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Recieved my JLPT 3 certificate today! :D

Writing/Vocabulary: 100/100
Listening: 100/100
Reading/Grammar: 173/200
Total: 373/400 (93%)

I'm so rapt! I did HEAPS better than I expected. ^_^
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New KAT-TUN album and new NEWS single. Why do I only feel very -poor-?! I'm not very excited about them for some reason. I'll probably eventually get the KT album when I have money, but I decided that I would stop buying singles. The only thing about this release that has me feeling strongly over is the fact that the NEWS single will come with a DVD with some performances at Tokyo Dome. Does that mean that they won't release a Diamond Party DVD?! If that's true, I'm totally shattered. I was REALLY looking forward to seeing that con on DVD. D: In any case, I can't order either right now. It'd cost me about $95 for the two and I really just can't spare that money right now. ;_;

Yesterday [ profile] asagao_blossoms and I made okonomiyaki for tea. She had to make it today for her Home Eco class so we decided to trial run it for dinner last night. It was more like I helped her with getting ingredients and stuff, and she did the actual cooking while I tried to do my assignments. xD To our surprise, it turned out perfect on the very first go! It was yummy and tasted exactly like what it would at a restaurant. :D I was still feeling a little off so I didn't have that much, but it was still good.
photos! )
We then picked up Fi dropped into Max Brenner's so I could return D's sunnies which he left in my car a week go. The girls ate, but I was feeling too sick to, so I just had some hot tea.
photos again. xD )
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► Urgh my stomach won't stop hurting. I was out totally out of commission Thursday night then all day Friday with food poisoning. And now I'm still getting stomach pains, although it's not as bad as on Thu/Fri and I'm no longer feeling like I need to throw up but can't. It's also been really warm the last couple of days (cause of my food poisoning: a donut with custard in it which must've been out in the heat too long) and now my room is like an oven. Feel a bit better now after taking some painkillers.

► I cut my hair today. I've had super long hair for ages now and I think the last time I cut my hair this short (actually I think it was shorter) was back in Year 10. Lol yes, aaaaaages ago. My hairs been pretty abused by me in the last year: 2 curl perms, a colour, then a straightening perm, and then I dyed it again just a couple of days ago. The bottom parts were just like hay. I had already trimmed about 5 inches off it but there was still more so I needed to get rid of it. Now it's much shorter but a lot lighter and -much- healthier. I love it, especially the healthy part. :D I managed to take a before and after but the photos didn't turn out too good.
crappy photos anyway )

So yeah shorter hair now! And it's a chocolate brown too. First time I've had brown hair, ever. It's much more noticable in the sun though. It just looks black or a -very- dark brown inside. xD

► Haven't checked flist in days.. may take longer. I'm sorry. D: But I have to go change now, cuz [ profile] lveaddkt will be here soon to haul me off to the beach. I'm not too thrilled, but I'll do nearly anything to get out of my stifling room. I can have stomach pains at the beach, at least that will be slightly more comfortable than having them here in my house. >.<;

{ *O* }

Mar. 19th, 2009 01:29 pm
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!@#$%^&* asdlkhjlkajfsaaskdjf HELLO THERE, SHO!

eta: flocked [ profile] arashi_yuuki post.

eta2: So much prettiness today. I love when the boys are in fashion mags. Jin. ♥
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] aikyuu! ♥ Happy belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] brandedwhite, [ profile] kirei_kisetsu and [ profile] darkeyedwolf! Hope you guys had awesome days. ♥

*Had this all written up yesterday but forgot to post it. ^^;

Aiyaa it's been so many days since I've blogged, mainly cuz either nothing happens are everything happens all at once. ^^; I'm sorry for being such a horrible LJ friend. The last couple of days has been quite busy. So to recap.

fri-sun - red wings, 21st bday and max brenners )

monday - ditching, crazy teen girls and zac efron in the flesh )

Oh dear, this ended up being so long. So sorry for ranting so much. Kudos to any who made it this far! :D Also, photos and vid will be added as soon as I get them. eta: up now!
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I had a strange dream this morning of me going around the neighbourhood (it was -mine- in the dream sense, but it looked nothing like my real one) putting out spot fires with a strange hose thing that wasn't attacked to anything but still spout out water. Felt so...strange when I woke up. I think this may have been affected by the sms I got yesterday from the Victorian Police warning about high temperatures and fire warning then waking up to the sound of super strong winds knocking things down (like an old gate of ours was knocked right off it's hinges).

Also received a letter from VU today. Finally found out what the decision from last month's progress meeting was. They're allowing me to stay enrolled (surprised me) if I switch to part time, so 2 units this semester until my scores (read: motivation) goes up. So instead of withdrawing totally from uni (which was what I was planning to do) I now have the option to take 2 classes while working (still job hunting) or defer for the semester. I think I may take 2 jap classes to tide me till mid-year when I'm gonna try for Monash again. I have nothing to lose really and it may help with the transfer. Going into enrol tomorrow. Wish they'd let me know earlier seeing VU has already been back 2 weeks now. >.<; Eta: And it's gonna cost me $120 for my enrolment to be reinstated. Now I'm not so sure about it.

Mum made me a huge batch of 'Sai Mai Lo' (西米露), or Sago/Tapioca pudding(?) which is a Chinese sort of dessert which I love. We had stacks of fruit so she made use of them. It's a nice cool pick-me-up for such a horrid, overcast, stifling dry day. Right, off to dinner now. Hope everyone's well. ♥

{ urgh }

Mar. 1st, 2009 09:29 pm
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Paid a visit to [ profile] lveaddkt yesterday evening and did a good fangirling session with her (and [ profile] breakfast_kiss before she had to leave for a 21st). I guess it's hard to stay in a fandom when you don't interact with other people, so hence the drifting sort of feeling.

I'm currently not feeling quite well, which I think I may have brought on myself. I drove to Ness' with all the windows open cuz the weather was nice, but I also did it again when I went home at night and the weather had turned cold. My hair was wet too so I may have caught a head cold. Barely slept last night and woke after about an hours sleep feeling like I would throw up. Originally had badminton planned with the cousins but had to cancel. Mozzied around then tried to watch stuff I'd downloaded but fell asleep. Caught a couple of hours of sleep and now I feel a bit better.

Left a bunch of stuff to download and managed to watch a couple of the things. Thoughts:
→ Matsujun & Sho's bakakkoi challenge was awesome. I loved it so much. I have yet to watch the Beatbox TV yet though. ^^
→ Nagase's MTV Unplugged was amazing. I really loved the music and arrangements, it was just beautiful to watch. Might rip the songs to put on my ipod.
→ I don't understand why JE has been releasing PVs in short versions, really. Just release the full PV already. >.<; That said, I'm really loving ARASHI's Believe PV and want to see the full version soon. :) The waterwalls are so cool! XD
→ The lie detector test on CTKT97 was loads of fun. :D Everyone wants to be in Arashi. Haha.
→ Will be watching these dramas soon: Mei-chan no Shitsuji, RESCUE, Uta no Onii-san, Kiina, VOICE, Love Shuffle, Kami no Shizuku (though I watched the first ep, and it was quite boring D:).
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I am so majorly excited! =D It's that time again guys! Johnnys calendars! I cannot wait. They look amazing. I had ordered my calendars (I've ordered 4, I know, omfg, right) a couple of weeks ago when Taka-san emailed me kanga's prices. Which are cheaper than I can get even on Yesasia with free shipping, so I've ordered via kanga. I can wait the extra week or two. :D Thank you to [ profile] ihearyourtears for breaking the news about the vids to me (albeit unintentionally ;D)!

ETA: I should add that I'm not really paying for the 4 I ordered. I've conned by cousin into getting them for me. My cousin is buying them for me as an early birthday pressie. ^_^

Things that I am happy about:
♥ KAT-TUN's calendar comes in a jewelry box. How awesome is that. The set gives me major vibes of Arashi's Happiness PV, and its fun and as [ profile] ihearyourtears said, relaxed and I think it looks wonderful. ^_^
♥ Lol, Eito's is in a confectionery box. That sorta fits, somehow. Eito's theme is an Adults School Field Trip. Informal shots of them travelling, at an onsen. I particularly loved the shot of them gathered around in their futons and Ryo was all bundled up in his blankets.
♥ Bright pink box for NEWS. Hahaha. Totally unexpected and oh-so-gay. The pics look amazing though.
♥ Arashi has TWO 'calendars'. Diary style and hang up style. The pics are really artistic.. and I think there's lots of skin. XD Not complaining, obviously. Hahah plus shiny sparkly stickers. My head is exploding at nekkidcowboy!Sho as a kira kira sticker. Just..jgdalg;

To be honest, for the last two months, probably from my hiatus and then the trip, I've become a bit uhm.. lukewarm towards JE. I think I was drifting a bit further away from it. Because I -did- manage to go two months without it, and it didn't affect me as badly as I thought it would've. I mean I used to itch to flist every day. Watching the boys in any show still interest me, it still entertained me, but I lost that sort of excitement I used to have. I think because it's become habit. And with [ profile] lveaddkt on holiday, I don't have anyone to pull me into it. I honestly thought that I was about to leave this wonderful fandom.

But, with the release of the calendars, I feel that excitement I once had. It's been a while since I've squeeled. ^_^ I remember my first calendars (this year is my 3rd) and the excitement of gawking at the weird ass 'calendars' with the pretty shoots. That was only about 2 months into the fandom, it was lots of fun. Haha, now I have more RL fangirls to squeel with, I'm hoping to try not to lose what I first felt in the fandom. I'm slated to catch up with [ profile] lveaddkt and [ profile] breakfast_kiss on Saturday, so hopefully that helps.

I just found an insane spazz post about last years calendar here. I think I may have been on something. :D But if I can even regain HALF of that enthusiasm, I shall be happy. ^^;
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Thank you [ profile] nozomi_chan! I got your card, but I totally forgot about it. Sorry. It's such a gorgeous little card, I love it so much. And wonderful to come home to an empty house to find I have mail. :)♥

I've set a record to my bandwidth use. It's the 16th and I'm already capped. *sighs* I'm beyond help, I am. Currently at Fi's leeching bandwith with permission.

Not much to write about except, unfortunately for me, I was not accepted into Monash this semester. Disappointed but sort of expected. Feel quite at a loss though. So I'm currently looking for work to raise some cash. And I'm determined to get in, no matter how long it takes. I will try again next semester. Once I find a job, I'll probably join [ profile] lveaddkt at the Jap school in the city to keep up my Jap studies.

Not much else to talk about so I shall fill up this post with memes. I remember seeing my name being tagged on a couple of memes while I was skimming through LJ a couple of weeks ago but I can't remember who it was who tagged me. I found a few but I may have missed some, if you had tagged me, let me know k! :)
memes! )
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Happy Valentine's Day~!
Also, belated Birthday wishes go out to [ profile] xswindz, [ profile] mainichi_muri and [ profile] insane_desire. Hope you guys had tons of fun and love on your special day.

Finally, two weeks after I'm back in Oz, I've managed to get myself together and write up a post. But I'm back and with a vengence! It's taken me two days but I have totally revamped my LJ. With the exception of my LJ header, I've changed my layout ([ profile] autumnjaide), redone my usericons and actually filled in my profile (for the first time in my 2.5 year LJ history ). Profile header was a pressie from [ profile] kirei_kisetsu, thanks Belle! Also, in a fit of frustration I bought 6 months of paid time. There's a few kinks I can't seem to work out with my layout but I've given up trying.

My trip was great, I just love travelling so much. I still haven't gotten [ profile] asagao_blossoms photos off her yet, but she's coming over tomorrow so I shall probably up them in a couple of days or so. Chinese New Year in Hong Kong just has so much atmosphere, it was great. We went to the CNY fair at Victoria Gardens and it was so nuts, met some awesome nice people too. I'll probably write a proper writeup of the trip (once I figure out how I want to organise stuff, I'm thinking of making a comm, any ideas people?). Flew home with [ profile] asagao_blossoms while the rest of the family flew to Vietnam for 10 days. And just my luck, I come back smack in the middle of the worst heat wave Melb's ever seen. Landed at 7.30am and the captain announces that ground temperature was already 31C (88F). Melbourne had 4 consecutive days of 43C (110F) days and an entire week of nothing below 30 which then peaked at 46C (115F). I nearly died, I hate hot weather with a vengence.

I'm dead beat so I'm off to bed. Sorry for such a content lacking post. This is more to say "I'm alive and back on LJ" more than anything. I will slowly (read: excruciatingly painfully) go back and try to reply/comment. But bear with me people, there's a lot. Hope everyone is doing well. ♥
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Greetings from Hong Kong! I have hijacked my rellies computer (which uses his huge ass LCD TV screen as a monitor so I have absolutely no privacy and everyone in the house is staring at me as I type this) to send out my love to you guys on my flist. :D

Technically I've only had 2 days in Hong Kong even though I've been away from Australia for 7 days. We spent a couple of days in Guangzhou and ZhuHai and Macau. We've done some shopping and an insane amount of walking. I feel like my feet are no longer attached to my body. We're set to have a huge family dinner the day before Chinese New Year's day. I love the food here. So yummy and so majorly cheap. I've bought nearly everything I set out to buy here. I have a new phone (OMFG I HAVE A BRAND NEW PRETTY RED SOFTBANK PHONE, SO HAPPY XD), some beauty products which I couldn't get in Oz, an iPod charger and a majorly cheap 32Gig USB, and some clothes. :) All I need now is a cover for my iPod and I'm set. This was meant to be more of a food trip anyway.

We're slated the 27th for Disneyland, once the rest of the family leave for Vietnam on the 26th. Then we return home on the night of the 28th. I wish I could up photos but this comp doesn't have a card reader and I don't have my camera's cord. So photos will have to wait til I get home. We haven't got as many as I expected though, since I keep either forgetting to take them, or to bring my camera. >.<;

Off to bed now and to what will definitely be another day of jam packed walking. Hope everyone is keeping well. Lots of love, I'll get back to comments when I get home, since I doubt I'll get much of another chance. ♥ ♥ ♥
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How is my lovely flisters doing? :) ♥ Has 2009 been good to everyone? I hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Years.

I started off 2009 -really- smashed for the first (and probably last) time of my life. It was so much pain I want to wipe the memory from my head. xD I've really come to realise that I really don't like alcohol. I just don't see the point. I could probably get higher naturally without the aid of alcohol. Plus it tastes bad. Haha.

Did a full rearranging of my room too. My room is so much more spacious now that you can actually see my wall. One bookcase died in the process though. Me being lazy, did not remove all the contents of my bookcases and just proceeded to push them across the room. Halfway there on my 2nd one (the one holding my gazillion of magazines), after an almightly crack, my entire bookcase collapsed across my room. Here is what the disaster looked like. I am now down to 2 cases from 3 so it feels like I have even -more- space. Which is good, in my tiny room. :D I've now moved all my mags to my sturdier cube unit case. :)

So just announcing, that I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow and will be back at the end of the month. So I shall officially come off hiatus in February. I'll catch you guys then! Take care~ ♥

[ profile] ihearyourtears: Thank you for the cute Christmas graphic, Chung! It totally brightened up my day. :)
[ profile] kirei_kisetsu: Thank you for the profile header! It's gorgeous. I shall implement it when I get back. <33
[ profile] mparf & [ profile] lveaddkt: Have a wonderful trip to Japan! I shall see you guys in March (you too, [ profile] surealistic_des!). Bring me back a bishie. xD

{ hiatus }

Dec. 24th, 2008 07:46 pm
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Announcing hiatus cuz things have been pretty up and down with me lately and I've had no mood to blog. Also I'm near the very last of my bandwidth anyway. I'm in need of a fandom break I think. I shall be back in the New Year hopefully with a fresh start.

I have to profusely apologise because I said I would send out Xmas cards, but as things stand, I just can't. I'm so sorry. I will make it up to everyone of whom I owe a card next year. Thanks to all those who have sent me cards. I have received [ profile] asinful's and [ profile] chibi_news'. They were gorgeous, thank you for taking the time to write them. I'm so sorry that I can't reciprocate this year. D:

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and may 2009 bring each and every one of you nothing but good things, since you all deserve it. I love you all and I'll be back a little after the new year. Take care of yourselves, everyone. ♥
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LSHGKSJFHADAGLJ;AK;KLADLHHFLAKJ;DAG;A I LOVE Ryuusei no Kizuna. Just finished it all (caught up from ep 7) and omg I had no idea. What a twist. I totally freaked out and cried. But I really liked the ending. So sweet. ♥♥♥ So much love. I think it may have been my fav drama this year, or at least amongst the very top favourites. :)

Lol that's all. xD
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+ Fi's graduation took a lot out of me. It was the longest day of my life I swear, that's how it felt like. Out in the city at 10. Joined the big RMIT graduates parade from main campus down to Fed Square. Picked up morning tea and spent about an hour or two running around with Fi taking photos. Then we had lunch. Did a couple of hours of shopping, then met with [ profile] lveaddkt for dinner before she started work. (How was it? Did you die near midnight? We left the city around 11, thinking, Crap! Ness still has another hour of work. D:) Made our way down to Telstra Dome for the actual ceremony. It was my very first time in the stadium despite having lived here for 11 years, and I felt like I got a feel of what it would be like at Tokyo Dome since the size is so similar (Telstra: ~53,000 capacity/19,000sqm arena Tokyo: ~55,000 capacity/13,000sqm arena). It was pretty amazing. We had seats in the very first row. The graduation ceremony lasted from 7 til 10 and I swear I fell asleep for a couple of minutes during a couple of the super long speeches. Kept ourselves amused by some of the insane names that a lot of people had (there was a girl called Supaporn! We were all like *O*?!) and I got tripped out cuz I recognised one of the people receiving a Doctorate as a lecturer from my uni. After everything, everyone was invited out onto the arena for free drinks and food. We ran around with Fi for a while trying to find people in the huge place while stealing food from different stages. Got home at around midnight, near to collapse. Suuuch a long day.

I had picked up a copy of Twilight and tried to read that in bed. Fell asleep while still on the Preface. xD

+ My family is going to Hong Kong and Vietnam mid January. I originally said No, I would not go with them, since I wasn't interested in going to Vietnam and stepdads mum would be going and they'd only be in Hong Kong for 5 days and that would be a waste of a flight ticket for me, so I'd spend Chinese New Year in Australia by myself. But now plans have changed and now stepdad's mum isn't going and mum will be in Hong Kong for 10 days. I said I'd tag along to Hong Kong then come home by myself when they left for Vietnam. Mum's organising tickets now. Trying to get Fi to stay with me in Hong Kong too. But nothing is really set yet. If things go well, I may have 10-12 days in Hong Kong in January. :)

+ I have used waaay too much bandwidth so I have to hold back on downloading Best Artist and just about anything in fandom. (Waiting for the full Best Artist show to be upped too.) In the meantime, I'm gonna keep myself entertained with the huge backlog of fics from jehols and ficgames. Low bandwidth usage is a plus. <3
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& Finally recovering from the weekend away at Phillip Island for [ profile] maiaki's birthday bash. Had tons of fun, but I was so tired from all the driving and then I got sick and yeah, not a pleasant aftermath of it. But I'm much better now.

& Watched Twilight with Fiona today. Wasn't planning on watching it, since vampires aren't my thing and well I don't really know (nor care for) the whole hype of Twilight. But Fi wanted to see it and well I didn't mind accompanying her to see it. I had no expectations and didn't know much back story except that it was something like a forbidden love between vampire and human or whatever.

Awkward. That is the word I would use to describe nearly every aspect of the movie. Is it meant to be like that? Or is it just the movie depiction? Now I find myself wanting to read the book, if only to see whether the movie is actually meant to be so awkward. I didn't hate it, nor did I love it. I think I'm just really amused with it. Also, what is everyone swooning over Edward Cullen for? I mean, okay I have nothing against him, but how is the super pale white with blood red lips and dark eyes appealing? It kinda freaks me out. I mean, I like Robert Pattinson, but the makeup job on him is kinda scary. He looks mighty fine in a tux though (or maybe that's just my weak point).

(This is just my take on the movie and I think I'm pretty neutral about it, please don't kill me if you're an avid fan/non-fan. Really.)

& Going to be out ALL day tomorrow for Fiona's graduation thingamajiggy. I don't understand why a graduation parade should start at 9.30am then have it run to morning tea til about 12-1, only to have the ceremony at 6.45. Really, why couldn't you do it directly before? What am I gonna do for 5ish hours? >.<; Well, Fi says we could go shopping. Lol which is totally like her.

& Apologies to everyone. I still haven't started finished my Christmas cards. I think the handmade thing just won't work out. I'll have to send out store bought ones, and at this rate, I seriously doubt they'd make it in time for X'mas. So sorry, they'll probably around a couple of days late. ;_; Gomen minna.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! ♥
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Just a random photo post that I wanted to get out of my system since I was uploading. Very random, and not very interesting. XD

Best photo I've taken in awhile.
Docklands at dusk
Taken from the car on the way home from St Kilda market. It was pretty so I just sorta stuck my arm towards it (I was on the opposite side of the car) and pressed the button. It turned out so pretty. :D

more not-so-pretty ones )

And a couple of more things before I go sleep.
- for those who wanted to see my crappy hair not-so-newly permed hair. (Sorry you can't reaally see it properly. Couldn't fit all my super long hair in the frame, tried to tilt the laptop but that ended badly. xD I've also actually cut my fringe since this photo. Haha)
- I've updated that post-JLPT post with promised photos of yummy lunch.
- Shitshitshitshitshitshitshiiiiiiiiiiitttt
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Happy Birthday to the lovelies [ profile] maiaki & [ profile] asinful~!

Just made it in time, I hope you guys had an awesomely happy day~ <33 ♥♥♥
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Just got back from the movies and l;klhdlagj;dakj;gs I had THE most fun seeing HSM3 with Fi. It was AWESOME. :D I haven't had so much fun at the movies in -ages-.

I'd heard both bad and good reviews about HSM3 so I went in without much of any sort of expectations, but it astounded me. I'm not even that huge a fan, but the movie? Take the first 2 parts times everything by like, 50, and you have the movie.

The dance sequences were probably one of my favourite things. They were amazing. The dancing, the singing, lol, omg it felt like there was a song at least every 10 minutes. xD I'm not going to say anything about the acting, but hey, I'm totally not in it for that. xD The pretty people, the pretty clothes, catchy songs (abruptly breaking out of nowhere xD), everything that makes Disney movies, Disney. xD And if I'm anything, I've been a Disney fan since I was 6 years old. :D

What totally amused me to no end was that when the movie starts, the first screen is a close of shot of Troy and the entire movie theatre just went "kyyaaaaaaaaa~!!!" and Fi and I just burst out laughing. So much fun I swear. We giggled, bopped, perved, made silly cracks and just basically reverted to teens again. xDD

I recommend anyone who liked the first two movies even a teensy weensy bit, to see this one, if you haven't already. I had lots of fun. I can't guarantee everyone will like it, but I personally loved it. And this rant is solely my take on it. Make with it what you will. :D

Best 10 bucks I've spent in awhile. ♥
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

♥ Snuggling up in bed reading book/fic with the constant sound of rain outside my window. All day.
♥ Receiving my first Christmas card for the year! Thank you so much [ profile] asinful! <33
♥ Ito Yuna on Arashi no Shukudai-kun. :D
♥ Ohno in comedy! Looks to be hilarious. That makes how many JE drama's next season? Gonna make a list of my "to-watch dramas" soon.
♥ Commenting anon (and accidently not-so-anon) on the showering love meme.
♥ Making a little bit more progress in the whole cleaning up my room thing.
♥ Ryo's reactions on Canjani. "It's the first time I've said 'delicious' from the heart'. Lol, Ryo now we know you've lied in all other gourmet stuff. Waiting to see Ohkura fail in the latest Canjani. xD
♥ Ohkura fail on TFPII with the Utahime cast. Nice rebound. Cannot wait til RESCUE cast are on it. xD
♥ Going to see HSM3 with Fi in about an hour. :) It's cheapass Tuesday so I can actually afford to.

Last day of posting every day~ I think I'm gonna take a break from posting everyday but I'm gonna try to include a "Name something that made you happy today" section in every post I do. Cuz doing -that- makes me happy. :D Hope everyone has a good week.


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