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I had a strange dream this morning of me going around the neighbourhood (it was -mine- in the dream sense, but it looked nothing like my real one) putting out spot fires with a strange hose thing that wasn't attacked to anything but still spout out water. Felt so...strange when I woke up. I think this may have been affected by the sms I got yesterday from the Victorian Police warning about high temperatures and fire warning then waking up to the sound of super strong winds knocking things down (like an old gate of ours was knocked right off it's hinges).

Also received a letter from VU today. Finally found out what the decision from last month's progress meeting was. They're allowing me to stay enrolled (surprised me) if I switch to part time, so 2 units this semester until my scores (read: motivation) goes up. So instead of withdrawing totally from uni (which was what I was planning to do) I now have the option to take 2 classes while working (still job hunting) or defer for the semester. I think I may take 2 jap classes to tide me till mid-year when I'm gonna try for Monash again. I have nothing to lose really and it may help with the transfer. Going into enrol tomorrow. Wish they'd let me know earlier seeing VU has already been back 2 weeks now. >.<; Eta: And it's gonna cost me $120 for my enrolment to be reinstated. Now I'm not so sure about it.

Mum made me a huge batch of 'Sai Mai Lo' (西米露), or Sago/Tapioca pudding(?) which is a Chinese sort of dessert which I love. We had stacks of fruit so she made use of them. It's a nice cool pick-me-up for such a horrid, overcast, stifling dry day. Right, off to dinner now. Hope everyone's well. ♥
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] wintersjuly!

Lots of love and wishes going out to you Nita. I hope you had a lovely day full of shiny things. I wish I could've done something for you. But alas, I am poor and all I can do is send my love. ♥ :)

My internet bandwidth is capped again. So netsurfing has been painful. Friday seriously cannot come quicker. Uni has started again. Monday's Professional Careers & Development class was beyond boring. I don't know how I'm gonna handle it for the entire semester. Though I'm looking forward to next weeks. We're gonna be doing a couple of psychology tests and I've always enjoyed that. Maybe the test results will help me figure out a direction of where I want to go.

I have Japanese Culture & Society tomorrow. I failed this sub last year. Shocking as it may seem. Hopefully with Sato-sensei taking it this year instead of Takeuchi-sensei, it'll hold my attention more than last year. I'm looking forward to Jap 6 on Friday too. I also have an appointment to see my Course Co-ordinator tomorrow. Not looking forward to explaining to her why I did horrible last semester. But at least she's new, and I don't have to deal with our old co-ordinator. God, I really didn't like him. Fingers crossed it goes well.

There's still plenty of open prompts in the Alphabet meme I posted in my last post. Throw me more prompts people! :)
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
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Minna genki?

Anyone notice that I seem to use that subject line a little too often? >.<;

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a month. It feels a lot longer than a month, but LJ says I haven't posted in 4 weeks so yeah~. Thank you to all those wonderful comments in my hiatus post, I love you guys really.

My laptop is still dead, cuz I'm lazy and Acer is an ass. I'm weighing up between taking it to my local repairs place and voiding the warranty or battling it out with Acer for a bit more.

I've been.. less than well lately so that's probably contributed to me not posting. I've also been browsing the flist very sparsely so I might've missed quite a bit. I do try to read of my friends posts though, so even if I'm not commenting, I am reading. I'm slowly getting better though.. I hope. At the very least, I know this will pass. Eventually.

Still no news yet on the exchange front.. and I'm getting a little antsy. It's been four weeks.. maybe I didn't get in? ;_; At uni at the moment, probably explains why I'm posting. Got here at 8.20am for a 9am class.. so here I am.

Ok, I'm off to class now, I'll try to post a little more often despite being (still) on semi-hiatus. I have some graphics that I want to share/make and also change my layout maybe when I come back. As much as I love my current layout, I've had it for about 5-6 months now. xD

Until next time guys, take care~ *hugs*
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{#} So I really suck at this LJ-ing business. But then again what's new. Also, been sick for the last week. Was the worst on Thursday & Friday when I was running a fever. Now I have major sniffles, sore throat and cough.

{#} Firstly, last Sunday's Japan Festival..well, it was sorta disappointing. I expected a lot more. But then again, I didn't see a lot of the demonstrations and the stalls were everywhere. The food area was in an undercover parking level and I thought that was quite amusing, even though the lines were humongous. Highlight: SO MANY JAP PEOPLE! I hadn't realised that the Melbourne Jap community was so large. And omg, I was so jealous of all these random Caucasian spouting out fluent Japanese. And, there were a couple of times where I spotted some gorgeous looking Jap guys. And just thought, OMG I didn't know they existed in Melbourne!! Also, lots of gorgeous mix-raced babies. It wasn't the best day (its was freezing) and we didn't take ANY photos. So none to share, sorry.

{#} Last week of uni this coming week. Have our major Japanese written test tomorrow. Should be studying but I can't concentrate. Have Fiona sitting next to me trying to do her Desktop publishing stuff except she can't concentrate either cuz tonight is F1 night. Gonna be taking up Spanish in the winter semester since I have to make up units of the ones I've failed this semester (please, don't ask), and Spanish is the only one I can do. Also, because one of my failed units are sequential AND my major, my course has to be extended an extra year. Been a little depressed about that, and what to do about it. Had a fallout with mum last weekend and left the house for 4 days because of it. Um.. things a little better now I guess. Nothing's been resolved yet, but I'm talking to mum again at least.

{#} Edit: So I forgot to mention, because of the four days which I was away from home, I fell behind with downloading and in a fit of frustration, I bought 2 months of MegaUpload Premium. I was going to eventually but this was a little earlier than planned. Since I have NO space on my HDD. Been burning like mad. And downloading like mad. I think I'm in love with MUPrem even though it puts a little dent in my saving plans.

{#} On better news, I got a new phone! My old barely working 5-6 year old Samsung (which used to belong to Mum) finally died on Thursday. Luckily for me, later that night, my new phone arrived at Fi's. So now I have a sleek new LG Chocolate K800. It's very kira-kira and I'm not used to having so many features on my phone.

{#} Random [Or things that I'm looking forward to]:
「♪」 KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta. Both the single and the PV. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but [ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] lveaddkt & [ profile] maiaki (was it including Dave and Oscar too guys?).. got me the single as a part of my pressie. And I can't wait to see the full PV. I can see the flist going crazy already. I mean, there's been a 40sec~ preview and there are *already* icons out.
「♪」 Kanjani8's new album. I don't even know how to pronounce it. But I'm looking forward to the new songs, since I'm currently very in love with "Futari no Namida Ame". Plus the mini-movie on the DVD looks like CRACK.

Hmmm what else is happening..?

「♪」 Was just browsing the offical JE site. Seems like Koyama/Shige/Massu/Tegoshi will be in the next Hadaka no Shounen. Since they use the symbol for the slash and HnS usually only feature 2 guests, I'm guessing only 2 of the four will be on there? Anyone with more info?
「♪」 July's Shounen Clubs. Ueda as guest and a duet rendition of Yorokobi no Uta with Nakamaru. Should be fun. The setlist looks awesome. Can't wait.
「♪」 Just when I said that I would start cuttin down on buying mags. I realise that the new issues have Jin in them, not to mention Myojo July has Pi & Koya on the cover which is..

.. So super broke.
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There's so much blank space between my posts, it's almost like I go on temp leave/semihiatus everytime. It's almost like I'm fading from the fandom. But that couldn't be any further from the truth. I'm even more crazy in love with the fandom than ever. But it's just.. not a lot has been happening? For someone who joined the fandom at a time when EVERYTHING was happening at once that I could barely keep up, this lull is affecting me a bit. But things should pick up soon yes? Plus, I've been really out of it, so have been lazy to update.

I'm going into a huge rant over everything that's been happening, so this will be loooong and boring, so feel free to ignore if you like. No pics or anything, just my rants.

Yamapi in Kuwazu Kirai Oou )

May Shokura )

TegoMasu )

Ohmygod, real life! (But still related to fandom *laughs*) )

I should be writing my mini-essay for my Japanese conversation test but I just can't seem to concentrate on it. I got so frustrated! I mean, how can you write an entire page about your room!? Especially with my limited Japanese. *sighs*

Right, I'll stop here then. I'm *never* doing a post like this again, by the way. >.< I refuse to. I will try to do smaller posts more frequently. Even if it's only *just a little* more frequently. We'll see.

Happy early Birthday, Ohkura~! For tomorrow (just in case I don't get on to make a post).
Happy belated birthday to [ profile] denwa~! Sorry I missed your birthday, darls. I hope you had a good one.
Also, Happy belated birthdays: Koyama, Yoko, Arioka & Morimoto-oniichan~! Lol these are the birthdays that I missed in the last month in which I didn't make a post for.
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Gyaah things will look up soon right? I've been totally unmotivated with uni, dead tired plus sick for over a week. I'm slowly getting better but still spend most of the day with a super croaky voice.

EDIT: Ok I have been working on this post since Tuesday so I apologise for the lateness and everything jumps everwhere. I kept getting interrupted (Mum keeps stealing my Net) and just when I thought I was getting better, the weather changes again and I started running a fever from late last night. I've missed so much class lately. Maa iika.. I'll use today to finish off this post, hopefully before babysitting.

I haven't done a proper fangirl entry in just a week and man, do I have a lot to catch up on in the fandom. Most of this stuff will be old news to everyone but it's for me to catch up on my thoughts and reactions to everything, so feel free to spam me with comments about anything. Also, there will be caps, but not capspams like I did in previous posts. I can't be bothered organising any big spams, sorry.

One week away from LJ + awesome fandom + caps + fangirling + real life = LONG entry.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

NEWS MS Special Medley (2007.03.16)
This medley was sooo awesome~! I didn't expect them to sing their own songs, so seeing Koyatopi do Daite Senorita and Ryokoyatopi do Kanfuu Fighting blew my mind.
Comments & Caps )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Limited Edition 星をめざして Single - DVD
I'm seriously not kidding, I loved this DVD. It was just *overflowing* with Member Ai, and everyone should know by now that I am an obsessive supporter of member ai~ (Just like Yamapi)
Comments & Caps again ^_^ )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Shounen Club Premium - Kame (2007.03.18)
I actually haven't fully watched this yet. But I have watched the "Peak" performance and the collab of "Bokura no Machi de". So I'll just talk about those first.
Very short cut for SCP )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Random Fangirling
...randomness.. )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Real Life (or what should pass as one)
F1 Grand Prix )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Last thoughts:
## Hontou ni gomen nasai~! For posting so late! (m_ _m)
## I'm hungry, should go cook now.
## PLEASE SPAM ME WITH COMMENTS! Even if it is to yell at me for posting late! And I will get back to all your other comments as soon as I can! Gomen~
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Firstly, thanks to [ profile] game_queen @ [ profile] news_jpop I was able to order Hoshi wo Mezashite LE at Play-Asia. Although now that I've put the orders through (both at HMV and Play-Asia) I'm getting a little paranoid, as this is my first online shopping experience. But am glad I have those ordered --relieved--.

Hmm started uni yesterday although it's not alot to go on seeing as I only had the 1.5hr Jap lecture. Rocked up late too --grimace-- all mum's fault.. but I won't go into it, as I'll probably end up ranting.

Have a full day tomorrow, 10am - 5.30pm with a 1 hr break at 1pm. Don't know what the classes are gonna be like, and feeling a little aprehensive about a couple. Hope they turn out ok though. *fingers crossed* Oh, and we've already got a kanji test for next Monday but since the kanji are in the tute notes and the bookshop don't have them yet.. we have no idea what kanji we're meant to be studying. Just great. I will talk more about uni after I actually see what the classes are like.

Random: I finally got my hands on the Seventeen issue with NewS calendar offshoots. And I was (sorta) reading the caps and went OMG?! Let me explain: Back when us LJ fans got wind of the info that NewS were in LA, a girl from the Soompi forums mentioned that she saw then and spoke to Ryo. Most of you probably remember? She didn't really know who they were but had a chat with Ryo comprising of something along the lines of "Are you Japanese?" "Yes" "Can we take a photo?" And then having the staff yell at them "No photo!" This incident is ACTUALLY printed in the offshoots article in Seventeen~! I mean, I'm probably overreacting (again) but I think that's SOOO cool~! I don't even know how to explain it.

I just think that's cool and had to share. I might try to translate it and post it up. Cuz it's cool~

Yosh~ I'm off to bed minna~ Long day at uni tomorrow.
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Today is just not my day...

Happy 21st Birthday Kame-chan~!

I tried all day to make a graphic but inspiration just wouldn't come..
I'll try to do it asap, and I'll edit this post with it.

So I watched Arashi's new PV and their appearance on Utaban and thought it was soo amusing I'd try to upload it for everyone. Nope, no can do cuz all the servers hated me. Then I thought I'd do caps instead. I had a nice shiny Arashi capspam post -nearly- ready to go.. when firefox froze on me and just closed. Ok, so I thought "Don't panic, LJ saves posts.." .. right? I open LJ again. and.. and.. and..

Since there's no way I'm gonna do it all over again, go check out [ profile] darkeyedwolf's capspam if you haven't already. Arashi looks super amazing in the PV. I love their outfits.. I also like the kira-kira cardies they perform lives in (I want to steal Sho's XD) [refer to MS perf or Utaban perf].

Ok, random thoughts now, cuz I'm just not in the mood to do a proper post.

{+} Sorry for the spazz in the last post.. it seems like I was overreacting but I'm just so excited cuz the calendars will be my first official JE shiny merchandise. I can't order online without beggin my mum so I haven't been able to buy all their CDs etc. And there's no place to buy JE stuff here in Melb. Grrr..
{+} UNI IN TWO DAYS~! *wootwoot* --does a happy dance-- [imagining hippos doing the conga.. idk XD] Call me crazy (and I'll probably think differently in a month or two) but I'm just dying to get back to class.
{+} Ryo.. you are such a dork. But we still love you.
{+} The CD covers for Hoshi wo Mezashite have been released. I hadn't ordered them and was wondering if I should. But when I saw the covers.. I just went.. and immediately went to activate my (just previously signed up) Paypal account. ... . I'm DEFINATELY getting them! Zettai kaimasu~

Yosh since I'm seriously bothered by the weather here atm (I swear it's gonna kill me one day) and am not feeling to good.. I will leave on that note... *runs off to watch some drama before bed*.

*HUGS* to everyone~! <33
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My highlight for the day: standing in the pouring rain after a hot, humid & sticky 33°C day of walking *everywhere*. The rain was hard enough to wash away almost a months worth of grime off my car (been too lazy to wash it) but it felt so good. I've always loved the rain, and it's been a loooong time since last I was actually in it. I've been feeling horrible all day, and this helped peak me up a little.

「♪」Met up with Di ([ profile] surealistic_des), Maggie ([ profile] maiaki) & Ness ([ profile] lvaddkt) at uni today for a "revision study session". Although we didn't actually get much study done. I managed to get almost all of my uni books for 1st sem though. Blew $213 and have a bunch of scary look text books.
Had lunch then went to the city, took purikura then bought mags. I got my copy of March Duet, Winkup & Potato. Yay~
Haven't properly looked through them yet.. but when I'm feeling better I will and from what I've seen so far, major fangirling will definately happen.

On that note, that's about it for me today. Am totally buggered. But I couldn't resist a couple of pics to end this entry off. I think my NEWS (hell my JE) obsession is ... argh I don't know what word to use. Let's just say that I didn't even know it can get any bigger, but with each new thing I see NEWS involved in, I love them more and more. Gah, no clue what I'm talking about, on to the pics.

MEMBER AI will be the death of me!! XDDDD )

NEWS LA OFFSHOOTS! in SEVENTEEN (Thumbs + link to Vendy's blog) )
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I am so broke it's not even funny. Although I think I would be *slightly* less broke if I didn't buy any fangirl related products... ... but that's like asking me to shoot myself. No, seriously. When I'm obsessed with something, I'm obsessed.

Well, what prompted me to say that I'm ridiculously broke is that I got my uni booklist last night. [[ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] lvaddkt & [ profile] maiaki: Girls, go to the bookshop site and do a search of your texts.]

I thought that I would get off easier as an Arts student as opposed to Business or Law students in terms of textbooks, and I probably AM. But damn the overall price still hurts. Here is what my booklist looks like (not that anyone would be interested): 2007 Booklist )
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Met up with uni friends yesterday. That was loads of fun. Us girls met up for mags (Kanga didn't have Myojo yet >.< ) and coffee before the guys minus Jarro met up with us for dinner. Bowling at Kingpin afterwards. Boy, was that random. They take photos of you while you're bowling! Also randomness for that night: Ness buying socks so we could bowl. XD Di, I wanna see the pics! Have you uploaded them up yet?
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Also this has been keeping me amused this past few days:
Chibi Yamapi in Cut SC scenes )

Little bit of random stuff )

Ok, sorry to my f-list for such a long random post. (≧∀≦) 


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