Mar. 3rd, 2009

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I had a strange dream this morning of me going around the neighbourhood (it was -mine- in the dream sense, but it looked nothing like my real one) putting out spot fires with a strange hose thing that wasn't attacked to anything but still spout out water. Felt so...strange when I woke up. I think this may have been affected by the sms I got yesterday from the Victorian Police warning about high temperatures and fire warning then waking up to the sound of super strong winds knocking things down (like an old gate of ours was knocked right off it's hinges).

Also received a letter from VU today. Finally found out what the decision from last month's progress meeting was. They're allowing me to stay enrolled (surprised me) if I switch to part time, so 2 units this semester until my scores (read: motivation) goes up. So instead of withdrawing totally from uni (which was what I was planning to do) I now have the option to take 2 classes while working (still job hunting) or defer for the semester. I think I may take 2 jap classes to tide me till mid-year when I'm gonna try for Monash again. I have nothing to lose really and it may help with the transfer. Going into enrol tomorrow. Wish they'd let me know earlier seeing VU has already been back 2 weeks now. >.<; Eta: And it's gonna cost me $120 for my enrolment to be reinstated. Now I'm not so sure about it.

Mum made me a huge batch of 'Sai Mai Lo' (西米露), or Sago/Tapioca pudding(?) which is a Chinese sort of dessert which I love. We had stacks of fruit so she made use of them. It's a nice cool pick-me-up for such a horrid, overcast, stifling dry day. Right, off to dinner now. Hope everyone's well. ♥


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