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Happy Birthday to [ profile] aikyuu! ♥ Happy belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] brandedwhite, [ profile] kirei_kisetsu and [ profile] darkeyedwolf! Hope you guys had awesome days. ♥

*Had this all written up yesterday but forgot to post it. ^^;

Aiyaa it's been so many days since I've blogged, mainly cuz either nothing happens are everything happens all at once. ^^; I'm sorry for being such a horrible LJ friend. The last couple of days has been quite busy. So to recap.

fri-sun - red wings, 21st bday and max brenners )

monday - ditching, crazy teen girls and zac efron in the flesh )

Oh dear, this ended up being so long. So sorry for ranting so much. Kudos to any who made it this far! :D Also, photos and vid will be added as soon as I get them. eta: up now!
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I'm a little afraid to look at my flist. I've been away from home for about 3-4 days and haven't probably checked LJ except for a quick browse the other morning. Oh, and before I forget, Hello to all my new friends from the JE Friending Meme! ♥

「★」Now that I'm finally back home, there's a stack of stuff I want to get through. This is just a to-do list for myself, so err ignore if you want, its not very interesting. XD
+ Go through flist (cringes)
+ Download dramas/eps I've missed (Seitou Shokun, Liar Game, MuchaBuri, etc..)
+ Email sensei about exchange units
+ Catch up on downloading scans
+ Scan Kindai & Oricon Style
+ ..and probably a stack more too.

On, another note, I'm really proud of myself. I spent all day today trying to organise the mess that is my laptop and managed to organise all my pics/scans and resources properly. Next I'm gonna tackle my music folder and the biggest job of all are my videos. You wouldn't believe the mess they're in, it's a wonder I manage to find anything at all. >.<;

Oh! I think I haven't mentioned this except in passing to [ profile] shirosagi. But with a strong referral from my Japanese sensei, I'm applying for a scholarship to go study in Japan at the beginning of next year. I'm a little apprehensive but super excited also. I'm working on my application right now. The due date for the application is the end of this month. I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes if anyone is interested. ^_^

Ok, now onto some quick (and super late) fandom related squeeing. :D
Kurosagi movie! - I can't wait! I have a huge attachment to Kurosagi cuz, along with NwP, were the main influences which got me so obsessed with Yamapi. ♥ And I can't help thinking, that IF I get to go to Japan, I'll be able to see it on the big screen! *0*
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan - Shige's new drama! I haven't seen many of his older dramas but I really look forward to this one. Shige and Gakki actually look really cute.
Kanjani8 on Utaban - I laughed so hard here that I hurt my stomach. But I seriously felt sorry for Ohkura and Yassu.. those muscle men were SUPER scary. God, they were all around adorable, especially Yassu's embarrassed sorta laugh in the first talk segment. I burst into giggles everytime I hear it. XD
KAT-TUN on MS - *SQUUEEEEEE* Ahem, sorry but I *really* liked Jin's hair in this. It was cute. ♥ The performance was good, can't help noticing that Ueda was SUPER smiley again and I laughed at the ending dodgy camera shots.
cartoon KAT-TUN: smile athletes This was SO cute! I couldn't help smile all through it along with the boys. I hope they'll have it again soon. XD

Now before I leave to tackle my to-do list, I leave you with a fancam of Ryo singing Samurai Blues in a recent K8 concert. I really liked Ryo to start with but this clip made me like him even more. It's just so cute and sweet. I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but I wanted to share anyway. XD I love how he gets pissed and then afterwards starts to bop. His end "arigatou" nearly killed me. ♥ Enjoy~

In which Ryo sings Samurai Blues while K8 changes and gets ... when he asks the audience to sing and then proceeds to yell and then bop XD )
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I was reading up on companies that hire to teach in Japan the other day (which has made me want to go over there even more than ever now) and found this interesting piece of information that made me burst out laughing.
Under the Alien Registration Law, all foreigners who reside in Japan are obligated to register as an alien.-- Nova
LOL. I want to be an alien! I understand that this is refering to "gaijin" but to hear it translated like that is still funny. It was so random among all this info about teaching salaries and health insurance that it took me by surprise.

I really really really want to be able to go live in Japan after I graduate. So I am determine to work hard in the next two years with my Japanese. Ganbarimasu~~!

A little bit of a plug: I've created a new LJ: [ profile] tsuiokunokoto which will be my Photo Memories site. Created due to the fact that it's something to occupy my time (before uni starts again) and that I've always wanted to post my photos somewhere. Posts will officially start on February 1st, 2007. Hope people will take a look later and give me some feedback/comments. You can find it on my links list to the left under "Photo Memories". ^_^

To [ profile] maiaki: I've decided that I will take your advice and start making tons of jewelry again. Hopefully I can sell some pieces to fund my fangirling uni. ^^;

Happy 17th, Yabu! )
Birthday graphic, small incoherency, videos.
Non-fangirls, or non-YaYaYah fans, or people simply not interested, need not click. XD
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I am so broke it's not even funny. Although I think I would be *slightly* less broke if I didn't buy any fangirl related products... ... but that's like asking me to shoot myself. No, seriously. When I'm obsessed with something, I'm obsessed.

Well, what prompted me to say that I'm ridiculously broke is that I got my uni booklist last night. [[ profile] surealistic_des, [ profile] lvaddkt & [ profile] maiaki: Girls, go to the bookshop site and do a search of your texts.]

I thought that I would get off easier as an Arts student as opposed to Business or Law students in terms of textbooks, and I probably AM. But damn the overall price still hurts. Here is what my booklist looks like (not that anyone would be interested): 2007 Booklist )
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Met up with uni friends yesterday. That was loads of fun. Us girls met up for mags (Kanga didn't have Myojo yet >.< ) and coffee before the guys minus Jarro met up with us for dinner. Bowling at Kingpin afterwards. Boy, was that random. They take photos of you while you're bowling! Also randomness for that night: Ness buying socks so we could bowl. XD Di, I wanna see the pics! Have you uploaded them up yet?
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Also this has been keeping me amused this past few days:
Chibi Yamapi in Cut SC scenes )

Little bit of random stuff )

Ok, sorry to my f-list for such a long random post. (≧∀≦) 


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