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To make space and some much needed extra cash I'm selling off a lot of my JE merchandise. I'll leave this open to my f-list for a few weeks first before reposting to the communities.

★ Items will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia.
★ Meet ups in Melbourne CBD can also be arranged.
★ Payment options: PAYPAL (in AUD, fees paid by buyer) or BANK TRANSFER (AUS buyers only)
★ Shipping options: Seamail / Airmail / Registered Post
★ All prices in Australian Dollars and do not include shipping/fees yet.
★ Prices negotiable for serious buyers.
★ All sales are final.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] thawrecka and [ profile] chibi_news!
Hope you both had a wonderfully awesome day. :D

Spent the day away from home, to prevent myself from doing excessive downloading. xD Went out and went a little crazy in Spotlight buying materials to make cards with. I'm really looking forward to it, gonna have so much fun making cards for everyone.

So this is the official Christmas Cards post! I'd like to request everyone who'd like to receive a card from me to either comment here or alternatively email me at ( and leave me your addresses. :D Comments will be automatically screened, though I'll unscreen any comments without addys. If any of you got a card from me last year but have since moved, please let me know too! You can find my addy here (locked) or email me, and I'll be happy to send you mine. I love mail in every form. :D So please indulge me again this year and leave me your addresses! ♥

Have barely f-listed and doubt I'll turn on the comp again tonight. Promise to get back to comments tomorrow! <33


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