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Not much coherency so a bunch of random thoughts. :3

→ 4 days to go and barely a dint made in packing! Our family; the procrastinators. xD

→ I just realised that my paid account expires today. Haha I totally wasted it, I spent most of the paid period on hiatus. Oh well, I will renew when I can. Very low on cash lately.

→ I painted my feature wall at the new house! No photos but it's blue and turned out a lot brighter than I expected. I'm planning on decorating it somehow. Will show pics when that gets done.

→ I have my room all planned out. Can't wait to put it altogether! I'm getting a vanity table made to measure because I wanted something specific, and I either couldn't find what I wanted in stores or it was too expensive. Weird that made-to-measure ends up cheaper.

→ Only thing I still don't know what to do about is my internal window. Gyaaa.

→ I changed my mind and will be taking on Project 365 earlier. Next week to be exact. This move is gonna be the start of a new life for me with lots of changes that I'm putting forth. So I decided I wanted to document from the beginning of this new life. Therefore, Project 365 will start on Monday 17th August. I'm actually not gonna do the project here, but I will definitely link.

→ Loving everything about Buzzer Beat. ♥ Riko x Naoki are just gorgeous. I'd also like a friend like Mai. Totally cute. <3

→ Also, win a year's worth of gorgeous stationery! Sooo pretty! This is gonna kick-start my dormant obsession with stationery again. ♥
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LSHGKSJFHADAGLJ;AK;KLADLHHFLAKJ;DAG;A I LOVE Ryuusei no Kizuna. Just finished it all (caught up from ep 7) and omg I had no idea. What a twist. I totally freaked out and cried. But I really liked the ending. So sweet. ♥♥♥ So much love. I think it may have been my fav drama this year, or at least amongst the very top favourites. :)

Lol that's all. xD
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Overview of the weekend, with photos. )

KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates Concert DVD released New Years Day. I'm a little glad that there's no limited edition, cuz that would mean I would have to fork out money I don't have right now to pre-order it. But without a limited edition I can order it when I -do- have the money. *sighs* I've been looking forward to this, but for some reason.. I'm not as excited for it as I should be. I wonder why. D: Okay, now that [ profile] lveaddkt has flailed at me a bit more, I'm a little more excited for it. xD
Code Blue SP airing date to be January 10th. :D Okay I think it's just how I'm feeling today but I know I should be excited for this but I'm not right now. Maybe it will hit me later.
JLPT Level 3 test in T-minus 12 days. And I haven't done a single spot of study. I am so screwed.

Ok, this post has taken me about 6 hours on and off to code, upload and write and I'm more than fed up with it. I have a mild cold (from Saturday's escapades) plus I think I'm PMSing so I'm getting irrated a lot easier. I'm off to watch some Grey's Anatomy or something which I just stole of Fi. Will get back to comments and entries later. <3
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Yay! Mission accomplished! I managed to find myself a pretty dress for the wedding! I even found a shrug to wear on top and real pretty shoes. Not bad for a days work, even if it did entail doing Highpoint, Werribee AND Bourke street. I'm so buggered. I would take a photo but my camera's out of commission at the moment. I'm SO happy. It's been so hard finding a dress that looks good on me and that I like. And just when I was resigned to a 'hey that looks decent and I guess it'll have to do cuz I'm running out of time' dress, I found a 'omg it looks gorgeous and I love it' dress. :D Haaaappy~! ♥

Also, I came home to find an email from Seagate. They've just shipped out a replacement drive for me today. So I shall get my terabyte drive back in about 3-7 days. Happy happy happy~ (I'm running low on space atm haha.)

Ooooh dramas next season look quite interesting~
   + Kami no Shizuku - Kame
   + RESCUE - Nakamaru, Massu
   + Mei-chan no Shitsuji - Mizushima Hiro, Eikura Nana, Sato Takeru
   + Love Shuffle - Tamaki Hiroshi, Karina
   + Hisatsu Shigotonin 2009 - Higashiyama, Ohkura

Lol I actually don't know what most of these dramas entail, I'm merely basing them on people I like at the moment. I'll give all of them at try at least with the first ep. :)

Right, I'm really buggered so I'm off to relax with some tea and Shige's SCP, Tensai and MMA. :D
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☂ The weather's been really strange down here. But I guess that's normal for Melbourne. As long as I don't have to drive in the insane rain again, I'm good. I actually went out and did stuff yesterday but I didn't get enough time to write about it in my last post. xD

I drove Fi out to her last exam, since she had a scare with her other one when she almost missed it by 1 minute. She has a bad track record with turning up on time to exams. Dropped her off at the Aquatic Centre then drove back to the city. So many people out despite the weather. I was meant to go shopping for a dress but the weather made me lazy so I didn't. Walked around Target for a while looking for [ profile] lveaddkt and picked up some card making stuff, since I've decided to hand-make my cards this year. (I will make a proper post for that soon.) Since she was still working I popped into Reader's Feast and picked up a copy of Tamora Pierce's Melted Stones. Then picked up an ice tea at Starbucks and settled down to wait for [ profile] lveaddkt to finish. Read half the book in the hour I waited. Will probably finish the rest tonight.

Made a trip to Kanga when [ profile] lveaddkt finished and I picked up my mags. (Flix, Only Star I had on order. Also picked up Seventeen and Monthly the Television with NEWS on the cover.) We had dinner (where it took us 10-15mins to decide what to have, we realised that we're very indecisive), did some necessities shopping then I drove her home. The rain was scary. Hung out for a while before driving home and -just- made it to post. xD Such a not very exciting day.

☂ Watched the 4th ep of Ryuusei no Kizuna. I'm really liking this drama. The interactions between the three is cute and everyone's acting is awesome. I love how its a mix of drama, comedy and total randomness *cough*NakashimaMika'scharacter*cough*. I totally fell in love with this particular scene from ep 4:
caps. don't think they're spoilerish )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] lveaddkt~!
Hope you had a wonderful day~ And we'll definitely celebrate it in the break ne?
Wishing you best wishes and lots of energy to get you through what you need to do. Ganbare~! And don't worry you'll get used to being 20 soon enough.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

God, I *really* suck at updating regularly. Five posts for ALL of April. Five. Well six, if you include this one. STILL. *hangs head in shame* I need to put "random unannounced hiatus/leaves from LJ" in my userinfo when I get around to doing that. Ok, so I promised pics of the party. Well that has to wait until I get them from all the various camera's used. But a big shout out to everyone who came. Thanks for coming and the pressies. The day ended up being more a random get together than an *actual* party but I hope everyone had fun anyway.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

「♪」Isn't the new TegoMass PV just the cutest thing ever? *biggrins* I'm so in love with the song, and the boys look gorgeous (even Tesshi and his horrible shirt), even with the *cough*cheap*cough* theme, I think someone called it? XDD But the boys voices totally make up for it.

「♪」I'm also loving this quarter's dramas. This Spring drama season is my first full drama season in the fandom, and I couldn't ask for a better start. I want this to be a quick post else I'm never gonna get it posted so I'm just gonna list which I'm following. Feel free to start up discussion or rec me something I'm not watching which you think I might like to catch.
{&} Propose Daisakusen. Lol, Obviously. There's no way I'd miss Pi's drama. Thoroughly enjoyed the first ep. Have the 2nd but still waiting on softsubs (hope they're still coming out, I know hardsubs are out already). I've been hearing lots of good about the 2nd ep. Looking forward to tonights episode too.
{&} Hanayome to Papa. This is amusing. I like Satomi's character in this series, she's so klutzy and spazzy. Very cute. And her boss intrigues me. I don't know his name but after thinking for two eps, that 'OMG I *know* this guy from somewhere! But where!?' I finally realised that he was in Attention Please. XD Waiting for ep 3's subs.
{&} Liar Game. I love Erika. And this show has such and original concept. At first I thought this was some sort of horror/thriller show, so had no intention of watching it, but when I watched some previews I decided to give it a go. Glad I did.
{&} Bambino. Have 2 eps downloaded but haven't gotten around to watching it yet.
{&} Tokkyo Tanaka 3 Go. Same with Koki's drama. Have all 3 eps. No time to watch.
{&} Seito Shokun. No JE but Shirota, Kanata and Maki. It's darker than shows I normally watch, but it's interesting. I've seen a lot of people compare it to GTO but I haven't watched GTO yet, so I wouldn't know.
{&} Hotelier. I thought it cool that Aya speaks some Korean in this, and with really good pronunciation too (from what I could tell anyway). I'm not sure if I want to follow this till the end though. But I'll see how it goes. Have 2 eps so far.
Err... and I think that's it. OMG That's a lot already and I'm already having a hard time keeping track. My HDD is officially dead. 700MBs. Need to clear it to make space for upcoming eps.

Sorry if I haven't commented on everyone's posts. I've been trying alot harder lately to comment on everyone's.. but sometimes.. its hard, especially after leaving it to pile up over a couple of days. I swear, flist goes haywire if you don't check everyday.


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