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☂ The weather's been really strange down here. But I guess that's normal for Melbourne. As long as I don't have to drive in the insane rain again, I'm good. I actually went out and did stuff yesterday but I didn't get enough time to write about it in my last post. xD

I drove Fi out to her last exam, since she had a scare with her other one when she almost missed it by 1 minute. She has a bad track record with turning up on time to exams. Dropped her off at the Aquatic Centre then drove back to the city. So many people out despite the weather. I was meant to go shopping for a dress but the weather made me lazy so I didn't. Walked around Target for a while looking for [ profile] lveaddkt and picked up some card making stuff, since I've decided to hand-make my cards this year. (I will make a proper post for that soon.) Since she was still working I popped into Reader's Feast and picked up a copy of Tamora Pierce's Melted Stones. Then picked up an ice tea at Starbucks and settled down to wait for [ profile] lveaddkt to finish. Read half the book in the hour I waited. Will probably finish the rest tonight.

Made a trip to Kanga when [ profile] lveaddkt finished and I picked up my mags. (Flix, Only Star I had on order. Also picked up Seventeen and Monthly the Television with NEWS on the cover.) We had dinner (where it took us 10-15mins to decide what to have, we realised that we're very indecisive), did some necessities shopping then I drove her home. The rain was scary. Hung out for a while before driving home and -just- made it to post. xD Such a not very exciting day.

☂ Watched the 4th ep of Ryuusei no Kizuna. I'm really liking this drama. The interactions between the three is cute and everyone's acting is awesome. I love how its a mix of drama, comedy and total randomness *cough*NakashimaMika'scharacter*cough*. I totally fell in love with this particular scene from ep 4:
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I feel so lazy about posting now, I should've probably posted earlier. So this will be a very lazy half-hearted sort of post. I've had an all round lazy day today. Had the house to myself and have been basically abusing my bandwidth downloading a crap load of stuff. I still have -watched- all the previous stuff I downloaded. At this rate, I'll have no net by mid-month again. God, somebody stop me. As much as I love HDTV files. They're breaking my limited storage space. Not to mention my download bandwidth.

I watched Beyoncé on last week's Music Station and her performance of "If I Were A Boy" was so amazing, I totally fell in love with the song. I downloaded it and have been listening to it a lot. Having done that, I realised that I didn't have any English songs on my iTunes except for High School Musical, so I hit the Australia Top 40 Charts to see what current music would interest me. I ended up downloading albums of Secondhand Serenade (I love "Fall For You"), Jason Mraz, Gabriella Cilmi, and Jordin Sparks. None of whom I'd ever heard of actually. I will slowly work my way through their songs to find my favourites. I downloaded Perfume too, but that was on a completely different whim.

I watched Arashi's Beautiful Days PV and I'm really liking it. I don't understand why it was shown as a 2 minute "short version" though. I -really- like what they did with the light bulbs.
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Lastly, before I go off to a more comfy place and snuggle up with a movie.
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I created this for the sake of my friends and family who half the time don't know what I'm talking about when I hit fangirl mode. (I also started this originally thinking it would be fun... o.O ...) Took me one day and one night to search, organise and create these wonderful tables of pretty people.

Note: I spent a lot of effort on these graphics so please don't take them without letting me know. They're not very good but I still spent alot of time and effort in creating them. *Technically* I didnt make them to share but if you want to take, let me know.
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I'm off. じゃね! お休み。


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