad about making him do that, I made Fi pick up my mags in between her classes. XD. For those who don't know, Fi and Jen are my cousins ^_^. Jen(13) is a fellow fangirl (my influence) and Fi(20) is my spazz buddy XD I like showing Fi JE stuff even though she doesn't have much interest she'll still watch it (but with some bashing from time to time, not of the boys themselves, just their clothes XD).

Right, can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed.
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*shock* Two entries in a row~! XDD I'm so happy, I had to share~!
Look what arrived in the post for me today from [livejournal.com profile] ihearyourtears~!

I LOVE YOU, Chung~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Didn't want to flood everyone's flist with TWO long posts..XD )
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So once again, I disappeared for a week. God I'm so lazy to post. Gomen ne, minna~ Very random entry this will be.

{&} I mentioned in my last proper post that I was going to see Rove. Well that was fun. Went with [livejournal.com profile] lveaddkt, David & Fiona. Gomen na, [livejournal.com profile] surealistic_des, [livejournal.com profile] maiaki. They sorta invited themselves, I would've ask you guys too but I only had the 2 free tickets. The new studios are certainly easier to get to this year. Rove as usual was awesome, it was funny and witty. The *much* smaller audience this year, sorta tripped me out though. Rose Byrne is very pretty in person. Danny Bhoy was VERY hilarious. If I had money, I would totally go to see him at the Melb Comedy Fest. All in all a good night. (Even though we scoured the city at 10.30pm trying to find something to eat that *wasn't* fast food.)

{&} I cut my hair. I couldn't take it anymore. I had planned to cut it on Friday (after my proper birthday but before my party), but after waking up and trying to run my hand through my hair, only to get it STUCK at the end because it was so dead and ratty. Well yeah, that decided it. Since Fi got a cut, I thought, hell, I may as well too since Mum's free (I think I've mentioned before that Mum's a hairdresser yes?) Yup well, I chopped off... 20cm.. that's about 7 inches.
I had hair up to my waist, I hadn't had a real cut in years. Thought a change would be nice.
Wanna see? Here's a before pic. [livejournal.com profile] surealistic_des likes to take random shots which we aren't aware of. This was from 2 weeks ago. This is what my hair looks like now. The photos crap since I quickly took it with my webcam about 10mins ago. The strange bulge isn't the style, it's just that I had just taken it out of a ponytail. But yeah, I'm having fun playing with the shorter and ponytail and shorter bits cuz Mum gave me more defining layers. XD Ok, that's enough with the hair.

{&} 3 more days till I turn 21! *hyperventilates* I finally sent out my invites today. I'm so lazy, been procratinating everything this week. I originally had Yamapi on my invite banner, but thought I might trip out my RL friends so decided against it. I'll post that banner on my actual birthday~

{&} Propose Daisakusen starts tonight. Lol couldn't resist, fandom snuck in. Am suuuper nervous, but anxious to see it. Have the first ep of Junno's and Koki's drama but haven't watched it yet. Plan to get Liar Game in the next couple of days.

{&} My Real Face con DVD was shipped 2 days ago~ I watched the rips though... and found it.. boring? *hides* I feel horrible. I was super tired when I watched it with Jen and fell asleep, and then I watched it again today with Fi... and it just didn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll feel differently after some decent sleep and my shiny DVD arrives. cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU. I downloaded the album rips to see what the new songs were like.. but I only scanned through them and can't really remember anything cuz Fi was here distracting me. BUT I DO remember that I love Kame's solo. Just. LOVE.

{&} Yamapi's J-webs amuse me to no end. Especially when he says something totally unexpected. Makes my brain go haywire. Lots and LOTS of food, member ai, showers, supponpon hot springs trips.. XD Ah Pi, you never fail to make my day with your Jwebs.

{&} I. Want. To. Go. To. Their. Concert. So. BAD!

{&} Went to Kanga last Thursday. Totally blew my budget and bought 5 mags. FIVE! Taka-san is EVILLLLL! He totally knows what buttons to push with me. I was originally only gonna get May issues of Potato/WinkUp/Duet. Then I saw Seventeen and was thinking of slipping that in. BUT then Taka-san had to ask me for my opinion on Kindai (he's stocking it for the first time, and I was SUPER amused and happy that he unwrapped the plastic to ASK me for my opinion. XD) AND AND when I was LEAST expecting it, he pulled out GYAO~! I mean, OMG! Goodbye money! So I have 5 shiny mags. If I get my essay finished, I might scan Kindai (since Gyao's already been scanned) and ONE of the JE mags. Since I haven't scanned anything in awhile. DON'T hold your breath though. I have 2 essays to do, my birthday party to organise AND an 8 minute presentation to attack in the next 2 weeks. I'm *hoping* to scan them though, cuz I want to contribute something for [livejournal.com profile] boys_paper's 1st bday on the 25th. ^_^

Omg, this entry ended up so long. Sorry no LJ cut cuz.. well I don't know what to cut.


*am evil

Apr. 7th, 2007 02:16 pm
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This is a really random entry since I am currently sitting in my car out in public waiting for my cousin to finish up at tutoring school.

I thought I could go to the library across from her tutor school so I could finish up my essay while waiting for her. Baka me forgot that it's Easter Saturday and therefore, no library. Hence why I'm in the car.

And I'm stealing someone's internet. >.< Lol I don't mean to~!! It just suddenly *connected*! I was just minding my own business when suddenly, "Hey I'm connected to someone's network~!" Soo.... here I am on LJ. -_-;; Haha. I'm just --borrowing-- ok?

*staring at a guy walking past outside) WOAH~! His hair is longer than mine! And that's saying something as my hair hits my waist. *0*

I'm really behind on fangirling entries atm, I know I said in my last entry that I would blog the next day.. but then my bandwidth died. So sorry for no entry.

randomrandomrandom )

Hahah okies, have to move the car now, my 2 hour parking is up. God this was such a random entry. Feel free to ignore if you like.

Edit: Oh, forgot to add: Happy Easter everyone~!
Haha I don't celebrate it but what the heck.

Edit 2: I'm checking this on my cousin's comp and found that everything I coded as 'grey' is GREEN! *0* WTH?! I checked my code and there's no problem. Is this happening with anyone else? Maybe it's just this comp. Hopefully... the green looks really strange.


Mar. 9th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Can it be? Are our hopes being answered?


I tried looking this up, seeing there's been no official announcement, but the official site only has the next 2 weeks guests up. But if Pi mentioned it, then.. *huge grins*

Aaaand~! 1 Litre of Tears SP! RYOOO~! ♥ NBJ also translated a news article related to the SP HERE.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I REALLY like this photoshoot. Credits to who else but the awesome VENDY.

My fav:

Look~! ♥!! When they look THIS frikken AWESOME. HOW CAN I KEEP AWAY?!
*cries* These 2 are --younger-- than me!! But, but but.. just LOOK AT THEM!!
[OMG CHUNG!! What are we gonna DOOO~?!?!]
For more awesome scans, CLICK HERE.

Random thought: It's in transit~! How long does it take for something to be dispatched and sent from Japan --> Australia? x_x
EDIT: OMG~! The "in transit" has changed to "Ready"!! It's gonna be shipped soooon~! Kyaa~ LOL, am stalking HMV.
*puts Oricon Style on the list of 189436547568 JE/NewS related things to buy* XDD
Ooh even better: *runs off to ring Kanga about ordering a copy + April issues.*

Sorry for all the little random posts so frequently lately. It's just that there's so much going on in the fandom lately.


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