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Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] 4_03_am/[ profile] enraged!
I'm sorry I was too out of it yesterday to wish you properly on the day. D: But I'm glad to hear that you had an overall good day with plenty of pressies. :D

Two days and going back 250 entries. Things always happen when I'm out of commission. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. I'm bouncing back and feeling much better now.

Had lunch with an old high school friend, B, today. We've known each other for 10 years since year 7 in high school, and grew really close over the years. We sort of drifted apart and hardly got to see each other the past year or two but we're trying to do more stuff together again. I'd forgotten how easy it was with her. It feels good to be able to just pick up where we left off. :)

New Kame drama slotted for January! :D Happy happy happy. Jan with Kame in a suit and Maru/Massu in firefighting uniforms. xD Looking forward to see what other dramas pop up.

Take a picture of yourself, right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
Post that picture with no editing and post these instructions with it.

Dear god, why did I choose to do this meme today? D: Such an unflattering photo. Crappy webcam, messed up hair and all. D: maybe I should refrain from posting pics of myself )

I've had this post sitting open for over 4 hours and I can't really think of any content to put in it. Not to mention in between, I've had dinner, helped mum with her assignments and taken a walk. >.<; I had some more fandom rambling but I've clean forgotten them now. So that's it from me for today. Gonna go watch some Mago Mago Arashi. ([ profile] iheartyourtears mentioned it on her blog and I realised I hadn't watched it so I went and downloaded it. ^^; My bandwidth is nearly as good as gone. D:)
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★ Eeeeeeeeeee Previews of color! I'm really liking this album! I'm just beyond happy that Snow Express and Towairo no Koi is being released. All the songs are really NEWS sounding, but there's a range of different sounds as well. Although the previews are so short I've really taken to Ryo's and Pi's solos. (Lol, I am totally amused by all the different interpretations of Pi's MOLA.) Murarisuto made me burst out laughing, it's so CUTE. Only KoyaShige can sing lyrics asking girls to show them body parts so damn cutely. Kesenai sounds really cool, and I can't wait to hear the full version. Minna ga Iru Sekai.. reminds me a little of the chorus of Change the World, but that may just be me. I like Forever, FLY AGAIN & STARDUST too. This album just sounds all around catchy. So happy. No disappointment from me. Now I just gotta -wait- for the album to be released.

★ Congrats on Nakamaru's first lead role! Am I the only one finding it adorable that Maru and Massu are getting to work together? They always talk about hanging out together, I want to see what they're like on screen together. :) Here's some more info on RESCUE~特別高度救助隊. Scheduled to air in January, the winter drama season. :)

★ Omg, there was another chicken roaming around today. Yesterday's rooster was no where to be found, but a smaller more petite chook was strolling around our lawn today. It seems like really like hiding behind a big bush of ours. I didn't get close enough to take a photo though, afraid I would panic it and it might've flown out at me. >.<; Scratch that! Mum just came back from her walk and told me it had come out and into the neighbours garden. So I have photos! xD
Stray chickens of Holehouse street )
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I created this for the sake of my friends and family who half the time don't know what I'm talking about when I hit fangirl mode. (I also started this originally thinking it would be fun... o.O ...) Took me one day and one night to search, organise and create these wonderful tables of pretty people.

Note: I spent a lot of effort on these graphics so please don't take them without letting me know. They're not very good but I still spent alot of time and effort in creating them. *Technically* I didnt make them to share but if you want to take, let me know.
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+Beware: long fangirl rant )

I'm off. じゃね! お休み。


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