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happy valentines ♥.

It's Valentine's day and it's a day where I refuse to be lumped into one of either 2 categories: the lovey-dovey couples, or the sad, lonely singles. I'm quite happy being single at the moment despite everyone around me pairing up, and I wanted to take the chance of today to send out lots of love and thoughts to not my special someone, but special someones.

Everyone who has made any contact with my life, no matter how big or small. Whether you're my best friend, my mail man, someone who comments(/ed) on my blog regularly or just someone who stopped by to say hi once. All of my friends and family, all my LJ friends, all those who aren't even on LJ but have commented to tell me they read it; all those who were once my friends but due to various reasons are no longer in my life; all the people who are strangers but have greeted me kindly with a smile and/or compliment; those who need a bit of love in their life.

Each and everyone of you. Lots of love and warm vibes from me. Because it makes me happy and I'm finding that's all it really is really. I have had so much troubles over my life, and I know I'm still struggling with a lot of things, but I'm taking small steps in doing what I should have been doing from the start. Things that make me happy.

I'm listening to Jin's Eternal on repeat and it's probably what inspired this post. My heart filled with love just from the first listen. No auto tune, no faux rapping; just Jin, his beautiful voice and a gorgeous song.

Now I'm gonna spend my day just relaxing. It's a gorgeous day and I'm just going to catch up on some tv shows, do some reading and enjoy a cuppa outside. Just some downtime. Before I have to head to work tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful day no matter what you're doing, and if the day doesn't go as well it could've have, I hope at least something has made you smile. ♥
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Star Trek was absolutely fan-frikken-tastic!

Has to see it again. It was SO much better than I expected, even though I heard from everywhere that it was good. :D
Awesome way to celebrate my "yay I has no swine flu" and to finally get out after 2 weeks. ♥

ETA: Also, saw the newest longer trailer to Harry Potter and the HBP. GOOD GOD, it LOOKS AMAZING TOO! CANNOT WAIT! Will be seeing it in Malaysia, so Malaysia cannot come fast enough!
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Just a random photo post that I wanted to get out of my system since I was uploading. Very random, and not very interesting. XD

Best photo I've taken in awhile.
Docklands at dusk
Taken from the car on the way home from St Kilda market. It was pretty so I just sorta stuck my arm towards it (I was on the opposite side of the car) and pressed the button. It turned out so pretty. :D

more not-so-pretty ones )

And a couple of more things before I go sleep.
- for those who wanted to see my crappy hair not-so-newly permed hair. (Sorry you can't reaally see it properly. Couldn't fit all my super long hair in the frame, tried to tilt the laptop but that ended badly. xD I've also actually cut my fringe since this photo. Haha)
- I've updated that post-JLPT post with promised photos of yummy lunch.
- Shitshitshitshitshitshitshiiiiiiiiiiitttt
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Uwaaaa there's a million things going on in fandom right now and because my bandwidth is capped, I can barely load my flist. D: D: D: So much I wanna spazz about (KAT-TUN/Uchi/Tegoshi/Arashi/etc xD) but all my sparkly spazzing will be put on hold until tomorrow night, after my bandwidth resets and I've gone on my monthly 1st of the month downloading spree. xD

Gonna leave now to meet up with [ profile] lveaddkt to try to do some JLPT studying. :O Wish us luck! Then we have karaoke tonight. It's been awhile since we've gone. Hopefully it'll be fun. :D

That's it for now, more from me tomorrow~

Oh, also: NaBloPoMo DONE! Bloody hell it was annoying posting everyday for a month. I think I shall limit it to once a year. I'll probably be posting once every couple of days now, or well, I hope to. xD
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Currently at [ profile] lveaddkt's. Picked her up after she finished work and we went to pick up my mags. Busted $150. o.O; I seriously should not be able to afford that.

Then we bummed, had a late lunch and then did some shopping. Spent an hour at Myer's Kit corner just -smelling- their yummy smelling products. Ness ended up buying a Lemon Basil body milk and a caramel candle that I just want to eat, even knowing it wouldn't be good for me. I think we got quite high from it. I fell in love with the Smiley range. It's some sort of psycho-tonic fragrance which is meant to release endorphins and activate happiness. It smells so nice and I kept grinning at it and it made my skin real soft. I think I may go back to buy some. xDD

Doing a stack of swapping files with Ness tonight cuz I lost a stack of the more recent files, and need it to refill my JE library. xD

Right, off to do that now. Have a good weekend everyone! ♥

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Nov. 27th, 2008 10:11 pm
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What the hell is with the weather?! In total contrast to the cold, blustery, torrential rainy Saturday last week we had a muggy, sticky, -very- uncomfortable 29 degree day today. Just ewww. I really hate hot weather. D:

Went to market with mum and the grandparents today, and it wasn't even too bad. I usually hate it cuz of all the screaming and rude people. But it wasn't too bad today.

( D: I'm copying stuff from a CD and according to the computer, it's gonna take anything from 19407 days to 49560 days to copy 4 gigs. WTF?!)

Currently at [ profile] asagao_blossoms place, bumming. Cuz I didn't feel like being by myself at home. Playing cards... haha feel like I'm in high school again for some reason.

* Hope the full version of KAT-TUN's White X'mas PV is released soon. The edit looks so pretty and I'm really in love with the song. :D

* Going out to Kanga to pick up my mags tomorrow. Apparently, Taka-san and [ profile] lveaddkt were counting today.. and I have 7 mags on hold. >.<; O.M.G.

Okay, that's all, I don't really have much to say.
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Grabbed from various people on the flist. :D
01. Put your mp3 player or whatever on shuffle.
02. Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
03. Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
04. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
05. Looking them up on google or any other search engine is cheating

You can tell that my majority is Japanese music xD )

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Nov. 24th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I feel like this body doesn't belong to me anymore. I'm so tired. In the last 4 days I've probably had only a total of about 10hrs sleep. I don't think my brain is working anymore.

So much to say but so little energy to do it with. I'm recovering slowly and I swear I'll post properly soon. Just.. not now. Gonna go try to sleep, though I haven't had much luck with that despite being so tired.

One thing before I go. Quote from the groom's speech at the wedding on sunday:
To the brides parents: Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. I will do my very very best to make sure that... she takes good care of me.
Among quite a few things that made me smile at the wedding. More later. Sleep now.

This was a spam post. D:
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happy belated birthday, [ profile] ashkt~!
I'm sorry the wishes are a day late.D: I hope you had a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter. <3 ♥♥♥

I have myself a brand new terabyte drive! I'm trying not to dwell too much on the i've-lost-500g-of-data aspect and focusing more on the i-had-no-space-this-drive-arrived-just-in-time aspect of things. xD Oh so I'm a nut, but I'm happy. Starting again. I will make it a comprehensive JE library, I don't care how long it takes. :D

Shopping yesterday with [ profile] maiaki and [ profile] lveaddkt was fun. I didn't make it out til about 3pm cuz of unforseen happenings at home, but in the hour? two? I was with them shopping, I managed to spend over $100. A part of which I put on the credit card. Nooooooo~ so not good. But I'm happy with my purchases. Bought 2 cardies that I've been needing for ages and went a little crazy buying accessories, namely: rings, with [ profile] lveaddkt. I'm sorry you didn't find what you needed, [ profile] maiaki! Lol I also bought a "P" charm necklace (3 guesses what it stands for) for cheap, cuz I'm a freak and I decided to use it as a hint to all my meddling family that I may have someone in my life so they can stop trying to set me up. D: We decided against a ring, cuz that would have probably brought more controversy than I'm willing to deal with. xD

The PIN article in Popolo makes me happy. I don't even have much more to say than that. I'm glad that Popolo gave them a chance to do an article together, it's been so long since they've got to work together. <33

So the FNS lineup is out. Every debuted JE group bar KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 will be performing. xD The lineup seems pretty amazing. Lucky this will air after I get new bandwidth so I'm not worried about downloading the whole 4 and a half hours of it. :D I love end of year shows cuz everyone gets together. Can't wait for MS Super Live and Countdown above all. ♥
ETA: Tegoshi will be on Haneru no Tobira to promote Uso Uso. Omg if it's the Abbrevation Train I'm just gonna die. May be the 100 Yen shop though. xD

akgjkdal;asd; Magazines are just piling up for me. Kanga is now holding about 8 copies, awaiting my pickup and I've just emailed Taka-san ordering Arashi in an-an, cuz they look amazing, and TegoMassuPi in Pinky. Somebody needs to stop me. I said in my email to Taka that he needs to limit what I can hold and he, being totally unhelpful said, 'No, specially no limits for you!!' Yes, I quote, multiple exclamation marks and all. Taka-san is evil.

I've run out of things to say but I need to do this wishlist thing before I forget, again. So here's my 10 things holiday wishlist. I actually had some trouble coming up with most of these. )

Lol some pretty insubstantial stuff there, but it's what I could think of. :D Now I've only seen a couple of wishlists on my flist, so people post yours so I can see what I can fulfill! ♥
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& I've had no post despite expecting 3 different packages and a letter. Gakkari~ D:
  ETA: Nvm! Just discovered my copy of [color] sitting on the front step. :D Happyy~

& Going shopping with [ profile] maiaki and [ profile] lveaddkt today. I've gotten all my necessary items so I can take it slowly looking at accessories. My favourite type of shopping. :D The last couple of shopping trips have been so stressful for me.

& Just bought 2 disney couture bangles for Fi's birthday this week. She'll be really happy with this pressie. I told her I expected the same amount of happiness when it comes round to my birthday next April. xD

& Ah gotta run, need to get ready, wanted to post now in case I don't make it make home in time tonight. I'll probably be home all day tomorrow (the bangles are coming and I have to sign for them) so I'll be writing up a fandom post that I've been accumulating. :)

& Have a good day everyone~ ♥
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Maybe I'm just not suited to wearing dresses. Been looking for a dress for a family friends wedding for the last two weeks. No luck.

Four days till the wedding.

Mission today: find a dress by all means.

Else I'll be wearing jeans no matter -what- people say. I just don't care anymore.

Gyaaa wish me luck!

ETA: Just received an email. Seagate's received my drive and will be shipping out a replacement by the end of the day. Woot.
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* Feeling really out of it. And super anti-social. I think I used all my socialising energy on the weekend being out Fri-Sun, and now I just wanna huddle up in a corner. Was supposed to take the car in for a service but Doncaster is way to far in my condition, so mum did it instead. I feel bad about that.

* Pulling a [ profile] cierra_james, I didn't get out of bed till about 2pm.. though i woke a stack of times from about 7am. That what happens when you go to sleep at 4-5am I guess. D: And here I thought I'd fixed my horrible sleeping patterns.

* Have made no progress with the cards at all. None. One huge inspiration hit and I pull all my materials out and start but haven't touched them since. Happens a lot with me. I have stacks of unfinished projects. Really gotta get a move on with the cards though. I hope to get them sent out by the first week of Dec at the latest. >.<; Having said that, if you want a card and still haven't given me your addy feel free to leave it here.

* Looking forward to the some of the upcoming Domoto Kyoudai episodes. Should be SO much fun.
   - 2008.12.14 Nakagawa Shoko
   - 2008.12.21 Toda Erika (Lol the FujiTV blog was saying how they were all meeting for the first time but being all Kansai-jin everyone got really high. And mention of a Nino vs Koichi card magic thing?! xD)
   - 2009.01.18 Shida Mirai

* Still a little tripped out. Only KoyaShige could sing a boppy song about checking out a girl's cleavage and getting turned on by it. I swear I'm dying to see what the performance is like. Cams please!

ETA: Gyaah can't believe I almost forgot, gomen!
Happy Birthday, [ profile] hitomito!
♥ Lots of birthday love and wishes from me. Hope you have a wonderful day. <33
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God, I love kids. I really miss having children running around the house. Someone give me a kid to play with. Seriously. Got woken up this morning by two little boys, the grandchildren of some family friends who'd come to get their hair done by mum. Ages 3 and 4 I think. They were so genki and rowdy but oh so cute. :D
Instance 1: Little boy 1 asks his grandfather (who was chatting to my gramps): "Poppy why are you sitting in the kitchen?" except 'why' was in english and the rest was in chinese and it sounded soo cute. I heard this from my room and started giggling.
Instance 2: Little boy 2 to my grandmother, pointing to our empty fish tank: "Where are the fish-fish?" Grams: "They all died." Little boy: "HUUUUHHHH?!!?!" Lol I swear he sounded scandalised.

Haha, maybe it's just me.
Horikita Maki & Kuroki Meisa in new drama together. Too bad I have absolutely no interest in the plot.
Riiiiight, people. So Kame wears a ring with a 'B' on it. And of course that stands for Bakanishi. WUT?! >.<;;
My Arashi love grows by leaps and bounds with each episode I watch. This means -every- week mind you. What I watched yesterday: this week's Shukudai with Tutorial, the first ep of Mago Mago's rowing saga... they're just too adorable together. XD
Getting this post out of the way. Off to the post office later to send off my external, hopefully I'll get it back in a week or so. Then dinner in the city with [ profile] lveaddkt, her friend M, and [ profile] breakfast_kiss. Fangirling session with dramas will most likely follow. xD
The JLPT test is in 3 weeks. I have NOT done an inkling of studying for it, at all. I am so hopeless. I really need to buckle down and study. It was my idea to do it in the first place, and doing Level 3 on my first try. So scary. [ profile] cierra_james & [ profile] lveaddkt are probably way ahead of me. Right, I'm gonna go do a couple of practice tests before I have to leave. xD

Have a good weekend everyone~! <33 ♥
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Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] 4_03_am/[ profile] enraged!
I'm sorry I was too out of it yesterday to wish you properly on the day. D: But I'm glad to hear that you had an overall good day with plenty of pressies. :D

Two days and going back 250 entries. Things always happen when I'm out of commission. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. I'm bouncing back and feeling much better now.

Had lunch with an old high school friend, B, today. We've known each other for 10 years since year 7 in high school, and grew really close over the years. We sort of drifted apart and hardly got to see each other the past year or two but we're trying to do more stuff together again. I'd forgotten how easy it was with her. It feels good to be able to just pick up where we left off. :)

New Kame drama slotted for January! :D Happy happy happy. Jan with Kame in a suit and Maru/Massu in firefighting uniforms. xD Looking forward to see what other dramas pop up.

Take a picture of yourself, right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
Post that picture with no editing and post these instructions with it.

Dear god, why did I choose to do this meme today? D: Such an unflattering photo. Crappy webcam, messed up hair and all. D: maybe I should refrain from posting pics of myself )

I've had this post sitting open for over 4 hours and I can't really think of any content to put in it. Not to mention in between, I've had dinner, helped mum with her assignments and taken a walk. >.<; I had some more fandom rambling but I've clean forgotten them now. So that's it from me for today. Gonna go watch some Mago Mago Arashi. ([ profile] iheartyourtears mentioned it on her blog and I realised I hadn't watched it so I went and downloaded it. ^^; My bandwidth is nearly as good as gone. D:)
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Gyaa feeling horrible. The heat isn't helping at all. Here I was thinking I'm finally getting better from my last bout of sickness, a new one hits. Gyaaaa..

Was meant to go grocery shopping with mum today but didn't cause I felt so crap. Tried to continue on the card making but only got frustrated that things weren't turning out. I think I've complicated things a little too much. the mess that is my card making area )

Was gonna post my Christmas wishlist but I'm feeling too crappy to think. Gonna go dose up on meds then go to sleep. I'll get back to comments tomorrow.
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★ Just got home from [ profile] lveaddkt's and finally managed to get the net to work. No time to write up a proper entry for today. This is is a cheat post so I don't miss out today. xD

★ No chickens in sight today! Though it was totally raining cats and dogs. I had my wipers on at super psycho mode and I could barely see. So dangerous. D:

[ profile] lveaddkt moments of the day:
♥ あくびをしながら、「好きやねん、大阪。」を歌ってました。 xD Totally hilarious.
♥ "Spot the Johnny!" --> referring to [ profile] lveaddkt's wall that's completely covered with posters and rip outs of models and actors.. with a random Jin scan in it. xDD

★ Just made it~! Right, off to bed. Proper post tomorrow, promise. :D

ETA: Looks like the profile layout has moved off beta and is now here to stay. D:
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★ There is a chook on the loose on our street. I was sitting in the kitchen eating lunch when all of a sudden I hear clucking noises, only to look outside and see a big white rooster strutting around on our lawn. Mum tells me it's been up and down the street all morning. Our neighbour later comes over and asks whether we know anyone in the neighbourhood who owns chickens 'cause there's a chicken straying in her garden. I kid you not. I have pictures but for some reason my card refuses to let me transfer to the comp so I can't post them.

★ From the Gyao scans I grabbed off [ profile] watchful21. This is what I got from the information on the tracks off 「color」 :
♥ Yamashita's solo 「MOLA」 is completely written in English lyrics with the lyrics illustrating a love affair. The danceable sound incorporating black taste, (ブラックテイスト) [what the hell is that?!] exactly depicts the 「MOLA」 (meaning sexy-cool) ambience. It's a piece that shows a new side of him that no one ever knew.
♥ Nishikido's solo 「ordinary」 is a guitar solo that is sang with a voice overwhelming with power. Composed and written by the person himself, it freely demonstrates the charm of "artist Nishikido Ryo". 彼らしい”ありのままの言葉で届けばいい”というメッセージは、心に真っ直ぐ刺さってくる。 -> No matter what I tried, I couldn't get this sentence to translate properly into english, can anyone help?
♥ And the continuation (!?)* from 『pacific』's 'Chirarizumu', Koyama and Kato's 'Murarisuto'. Singing enthusiastically of the secret intentions of which only males understand, this song is overflowing with the party-like sound.
♥ 'Minna ga iru sekai wo hitotsu ni ai wo motto give & take shimashou' this song with a lo~ng title basically with the meaning 'the world needs more love' is sang by Masuda & Yamashita & Koyama (which Masuda taking lead vocals). A super showy pop tune sang with splashy like voices. A song which is spot on for Masuda who always favours bright smiles.
♥ 'Forever' - an R&B number of earnest memories with sweet harmonies.
♥ 'Kesenai' - a(n) broken hearted/unrequited love song using an answering machine as a motif sang by Tegoshi & Nishikido & Kato.

* The magazine actually had (!?) in there.

***Please forgive the horrible horribly rough translation/note thingy. It's only parts taken out about the new songs, and what I could manage of it. Not in order, with really bad English sentences. I'm sure there will be proper translations up soon. This is my first time -ever- trying to translate something.

Anyway, so the entire english Yamapi song is true. I'm really dying to hear it. I'm wondering whether I'll be pleasantly surprised or if I'll laugh my ass off. I'm -really- looking forward to this album, even though I know I shouldn't in case I get sorely disappointed. Hopefully it'll be as awesome as I'm hoping. *fingers crossed*

★ I'm off now. Playing chaffeur to the family, driving grams and Jen to the chiropractor. Two times a week I sit insanely bored at the clinic for an hour and a half while grams and jen get chiro/acupuncture done. I may bring a random book with me today.

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This posting everyday thing is really hard. I'm starting to think I can understand Yamapi's feelings for his nikki and I really respect him for doing it continuously for so many years.

Cup day today. Was meant to go out to lunch with the family but had a tiff with mum just beforehand and that fell through. Nothing major but it did cost me lunch. Had an awesome chat with [ profile] maiaki though. It's been awhile since we've chatted though I felt bad seeing it was only hours before her exam. How'd that go by the way?

So I bummed at home and did more downloading.(!) Honestly someone needs to smack me. Downloaded the 08 Shock and that killed quite a bit of bandwidth. Not to mention hard disk space. Finally sat down to watch a lot of the stuff and well watching so much one after the other means I don't really have time to digest it all. So here's some random thoughts. Feel free to ignore, really. )

Okay so I don't really have much to say. Else, I've forgotten most of it. My heads all fuzzy and sleepy right now. Don't mind me. Next up on the to-watch list: my backlog of Janiben's, Canjani's, ItteQ, Shimura Doubutsuen, ctKT and Shokura (when it all gets upped anyway).

Okay I can't think of anything else to write, [ profile] asagao_blossoms is bugging me to help her with her japanese work and won't leave me alone. Fi is also taking me on a late KFC run in an hour cuz she has major cravings for rolls and gravy. She's starting to pass her cravings on, and it's annoying me. haha I am quite the pushover I've realised. Especially with my cousins. xD

Ok I'm gonna stop rambling now. Good night/morning/day everyone! ♥♥♥
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& In RL: [ profile] maiaki, [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] lveaddkt's friend Megan and I, all stay over at [ profile] lveaddkt's place on Friday night after dinner in the city. Armed with snacks we arrived at her place around midnight and proceeded to watch various JE related clips. We ended up watching the Eito neoki dokkiri, some Gakkou e Ikkou eps, some of Gokusen 2 before we watched The Breakfast Club and Friends. xD Very random. Megan left at 4am but the rest of us didn't end up sleeping til about 8am. I think I caught about an hours sleep on and off. Everyone was up again at 11-12. Then Nessa's mum kindly made hotcakes for us for brunch. ♥ We then all packed up and went back into the city at around 3pm.

Oh, something that made me happy? Tsubaki getto! xD Australia finally stocks Tsubaki now and I was so happy to see it in the Shiseido window on Friday night that I was high all night. :D Us girls went shopping together for the first time in the 3 years we've known each other. Which is just strange. We did dinner again before I took Nessa home. We ended up watching Dream Boys 2006 before I went home.

& Fandom: Has been pretty quite lately but the thing that made my week was Sho and Ohno babysitting in Arashi no Himitsu-chan. It was just too adorable. ♥

Ok, sorry to cut this post short but my head feels like it's gonna short circuit any minute now and I can't think straight enough to continue so I'm gonna go take some drugs and watch mindless anime or something.
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{♥} So I decided to do this last minute and I doubt I'd get many replies but if you have the time to leave me a note, that would be awesome. I could do with a pick-me-up. :) My Valentinr - autumnjaide

{♥} Just came home from Crown's CNY celebrations. It wasn't too bad. Although there really wasn't much to do and we had to keep track of all the kids in case we lost them in the throngs of people.

{♥} Somebody shoot me. I caved the other day and called kanga and ordered..eight magazines. That's right, eight. WTF, Sarah?! There goes all my New Year's money. I have like.. ZERO self-control. I'm so surprised I came home from my trip with money left over.

{♥}The Handwritten Meme )

{♥} Also, this new thing with LJ putting a giant tag button table wherever there's typing space is starting to annoy me. That's it.


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