Mar. 21st, 2009

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► Urgh my stomach won't stop hurting. I was out totally out of commission Thursday night then all day Friday with food poisoning. And now I'm still getting stomach pains, although it's not as bad as on Thu/Fri and I'm no longer feeling like I need to throw up but can't. It's also been really warm the last couple of days (cause of my food poisoning: a donut with custard in it which must've been out in the heat too long) and now my room is like an oven. Feel a bit better now after taking some painkillers.

► I cut my hair today. I've had super long hair for ages now and I think the last time I cut my hair this short (actually I think it was shorter) was back in Year 10. Lol yes, aaaaaages ago. My hairs been pretty abused by me in the last year: 2 curl perms, a colour, then a straightening perm, and then I dyed it again just a couple of days ago. The bottom parts were just like hay. I had already trimmed about 5 inches off it but there was still more so I needed to get rid of it. Now it's much shorter but a lot lighter and -much- healthier. I love it, especially the healthy part. :D I managed to take a before and after but the photos didn't turn out too good.
crappy photos anyway )

So yeah shorter hair now! And it's a chocolate brown too. First time I've had brown hair, ever. It's much more noticable in the sun though. It just looks black or a -very- dark brown inside. xD

► Haven't checked flist in days.. may take longer. I'm sorry. D: But I have to go change now, cuz [ profile] lveaddkt will be here soon to haul me off to the beach. I'm not too thrilled, but I'll do nearly anything to get out of my stifling room. I can have stomach pains at the beach, at least that will be slightly more comfortable than having them here in my house. >.<;


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