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I am so majorly excited! =D It's that time again guys! Johnnys calendars! I cannot wait. They look amazing. I had ordered my calendars (I've ordered 4, I know, omfg, right) a couple of weeks ago when Taka-san emailed me kanga's prices. Which are cheaper than I can get even on Yesasia with free shipping, so I've ordered via kanga. I can wait the extra week or two. :D Thank you to [ profile] ihearyourtears for breaking the news about the vids to me (albeit unintentionally ;D)!

ETA: I should add that I'm not really paying for the 4 I ordered. I've conned by cousin into getting them for me. My cousin is buying them for me as an early birthday pressie. ^_^

Things that I am happy about:
♥ KAT-TUN's calendar comes in a jewelry box. How awesome is that. The set gives me major vibes of Arashi's Happiness PV, and its fun and as [ profile] ihearyourtears said, relaxed and I think it looks wonderful. ^_^
♥ Lol, Eito's is in a confectionery box. That sorta fits, somehow. Eito's theme is an Adults School Field Trip. Informal shots of them travelling, at an onsen. I particularly loved the shot of them gathered around in their futons and Ryo was all bundled up in his blankets.
♥ Bright pink box for NEWS. Hahaha. Totally unexpected and oh-so-gay. The pics look amazing though.
♥ Arashi has TWO 'calendars'. Diary style and hang up style. The pics are really artistic.. and I think there's lots of skin. XD Not complaining, obviously. Hahah plus shiny sparkly stickers. My head is exploding at nekkidcowboy!Sho as a kira kira sticker. Just..jgdalg;

To be honest, for the last two months, probably from my hiatus and then the trip, I've become a bit uhm.. lukewarm towards JE. I think I was drifting a bit further away from it. Because I -did- manage to go two months without it, and it didn't affect me as badly as I thought it would've. I mean I used to itch to flist every day. Watching the boys in any show still interest me, it still entertained me, but I lost that sort of excitement I used to have. I think because it's become habit. And with [ profile] lveaddkt on holiday, I don't have anyone to pull me into it. I honestly thought that I was about to leave this wonderful fandom.

But, with the release of the calendars, I feel that excitement I once had. It's been a while since I've squeeled. ^_^ I remember my first calendars (this year is my 3rd) and the excitement of gawking at the weird ass 'calendars' with the pretty shoots. That was only about 2 months into the fandom, it was lots of fun. Haha, now I have more RL fangirls to squeel with, I'm hoping to try not to lose what I first felt in the fandom. I'm slated to catch up with [ profile] lveaddkt and [ profile] breakfast_kiss on Saturday, so hopefully that helps.

I just found an insane spazz post about last years calendar here. I think I may have been on something. :D But if I can even regain HALF of that enthusiasm, I shall be happy. ^^;
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I'm SOOOO happy. Like SUPER happy. Feel like jumping out of my skin, bashing through the roof, crazy laugh at the top of my lungs happy. ... Well almost. XDD OMG

EDIT: OMG I had to *leave* in the MIDDLE of watching Hoshi wo Mezashite PV --BUT-- I GOT MY LAPTOP~!!! *crazy/happy/spazzy dance* So now I'm a million times happier than I was before.. waiting for the first time boot right now. Anyway back to the program XDD;;

「☆」FULL HOSHI WO MEZASHITE PV~! Downloading right now! Dammit, why does my net speed have to lag noooww~!?! *insert MAJOR keyboard smash* ajsfhaljkghkhdaslg.. gorgeous!NEWS, dorky!Pi, huge grins all a round... I LOVE this PV. Everyone looks amazingly gorgeous. Though the twin effect tripped me out at first.. you start to think.. "omg, awesome TWO of EVERYBODY~! XDD" I think this PV increased my love for NEWS a hundred-million fold. My heart literally feels like it's gonna burst. ♥ ♥ ♥ CAPSPAM later~! <33

「☆」 Yamapi's new hair~! Omg, short again!! He looks sooo young~ XDD Still gorgeous. He's just started shooting this drama.. argh, can't wait till it airs in April.

「☆」 Calendars~! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Kat-tun's photobook masquerading as a calendar was so stunningly gorgeous, that I'm glad I ordered it. The photography, design, layout, style is simply stunning. I'm awed. (and super happy) . Kanjani's one was very varied but there was sme gorgeous photography too. Love the group shots, and Ryo & Tacchon.. --sighs dreamily-- I'm only a budding fan of Arashi but their calendar was pretty and kira-kira too~. I'm so happy that there's so many beautiful people who take the time and effort to share these awesome scans with us. So a giant thank you to them, and to everyone who contributes to this awesome fandom. *glomps* CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEWS' CALENDAR~! --dying with anticipation--

「☆」 HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] msxmasuda~! *huggles* Hope you have an awesome day, drink lots, eat lots and have loads of fun~! I have a birthday graphic for you, which I can't find atm (sorry ^^;) so I'll edit later . --chuuuuuuuuu-- OH~! I also blame you because I spent hours last night youtubing DBSK.

「☆」 Speculation: This years surprise debut. Is this gonna happen? I heard about it and don't really know whether its a rumour or not. Well, rumour of not, me and my cousin (who's 13 and I totally roped her into JE ) have been discussing who we think the most likely group will be. In the last Shounen Club ep, I thought it strange that in the opening dance intro, all the Jrs. groups were introduced as a group but Kis-My-Ft2 were introduced individually (sorta like what they used to do with Kat-tun) and then imagine my surprise to see Kisumai perform on *Music Station*. Could this mean anything? Feel free to agree/disagree; I'm just speculating and would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

「☆」 Random:
~ I have purple hair. No really. Not my entire head.. but yes, I have purple hair.
~ My laptop doesn't come with an instruction manual. Only a pamphlet that says, "Take out of box, plug in, turn on." With diagrams... Nevermind, I'm stupid and it was hiding.
~ Uni *sucks* big time.
~ Windows Vista is SUPER pretty.
~ WOOT 120G to fill.. hahahaha


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