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I feel so lazy about posting now, I should've probably posted earlier. So this will be a very lazy half-hearted sort of post. I've had an all round lazy day today. Had the house to myself and have been basically abusing my bandwidth downloading a crap load of stuff. I still have -watched- all the previous stuff I downloaded. At this rate, I'll have no net by mid-month again. God, somebody stop me. As much as I love HDTV files. They're breaking my limited storage space. Not to mention my download bandwidth.

I watched Beyoncé on last week's Music Station and her performance of "If I Were A Boy" was so amazing, I totally fell in love with the song. I downloaded it and have been listening to it a lot. Having done that, I realised that I didn't have any English songs on my iTunes except for High School Musical, so I hit the Australia Top 40 Charts to see what current music would interest me. I ended up downloading albums of Secondhand Serenade (I love "Fall For You"), Jason Mraz, Gabriella Cilmi, and Jordin Sparks. None of whom I'd ever heard of actually. I will slowly work my way through their songs to find my favourites. I downloaded Perfume too, but that was on a completely different whim.

I watched Arashi's Beautiful Days PV and I'm really liking it. I don't understand why it was shown as a 2 minute "short version" though. I -really- like what they did with the light bulbs.
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Lastly, before I go off to a more comfy place and snuggle up with a movie.
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Gyaah things will look up soon right? I've been totally unmotivated with uni, dead tired plus sick for over a week. I'm slowly getting better but still spend most of the day with a super croaky voice.

EDIT: Ok I have been working on this post since Tuesday so I apologise for the lateness and everything jumps everwhere. I kept getting interrupted (Mum keeps stealing my Net) and just when I thought I was getting better, the weather changes again and I started running a fever from late last night. I've missed so much class lately. Maa iika.. I'll use today to finish off this post, hopefully before babysitting.

I haven't done a proper fangirl entry in just a week and man, do I have a lot to catch up on in the fandom. Most of this stuff will be old news to everyone but it's for me to catch up on my thoughts and reactions to everything, so feel free to spam me with comments about anything. Also, there will be caps, but not capspams like I did in previous posts. I can't be bothered organising any big spams, sorry.

One week away from LJ + awesome fandom + caps + fangirling + real life = LONG entry.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

NEWS MS Special Medley (2007.03.16)
This medley was sooo awesome~! I didn't expect them to sing their own songs, so seeing Koyatopi do Daite Senorita and Ryokoyatopi do Kanfuu Fighting blew my mind.
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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Limited Edition 星をめざして Single - DVD
I'm seriously not kidding, I loved this DVD. It was just *overflowing* with Member Ai, and everyone should know by now that I am an obsessive supporter of member ai~ (Just like Yamapi)
Comments & Caps again ^_^ )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Shounen Club Premium - Kame (2007.03.18)
I actually haven't fully watched this yet. But I have watched the "Peak" performance and the collab of "Bokura no Machi de". So I'll just talk about those first.
Very short cut for SCP )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Random Fangirling
...randomness.. )
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Real Life (or what should pass as one)
F1 Grand Prix )
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Last thoughts:
## Hontou ni gomen nasai~! For posting so late! (m_ _m)
## I'm hungry, should go cook now.
## PLEASE SPAM ME WITH COMMENTS! Even if it is to yell at me for posting late! And I will get back to all your other comments as soon as I can! Gomen~
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Ok, this was *meant* to be a short entry but didn't end up as one so.. yeah. I'm actually meant to prepare for uni on Monday, like do my timetable (which I lost by the way, so I have to do it again ).

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on a lot your journals.. it's just I've been pretty out of it and I think I'm losing my zeal for LJ as I'm not stalking my friends list as much.. But I -have- been reading them ne~

My hard drive is gonna die come March/April.
「★」: [Drama] Proposal Daisakusen ~ Yamapi
「★」: [Drama] Hanayome to Papa ~ Junno & Ishihara Satomi
「★」: [Drama] 特急田中3号 (Tokyu Tanaka 3 Gou) ~ Koki & Kuriyama Chiaki - also Tsukamoto Takashi
「★」: [Drama] Bambino! ~ MatsuJun
「★」: Music Fighter ~ NewS (March 5th)
「★」: Music Station SP ~ NewS (March 16th)
「★」: Shounen Club Premium ~ Kame [Guest] Kat-tun [Perf] Kanjani 8 [Stage Report] (March 18th)
「★」: 「カートゥンKAT-TUN」~ KAT-TUN's new variety show (April 4th)
I probably still missed some~ Can't wait for NEWS on MF.. and it'd be really awesome if they went on Utaban and Domoto Kyoudai as well. That list is on top of all the other regular variety tv I download, YaYaYah, YOUたち, Honjani, Suka-J, Itte Q, and Utaban, DB, MS (depending on the guests)... etc. AND I was thinking of starting on downloading Arashi's variety show(s?) as well..
EDIT: Gyah~ I can't believe I forgot Shounen Club~! Thanks Miya for reminding me~!

Things that put a HUGE smile on my face:
~ Ryo's shopping list. Peaches~! OMG I burst out laughing at this cuz of the whole Ryo + Momo + Yamapi reference.
~ Koya Ai~♥. All the members messages to celebrate the 222th Member Ai entry. Everyone was so sweet~
~ Member Ai Entry #222!. OMG~! Koya talks about NEWS' *UNDERWEAR*~! --nosebleeds-- God, Koya you are so much crack, getting leopard print to beat Massu~? <33 ♥♥♥
~ April's MYOJO shoot looks AWESOMELY CUTE~! --dies--

But something took that smile off my face:
I think I'm gonna cry . Yesterday I checked on HMV and Hoshi wo Mezashite (LE) was still available. Today (after conning mum into lending me her credit card again) when I tried to put in the order... "Hoshi wo Mezashite is sold out"
~ HMV has also sold out on NewS' calendars too.. Does anyone know where I can still order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE OR bought extra copies and willing to sell me one? Pleeeeeeaaaassseee? --begs--

So in general overall: getting a laptop but not being able to order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE
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... and with tickets to NewS Concerts.

NEWS CONCERT SONGS~ ! Thank you very much to [ profile] chinchinii for sharing.

Arggggggh.. my head currently feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool most likely from lack of sleep. And NEWS totally broke my brain so I'm finding it really hard typing up this entry, no matter how much fangirling I want to do.

Thoughts on new songs~ )

EDIT: I LOVE THE MID-CON INTERACTIONS~ ♥!! LOL, they always seem to pick on Shige~ *kyaa~*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Shounen Club Premium

Ok, so once again forgoing sleep, I stayed up to download and watch JE stuff. This time? Shounen Club Premium with Yamapi as guest.

Even though [ profile] sweetpniangel87 did a humungously awesome capspam, and I'm sure there'll be others, I'm gonna do mine anyway, cuz well I've capped them so may as well. Mine will be much smaller cuz Im lazy. Actually turns out that its not that small afterall.. 121 caps.. o.m.g.

My emotions were one giant rollercoaster when watching this.

Host: Kokubun Taichi (国分太一) Guest: Yamashita Tomohisa (山下 智久)

Up until now, Yamapi is the youngest guest ever on SCP at 21 years old. This will change with next month's SCPremium guest: Kame.

I went overboard with the Yamapi caps ^^; Feel free to skip this cut if you're not interested )
Sayaendou Performance Caps )
Hoshi wo Mezashite Performance Caps )

Only a couple of Arashi caps and ending credit caps )

Timestamp for this post (started at): 11.58am
Actual time right now: 11.13pm

Right sorry for spamming everyone's pages.. I'm off to bed now. Oyasumi~ <33
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My highlight for the day: standing in the pouring rain after a hot, humid & sticky 33°C day of walking *everywhere*. The rain was hard enough to wash away almost a months worth of grime off my car (been too lazy to wash it) but it felt so good. I've always loved the rain, and it's been a loooong time since last I was actually in it. I've been feeling horrible all day, and this helped peak me up a little.

「♪」Met up with Di ([ profile] surealistic_des), Maggie ([ profile] maiaki) & Ness ([ profile] lvaddkt) at uni today for a "revision study session". Although we didn't actually get much study done. I managed to get almost all of my uni books for 1st sem though. Blew $213 and have a bunch of scary look text books.
Had lunch then went to the city, took purikura then bought mags. I got my copy of March Duet, Winkup & Potato. Yay~
Haven't properly looked through them yet.. but when I'm feeling better I will and from what I've seen so far, major fangirling will definately happen.

On that note, that's about it for me today. Am totally buggered. But I couldn't resist a couple of pics to end this entry off. I think my NEWS (hell my JE) obsession is ... argh I don't know what word to use. Let's just say that I didn't even know it can get any bigger, but with each new thing I see NEWS involved in, I love them more and more. Gah, no clue what I'm talking about, on to the pics.

MEMBER AI will be the death of me!! XDDDD )

NEWS LA OFFSHOOTS! in SEVENTEEN (Thumbs + link to Vendy's blog) )
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YAY! Finally have my LJ up! Decided to switch over to LJ because of the wonderful communities and friends. This LJ will just be for me to post random stuff about my life, my obsessions, things of interest. Feel free to leave me comments/ideas/greetings/flames/notes.. =whatever=, I'll read ANYthing.

Quick list of what I've been up to in the last week:

+ [the entire week]: I sat down numerous times to redo my KnK readings for next weeks exam. Every single time, I got sidetracked and started prcrastinating. So therefore, to answer your question
[profile] surealistic_des, No, I haven't gotten any study done. T_T

Fangirling mode [read at own risk]:

My newest obsession (and I really mean OBSESSION): ... KAT-TUN!! & various other Juniors from Johnny's.. Ok, so this is how it started. I first found out about them I think a couple of years ago from a friend of my cousin's. At the time, I wasn't really into the whole JPop thing 'quite' yet. She was a fan of Akanishi Jin [squeals] ..ahem, and I remember sort looking them up, but it didn't really hook my interest. Not until about a couple of weeks ago, [profile] maiaki happened to let me listen to KT songs on her mp3 during Chinese. My reaction? .... I LIKE! Ever since then I have scoured YouTube, watched a gazillion videos, joined forums, downloaded/ing JDramas, and cried over the fact that Jin is gone for 6 months (which in my opinion is WAY too long, but then I may be biased).

Honestly though I think they are a wonderful group with a great rapport and many many talents. It doesnt hurt that I think they are hot (glad they got rid of all the bleach from their younger years) and very funny too.

Maggie I blame you! XD And don't worry Des, I still like Yuu-chan (and Aiba-chan) but its just that KT are currently eclipsing that aspect at the moment. And I do agree with you about Yuu-chan's singing.

Ok, I'm hungry.. gonna go cook. Oh! Good luck Maggie-chan & Nessa-chan on your Media exam! [Di, you HAVE to show me any pics you draw of Tezuka!]


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