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Star Trek was absolutely fan-frikken-tastic!

Has to see it again. It was SO much better than I expected, even though I heard from everywhere that it was good. :D
Awesome way to celebrate my "yay I has no swine flu" and to finally get out after 2 weeks. ♥

ETA: Also, saw the newest longer trailer to Harry Potter and the HBP. GOOD GOD, it LOOKS AMAZING TOO! CANNOT WAIT! Will be seeing it in Malaysia, so Malaysia cannot come fast enough!
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& Finally recovering from the weekend away at Phillip Island for [ profile] maiaki's birthday bash. Had tons of fun, but I was so tired from all the driving and then I got sick and yeah, not a pleasant aftermath of it. But I'm much better now.

& Watched Twilight with Fiona today. Wasn't planning on watching it, since vampires aren't my thing and well I don't really know (nor care for) the whole hype of Twilight. But Fi wanted to see it and well I didn't mind accompanying her to see it. I had no expectations and didn't know much back story except that it was something like a forbidden love between vampire and human or whatever.

Awkward. That is the word I would use to describe nearly every aspect of the movie. Is it meant to be like that? Or is it just the movie depiction? Now I find myself wanting to read the book, if only to see whether the movie is actually meant to be so awkward. I didn't hate it, nor did I love it. I think I'm just really amused with it. Also, what is everyone swooning over Edward Cullen for? I mean, okay I have nothing against him, but how is the super pale white with blood red lips and dark eyes appealing? It kinda freaks me out. I mean, I like Robert Pattinson, but the makeup job on him is kinda scary. He looks mighty fine in a tux though (or maybe that's just my weak point).

(This is just my take on the movie and I think I'm pretty neutral about it, please don't kill me if you're an avid fan/non-fan. Really.)

& Going to be out ALL day tomorrow for Fiona's graduation thingamajiggy. I don't understand why a graduation parade should start at 9.30am then have it run to morning tea til about 12-1, only to have the ceremony at 6.45. Really, why couldn't you do it directly before? What am I gonna do for 5ish hours? >.<; Well, Fi says we could go shopping. Lol which is totally like her.

& Apologies to everyone. I still haven't started finished my Christmas cards. I think the handmade thing just won't work out. I'll have to send out store bought ones, and at this rate, I seriously doubt they'd make it in time for X'mas. So sorry, they'll probably around a couple of days late. ;_; Gomen minna.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! ♥
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Just got back from the movies and l;klhdlagj;dakj;gs I had THE most fun seeing HSM3 with Fi. It was AWESOME. :D I haven't had so much fun at the movies in -ages-.

I'd heard both bad and good reviews about HSM3 so I went in without much of any sort of expectations, but it astounded me. I'm not even that huge a fan, but the movie? Take the first 2 parts times everything by like, 50, and you have the movie.

The dance sequences were probably one of my favourite things. They were amazing. The dancing, the singing, lol, omg it felt like there was a song at least every 10 minutes. xD I'm not going to say anything about the acting, but hey, I'm totally not in it for that. xD The pretty people, the pretty clothes, catchy songs (abruptly breaking out of nowhere xD), everything that makes Disney movies, Disney. xD And if I'm anything, I've been a Disney fan since I was 6 years old. :D

What totally amused me to no end was that when the movie starts, the first screen is a close of shot of Troy and the entire movie theatre just went "kyyaaaaaaaaa~!!!" and Fi and I just burst out laughing. So much fun I swear. We giggled, bopped, perved, made silly cracks and just basically reverted to teens again. xDD

I recommend anyone who liked the first two movies even a teensy weensy bit, to see this one, if you haven't already. I had lots of fun. I can't guarantee everyone will like it, but I personally loved it. And this rant is solely my take on it. Make with it what you will. :D

Best 10 bucks I've spent in awhile. ♥


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