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Uwaaaa there's a million things going on in fandom right now and because my bandwidth is capped, I can barely load my flist. D: D: D: So much I wanna spazz about (KAT-TUN/Uchi/Tegoshi/Arashi/etc xD) but all my sparkly spazzing will be put on hold until tomorrow night, after my bandwidth resets and I've gone on my monthly 1st of the month downloading spree. xD

Gonna leave now to meet up with [ profile] lveaddkt to try to do some JLPT studying. :O Wish us luck! Then we have karaoke tonight. It's been awhile since we've gone. Hopefully it'll be fun. :D

That's it for now, more from me tomorrow~

Oh, also: NaBloPoMo DONE! Bloody hell it was annoying posting everyday for a month. I think I shall limit it to once a year. I'll probably be posting once every couple of days now, or well, I hope to. xD

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Nov. 24th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I feel like this body doesn't belong to me anymore. I'm so tired. In the last 4 days I've probably had only a total of about 10hrs sleep. I don't think my brain is working anymore.

So much to say but so little energy to do it with. I'm recovering slowly and I swear I'll post properly soon. Just.. not now. Gonna go try to sleep, though I haven't had much luck with that despite being so tired.

One thing before I go. Quote from the groom's speech at the wedding on sunday:
To the brides parents: Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. I will do my very very best to make sure that... she takes good care of me.
Among quite a few things that made me smile at the wedding. More later. Sleep now.

This was a spam post. D:
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* Feeling really out of it. And super anti-social. I think I used all my socialising energy on the weekend being out Fri-Sun, and now I just wanna huddle up in a corner. Was supposed to take the car in for a service but Doncaster is way to far in my condition, so mum did it instead. I feel bad about that.

* Pulling a [ profile] cierra_james, I didn't get out of bed till about 2pm.. though i woke a stack of times from about 7am. That what happens when you go to sleep at 4-5am I guess. D: And here I thought I'd fixed my horrible sleeping patterns.

* Have made no progress with the cards at all. None. One huge inspiration hit and I pull all my materials out and start but haven't touched them since. Happens a lot with me. I have stacks of unfinished projects. Really gotta get a move on with the cards though. I hope to get them sent out by the first week of Dec at the latest. >.<; Having said that, if you want a card and still haven't given me your addy feel free to leave it here.

* Looking forward to the some of the upcoming Domoto Kyoudai episodes. Should be SO much fun.
   - 2008.12.14 Nakagawa Shoko
   - 2008.12.21 Toda Erika (Lol the FujiTV blog was saying how they were all meeting for the first time but being all Kansai-jin everyone got really high. And mention of a Nino vs Koichi card magic thing?! xD)
   - 2009.01.18 Shida Mirai

* Still a little tripped out. Only KoyaShige could sing a boppy song about checking out a girl's cleavage and getting turned on by it. I swear I'm dying to see what the performance is like. Cams please!

ETA: Gyaah can't believe I almost forgot, gomen!
Happy Birthday, [ profile] hitomito!
♥ Lots of birthday love and wishes from me. Hope you have a wonderful day. <33


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