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*shock* Two entries in a row~! XDD I'm so happy, I had to share~!
Look what arrived in the post for me today from [ profile] ihearyourtears~!

I LOVE YOU, Chung~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Didn't want to flood everyone's flist with TWO long posts..XD )
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So once again, I disappeared for a week. God I'm so lazy to post. Gomen ne, minna~ Very random entry this will be.

{&} I mentioned in my last proper post that I was going to see Rove. Well that was fun. Went with [ profile] lveaddkt, David & Fiona. Gomen na, [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] maiaki. They sorta invited themselves, I would've ask you guys too but I only had the 2 free tickets. The new studios are certainly easier to get to this year. Rove as usual was awesome, it was funny and witty. The *much* smaller audience this year, sorta tripped me out though. Rose Byrne is very pretty in person. Danny Bhoy was VERY hilarious. If I had money, I would totally go to see him at the Melb Comedy Fest. All in all a good night. (Even though we scoured the city at 10.30pm trying to find something to eat that *wasn't* fast food.)

{&} I cut my hair. I couldn't take it anymore. I had planned to cut it on Friday (after my proper birthday but before my party), but after waking up and trying to run my hand through my hair, only to get it STUCK at the end because it was so dead and ratty. Well yeah, that decided it. Since Fi got a cut, I thought, hell, I may as well too since Mum's free (I think I've mentioned before that Mum's a hairdresser yes?) Yup well, I chopped off... 20cm.. that's about 7 inches.
I had hair up to my waist, I hadn't had a real cut in years. Thought a change would be nice.
Wanna see? Here's a before pic. [ profile] surealistic_des likes to take random shots which we aren't aware of. This was from 2 weeks ago. This is what my hair looks like now. The photos crap since I quickly took it with my webcam about 10mins ago. The strange bulge isn't the style, it's just that I had just taken it out of a ponytail. But yeah, I'm having fun playing with the shorter and ponytail and shorter bits cuz Mum gave me more defining layers. XD Ok, that's enough with the hair.

{&} 3 more days till I turn 21! *hyperventilates* I finally sent out my invites today. I'm so lazy, been procratinating everything this week. I originally had Yamapi on my invite banner, but thought I might trip out my RL friends so decided against it. I'll post that banner on my actual birthday~

{&} Propose Daisakusen starts tonight. Lol couldn't resist, fandom snuck in. Am suuuper nervous, but anxious to see it. Have the first ep of Junno's and Koki's drama but haven't watched it yet. Plan to get Liar Game in the next couple of days.

{&} My Real Face con DVD was shipped 2 days ago~ I watched the rips though... and found it.. boring? *hides* I feel horrible. I was super tired when I watched it with Jen and fell asleep, and then I watched it again today with Fi... and it just didn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll feel differently after some decent sleep and my shiny DVD arrives. cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU. I downloaded the album rips to see what the new songs were like.. but I only scanned through them and can't really remember anything cuz Fi was here distracting me. BUT I DO remember that I love Kame's solo. Just. LOVE.

{&} Yamapi's J-webs amuse me to no end. Especially when he says something totally unexpected. Makes my brain go haywire. Lots and LOTS of food, member ai, showers, supponpon hot springs trips.. XD Ah Pi, you never fail to make my day with your Jwebs.

{&} I. Want. To. Go. To. Their. Concert. So. BAD!

{&} Went to Kanga last Thursday. Totally blew my budget and bought 5 mags. FIVE! Taka-san is EVILLLLL! He totally knows what buttons to push with me. I was originally only gonna get May issues of Potato/WinkUp/Duet. Then I saw Seventeen and was thinking of slipping that in. BUT then Taka-san had to ask me for my opinion on Kindai (he's stocking it for the first time, and I was SUPER amused and happy that he unwrapped the plastic to ASK me for my opinion. XD) AND AND when I was LEAST expecting it, he pulled out GYAO~! I mean, OMG! Goodbye money! So I have 5 shiny mags. If I get my essay finished, I might scan Kindai (since Gyao's already been scanned) and ONE of the JE mags. Since I haven't scanned anything in awhile. DON'T hold your breath though. I have 2 essays to do, my birthday party to organise AND an 8 minute presentation to attack in the next 2 weeks. I'm *hoping* to scan them though, cuz I want to contribute something for [ profile] boys_paper's 1st bday on the 25th. ^_^

Omg, this entry ended up so long. Sorry no LJ cut cuz.. well I don't know what to cut.

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I'm SOOOO happy. Like SUPER happy. Feel like jumping out of my skin, bashing through the roof, crazy laugh at the top of my lungs happy. ... Well almost. XDD OMG

EDIT: OMG I had to *leave* in the MIDDLE of watching Hoshi wo Mezashite PV --BUT-- I GOT MY LAPTOP~!!! *crazy/happy/spazzy dance* So now I'm a million times happier than I was before.. waiting for the first time boot right now. Anyway back to the program XDD;;

「☆」FULL HOSHI WO MEZASHITE PV~! Downloading right now! Dammit, why does my net speed have to lag noooww~!?! *insert MAJOR keyboard smash* ajsfhaljkghkhdaslg.. gorgeous!NEWS, dorky!Pi, huge grins all a round... I LOVE this PV. Everyone looks amazingly gorgeous. Though the twin effect tripped me out at first.. you start to think.. "omg, awesome TWO of EVERYBODY~! XDD" I think this PV increased my love for NEWS a hundred-million fold. My heart literally feels like it's gonna burst. ♥ ♥ ♥ CAPSPAM later~! <33

「☆」 Yamapi's new hair~! Omg, short again!! He looks sooo young~ XDD Still gorgeous. He's just started shooting this drama.. argh, can't wait till it airs in April.

「☆」 Calendars~! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Kat-tun's photobook masquerading as a calendar was so stunningly gorgeous, that I'm glad I ordered it. The photography, design, layout, style is simply stunning. I'm awed. (and super happy) . Kanjani's one was very varied but there was sme gorgeous photography too. Love the group shots, and Ryo & Tacchon.. --sighs dreamily-- I'm only a budding fan of Arashi but their calendar was pretty and kira-kira too~. I'm so happy that there's so many beautiful people who take the time and effort to share these awesome scans with us. So a giant thank you to them, and to everyone who contributes to this awesome fandom. *glomps* CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEWS' CALENDAR~! --dying with anticipation--

「☆」 HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] msxmasuda~! *huggles* Hope you have an awesome day, drink lots, eat lots and have loads of fun~! I have a birthday graphic for you, which I can't find atm (sorry ^^;) so I'll edit later . --chuuuuuuuuu-- OH~! I also blame you because I spent hours last night youtubing DBSK.

「☆」 Speculation: This years surprise debut. Is this gonna happen? I heard about it and don't really know whether its a rumour or not. Well, rumour of not, me and my cousin (who's 13 and I totally roped her into JE ) have been discussing who we think the most likely group will be. In the last Shounen Club ep, I thought it strange that in the opening dance intro, all the Jrs. groups were introduced as a group but Kis-My-Ft2 were introduced individually (sorta like what they used to do with Kat-tun) and then imagine my surprise to see Kisumai perform on *Music Station*. Could this mean anything? Feel free to agree/disagree; I'm just speculating and would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

「☆」 Random:
~ I have purple hair. No really. Not my entire head.. but yes, I have purple hair.
~ My laptop doesn't come with an instruction manual. Only a pamphlet that says, "Take out of box, plug in, turn on." With diagrams... Nevermind, I'm stupid and it was hiding.
~ Uni *sucks* big time.
~ Windows Vista is SUPER pretty.
~ WOOT 120G to fill.. hahahaha


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